Thursday, May 31, 2012

0911.0383 (A. S. Parvan)

Critique of multinomial coefficients method for evaluating Tsallis and
Renyi entropies

A. S. Parvan

1205.6483 (Cédric Lorcé)

Geometrical approach to the proton spin decomposition    [PDF]

Cédric Lorcé

1205.6496 (Charles B. Chiu et al.)

Ridge and Transverse Correlation at Separated Rapidities    [PDF]

Charles B. Chiu, Rudolph C. Hwa

1205.6499 (G. Shen et al.)

Spin Response and Neutrino Emissivity of Dense Neutron Matter    [PDF]

G. Shen, S. Gandolfi, S. Reddy, J. Carlson

1205.6524 (A. C. Hayes et al.)

Determining Reactor Flux from Xenon-136 and Cesium-135 in Spent Fuel    [PDF]

A. C. Hayes, Gerard Jungman

1205.6525 (David McKeen et al.)

Testing Parity with Atomic Radiative Capture of $μ^-$    [PDF]

David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov

1205.6551 (Emiko Hiyama et al.)

Structure of $^{10}_Λ$Be and $^{10}_Λ$B hypernuclei
studied with the four-body cluster model

Emiko Hiyama, Yasuo Yamamoto

1205.6628 (I. T. Lorenz et al.)

The size of the proton - closing in on the radius puzzle    [PDF]

I. T. Lorenz, H. -W. Hammer, Ulf-G. Meißner

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1102.1583 (C. A. Hooley et al.)

Quantum tricriticality and quantum phases in the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick

C. A. Hooley, P. D. Stevenson

1107.2532 (Sushil Kumar)

Theoretical Studies of Rare-Earth Nuclei leading to $_{50}$Sn-Daughter
Products and the Associated Shell Effects

Sushil Kumar

1111.0580 (Michele Caselle et al.)

Thermodynamics of SU(N) Yang-Mills theories in 2+1 dimensions II - The
deconfined phase

Michele Caselle, Luca Castagnini, Alessandra Feo, Ferdinando Gliozzi, Umut Gürsoy, Marco Panero, Andreas Schäfer

1112.2811 (Yong-ping Fu et al.)

Real photons produced from photoproduction in $pp$ collisions    [PDF]

Yong-ping Fu, Yun-de Li

1201.0422 (Zhao Zhang)

Correction to the Chiral Magnetic Effect from axial-vector interaction    [PDF]

Zhao Zhang

1205.5797 (M. Warda et al.)

Fission modes of mercury isotopes    [PDF]

M. Warda, A. Staszczak, W. Nazarewicz

1205.5813 (Hrayr H. Matevosyan et al.)

Collins Fragmentation Function within NJL-jet Model    [PDF]

Hrayr H. Matevosyan, Anthony W. Thomas, Wolfgang Bentz

1205.5827 (Roy Holt et al.)

Transition between nuclear and quark-gluon descriptions of hadrons and
light nuclei

Roy Holt, R. Gilman

1205.5843 (Kyosuke Tsumura et al.)

New forms of non-relativistic and relativistic hydrodynamic equations as
derived by the renormalization-group method - possible functional ansatz in
the moment method consistent with Chapman-Enskog theory -

Kyosuke Tsumura, Teiji Kunihiro

1205.5846 (F. Sammarruca et al.)

The impact of charge symmetry and charge independence breaking on the
properties of neutrons and protons in isospin-asymmetric nuclear matter

F. Sammarruca, L. White, B. Chen

1205.5963 (S. L. Yakovlev et al.)

Zero range potential for particles interacting via Coulomb potential:
application to electron positron annihilation

S. L. Yakovlev, V. A. Gradusov

1205.5965 (M. Csanad et al.)

Exact solutions of relativistic perfect fluid hydrodynamics for a QCD
equation of state

M. Csanad, M. I. Nagy, S. Lokos

1205.5986 (A. Kardan et al.)

Interpretation of the large-deformation high spin bands in selected
$A=158-168$ nuclei

A. Kardan, I. Ragnarsson, H. Miri-Hakimabad, L. Rafat-Motevali

1205.6034 (Tokuro Fukui et al.)

Determination of 8B(p,gamma)9C reaction rate from 9C breakup    [PDF]

Tokuro Fukui, Kazuyuki Ogata, Kosho Minomo, Masanobu Yahiro

1205.6079 (T. S. Biró et al.)

Non-extensive statistics, relativistic kinetic theory and fluid dynamics    [PDF]

T. S. Biró, E. Molnár

1205.6111 (Koichi Sato et al.)

Shape transition and fluctuation in neutron-rich Cr isotopes around N =

Koichi Sato, Nobuo Hinohara, Kenichi Yoshida, Takashi Nakatsukasa, Masayuki Matsuo, Kenichi Matsuyanagi

1205.6146 (M. A. Jafarizadeh et al.)

An Affine SU(1,1)Description of Even-Even Cd (106-122) Isotopes in the
Transitional Region of IBM

M. A. Jafarizadeh, N. Fouladi, H. Sabri, H. Fathi

Monday, May 28, 2012

1205.5612 (Swapan Das)

$π^0$ and $η$ meson exchange interactions in the coherent $η$
meson production in the nucleus

Swapan Das

1205.5620 (E. G. Drukarev et al.)

The role of the in-medium four-quark condensates revised    [PDF]

E. G. Drukarev, M. G. Ryskin, V. A. Sadovnikova

1205.5634 (Dai-Mei Zhou et al.)

Higher moment singularities explored by the net proton non-statistical

Dai-Mei Zhou, Ayut Limphirat, Yu-liang Yan, Yun Cheng, Yu-peng Yan, Xu Cai, Laszlo P. Csernai, Ben-Hao Sa

1205.5686 (Pieter Maris et al.)

Structure of A = 7 - 8 nuclei with two- plus three-nucleon interactions
from chiral effective field theory

Pieter Maris, James P. Vary, Petr Navratil

1205.5730 (O. A. Rubtsova et al.)

Three-body breakup within the fully discretized Faddeev equations    [PDF]

O. A. Rubtsova, V. N. Pomerantsev, V. I. Kukulin, Amand Faessler

1205.5739 (Yacine Mehtar-Tani et al.)

The radiation pattern of a QCD antenna in a dense medium    [PDF]

Yacine Mehtar-Tani, Carlos A. Salgado, Konrad Tywoniuk

1205.5741 (Guang-You Qin et al.)

Parton Transport via Transverse and Longitudinal Scattering in Dense

Guang-You Qin, Abhijit Majumder

1205.5761 (The ALICE Collaboration)

Anisotropic flow of charged hadrons, pions and (anti-)protons measured
at high transverse momentum in Pb-Pb collisions at $\snn=2.76$ TeV

The ALICE Collaboration

Friday, May 25, 2012

1102.3870 (B. Mohammed-Azizi)

The Inglis-Belyaev formula and the hypothesis of the two-quasiparticle
excitations (version 2012)

B. Mohammed-Azizi

1201.1564 (Pietro Colangelo et al.)

In-medium hadronic spectral functions through the soft-wall holographic
model of QCD

Pietro Colangelo, Floriana Giannuzzi, Stefano Nicotri

1205.5294 (M. Shrestha et al.)

Partial-wave analysis of π-p {\to} ηn and π-p {\to}
K0Λ reactions

M. Shrestha, D. M. M. Manley

1205.5348 (V. V. Flambaum et al.)

Screening and finite size corrections to the octupole and Schiff moments    [PDF]

V. V. Flambaum, A. Kozlov

1205.5354 (J. Terasaki)

Overlap of QRPA states for nuclear matrix elements of the neutrino-less
double beta decay

J. Terasaki

1205.5359 (Ilkka Helenius et al.)

Impact-parameter dependent nuclear parton distribution functions: EPS09s
and EKS98s and their applications in nuclear hard processes

Ilkka Helenius, Kari J. Eskola, Heli Honkanen, Carlos A. Salgado

1205.5365 (P. E. Shanahan et al.)

Sigma terms from an SU(3) chiral extrapolation    [PDF]

P. E. Shanahan, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1205.5379 (Denis Lacroix et al.)

Projected Quasi-particle Perturbation theory    [PDF]

Denis Lacroix, Danilo Gambacurta

1205.5490 (Eiji Uegaki et al.)

Resonances in 28Si+28Si. I    [PDF]

Eiji Uegaki, Yasuhisa Abe

1205.5528 (Adriana Bungau et al.)

Simulations of Pion Production in the DAEδALUS Target    [PDF]

Adriana Bungau, Roger Barlow, Mike Shaevitz, Janet Conrad, Joshua Spitz, Tess Smidt, for the DAEδALUS Collaboration

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1107.5248 (Ikuko Hamamoto et al.)

Shape Deformations in Atomic Nuclei    [PDF]

Ikuko Hamamoto, Ben R. Mottelson

1205.4804 (Artur M. Ankowski)

Consistent analysis of neutral- and charged-current neutrino scattering
off carbon

Artur M. Ankowski

1205.4838 (M. Döring et al.)

Scalar mesons moving in a finite volume and the role of partial wave

M. Döring, U. -G. Meißner, E. Oset, A. Rusetsky

1205.4852 (Youngman Kim et al.)

Holographic QCD: Past, Present, and Future    [PDF]

Youngman Kim, Ik Jae Shin, Takuya Tsukioka

1205.4863 (L. Alvarez-Ruso et al.)

Charged kaon production by coherent scattering of neutrinos and
antineutrinos on nuclei

L. Alvarez-Ruso, J. Nieves, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Valverde, M. J. Vicente Vacas

1205.4887 (L. Ya. Glozman et al.)

Symmetries of hadrons after unbreaking the chiral symmetry    [PDF]

L. Ya. Glozman, C. B. Lang, M. Schröck

1205.4895 (Sreemoyee Sarkar et al.)

Effect of flow on the quasiparticle damping rate in hot QCD plasma    [PDF]

Sreemoyee Sarkar, Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder

1205.4897 (Ch. C. Moustakidis)

Nuclear Equation of State Effects on r-modes Instabilities in Neutron

Ch. C. Moustakidis

1205.4934 (D. J. Wang et al.)

QGP flow fluctuations and the characteristics of higher moments    [PDF]

D. J. Wang, L. P. Csernai, D. Strottman, Cs. Anderlik, Y. Cheng, D. M. Zhou, Y. L. Yan, X. Cai, B. H. Sa

1205.4945 (Jan Uphoff et al.)

Open heavy flavor in Pb+Pb collisions at sqrt(s)=2.76 TeV within a
transport model

Jan Uphoff, Oliver Fochler, Zhe Xu, Carsten Greiner

1205.4992 (Eiji Uegaki et al.)

Resonances in 28Si+28Si. II    [PDF]

Eiji Uegaki, Yasuhisa Abe

1205.5019 (Longgang Pang et al.)

Effects of initial flow velocity fluctuation in event-by-event (3+1)D

Longgang Pang, Qun Wang, Xin-Nian Wang

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1111.6351 (ALexei M. Frolov)

Hyperfine structure splitting of the ground states in the $pdμ, ptμ$
and $dtμ$ ions

ALexei M. Frolov

1111.6772 (Naoto Tanji et al.)

Schwinger mechanism enhanced by the Nielsen--Olesen instability    [PDF]

Naoto Tanji, Kazunori Itakura

1111.7056 (Alexei M. Frolov)

Hyperfine structure splitting of the bound $S(L = 0)-$states in the
symmetric muonic molecular ions

Alexei M. Frolov

1201.1078 (M. D. Voskresenskaya et al.)

Constraining mean-field models of the nuclear matter equation of state
at low densities

M. D. Voskresenskaya, S. Typel

1205.4326 (Jean-Marc Richard)

An introduction to the quark model    [PDF]

Jean-Marc Richard

1205.4337 (G. Shen et al.)

Inclusive neutrino scattering off deuteron from threshold to GeV

G. Shen, L. E. Marcucci, J. Carlson, S. Gandolfi, R. Schiavilla

1205.4408 (Evgeny Z. Liverts et al.)

About disposition of energy levels    [PDF]

Evgeny Z. Liverts, Nir Nevo Dinur

1205.4432 (A. A. Bylinkin et al.)

An analysis of charged particles spectra in events with different
charged multiplicity

A. A. Bylinkin, A. A. Rostovtsev

1205.4443 (L. M. Robledo et al.)

Pairing in finite systems: beyond the HFB theory    [PDF]

L. M. Robledo, G. F. Bertsch

1205.4492 (Efrain J. Ferrer et al.)

Quarkyonic Chiral Spirals in a Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Efrain J. Ferrer, Vivian de la Incera, Angel Sanchez

1205.4561 (Eunja Ha et al.)

Gamow-Teller Strengths in 26Mg, 76Ge, 82Se, 90Zr, and 92Zr from the
Deformed Quasi-particle RPA (DQRPA)

Eunja Ha, Myung-Ki Cheoun

1205.4630 (C. Beck)

Coupled-Channel Effects in Collisions between Heavy Ions near the
Coulomb Barrier

C. Beck

1205.4642 (V. Bernard et al.)

Matrix elements of unstable states    [PDF]

V. Bernard, D. Hoja, U. -G. Meißner, A. Rusetsky

1205.4684 (Anton Rebhan et al.)

Probing Two Holographic Models of Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Plasma    [PDF]

Anton Rebhan, Dominik Steineder

Friday, May 18, 2012

1205.3812 (Chueng-Ryong Ji et al.)

Light-Front Dynamic Analysis of Bound States in Scalar Field Model    [PDF]

Chueng-Ryong Ji, Yukihisa Tokunaga

1205.3860 (V. Kumar et al.)

Components of the dilepton continuum in Pb+Pb collisions at
$\sqrt{s_{_{NN}}} = 2.76 $ TeV

V. Kumar, P. Shukla, R. Vogt

1205.3948 (V. I. Mokeev et al.)

A study of the $P_{11}(1440)$ and $D_{13}(1520)$ resonances from CLAS
data on $ep \rightarrow e'π^{+} π^{-} p'$

V. I. Mokeev, V. D. Burkert, L. Elouadrhiri, G. V. Fedotov, E. N. Golovatch, R. W. Gothe, B. S. Ishkhanov, E. L. Isupov, the CLAS Collaboration

1205.3958 (X. Roca-Maza et al.)

A new Skyrme interaction with improved spin-isospin properties    [PDF]

X. Roca-Maza, G. Colo', H. Sagawa

1205.4000 (C. A. Bertulani et al.)

Big Bang nucleosynthesis with a non-Maxwellian distribution    [PDF]

C. A. Bertulani, J. Fuqua, M. S. Hussein

1205.4002 (D. A. Pigg et al.)

Time-dependent coupled-cluster method for atomic nuclei    [PDF]

D. A. Pigg, G. Hagen, H. Nam, T. Papenbrock

Thursday, May 17, 2012

1109.4271 (Nicolas Borghini et al.)

Heavy quarkonia in a medium as a quantum dissipative system:
Master-equation approach

Nicolas Borghini, Clement Gombeaud

1201.2665 (Ariel R. Zhitnitsky)

Local P Violation Effects and Thermalization in QCD: Views from Quantum
Field Theory and Holography

Ariel R. Zhitnitsky

1205.3526 (Michael Cheng et al.)

The finite temperature phase transition from domain wall fermions    [PDF]

Michael Cheng, for the HotQCD Collaboration

1205.3535 (HotQCD Collaboration et al.)

The chiral transition and U(1)_A symmetry restoration from lattice QCD
using Domain Wall Fermions

HotQCD Collaboration, A. Bazavov, Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Michael I. Buchoff, Michael Cheng, N. H. Christ, H. -T. Ding, Rajan Gupta, Prasad Hegde, Chulwoo Jung, F. Karsch, Zhongjie Lin, R. D. Mawhinney, Swagato Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, R. A. Soltz, P. M. Vranas, Hantao Yin

1205.3541 (C. J. Horowitz)

Dark matter transport properties and rapidly rotating neutron stars    [PDF]

C. J. Horowitz

1205.3585 (Jiangyong Jia et al.)

Study on initial geometry fluctuations via participant plane
correlations in heavy ion collisions: part II

Jiangyong Jia, Derek Teaney

1205.3621 (Kota Masuda et al.)

Hadron-Quark Crossover and Massive Hybrid Stars with Strangeness    [PDF]

Kota Masuda, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Tatsuyuki Takatsuka

1205.3625 (Rene Bellwied)

Hadron formation in the deconfined matter at RHIC and LHC    [PDF]

Rene Bellwied

1205.3631 (Hong-Jie Yin et al.)

Two-particle interferometry for the sources undergoing first-order QCD
phase transition in high energy heavy ion collisions

Hong-Jie Yin, Jing Yang, Wei-Ning Zhang, Li-Li Yu

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1011.2453 (J. R. Armstrong et al.)

Analytic Harmonic Approach to the N-body problem    [PDF]

J. R. Armstrong, N. T. Zinner, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen

1109.6822 (Eiji Nakano et al.)

Transport coefficients of O(N) scalar field theories close to the
critical point

Eiji Nakano, Vladimir Skokov, Bengt Friman

1111.2137 (M. A. Jafarizadeh et al.)

Investigation of Shape Phase Transition in theU(5)-SO(6)Transitional
Region by Catastrophe Theory and Critical Exponents of some Quantities

M. A. Jafarizadeh, N. Fouladi, H. Fathi, M. Ghadami, H. sabri

1111.4617 (Abhishek Mishra et al.)

Rapidly rotating axisymmetric neutron stars with quark cores    [PDF]

Abhishek Mishra, Partha Roy Chowdhury, D. N. Basu

1205.3160 (Upasana Das et al.)

Violation of Chandrasekhar Mass Limit: The Exciting Potential of
Strongly Magnetized White Dwarfs

Upasana Das, Banibrata Mukhopadhyay

1205.3223 (Alexander Stoffers et al.)

Holographic Pomeron: Saturation and DIS    [PDF]

Alexander Stoffers, Ismail Zahed

1205.3230 (Sidney A. Coon et al.)

Convergence properties of {\itshape ab initio} calculations of light
nuclei in a harmonic oscillator basis

Sidney A. Coon, Matthew I. Avetian, Michael K. G. Kruse, Bira van Kolck, Pieter Maris, James P. Vary

1205.3292 (Masakiyo Kitazawa et al.)

Relation between baryon number fluctuations and experimentally observed
proton number fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisions

Masakiyo Kitazawa, Masayuki Asakawa

1205.3379 (K. Werner)

V2 Scaling in PbPb Collisions at 2.76 TeV    [PDF]

K. Werner

1205.3418 (O. N. Ghodsi et al.)

The systematic study of the influence of neutron excess on the fusion
cross sections using different proximity-type potentials

O. N. Ghodsi, R. Gharaei

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1107.2099 (Débora P. Menezes et al.)

The Inner Crust and its Structure    [PDF]

Débora P. Menezes, Sidney S. Avancini, Constança Providência, Marcelo D. Alloy

1108.0787 (Neelam Guleria et al.)

A study of Lambda hypernuclei within the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock Model    [PDF]

Neelam Guleria, Shashi K. Dhiman, Radhey Shyam

1112.3773 (Dian-Yong Chen et al.)

Two charged strangeonium-like structures observable in the $Y(2175) \to
φ(1020)π^{+} π^{-}$ process

Dian-Yong Chen, Xiang Liu, Takayuki Matsuki

1205.2695 (Vincenzo Cirigliano et al.)

WIMP-nucleus scattering in chiral effective theory    [PDF]

Vincenzo Cirigliano, Michael L. Graesser, Grigory Ovanesyan

1205.2793 (G. Martínez-Pinedo et al.)

Charged-current weak interaction processes in hot and dense matter and
its impact on the spectra of neutrinos emitted from proto-neutron star

G. Martínez-Pinedo, T. Fischer, A. Lohs, L. Huther

1205.2943 (Lei-Hua Liu et al.)

Charm-strange baryon strong decays in a chiral quark model    [PDF]

Lei-Hua Liu, Li-Ye Xiao, Xian-Hui Zhong

1205.2962 (Y. Urata et al.)

Reaction cross sections of the deformed halo nucleus 31Ne    [PDF]

Y. Urata, K. Hagino, H. Sagawa

1205.2998 (Rudolf Baier et al.)

Holographic dilepton production in a thermalizing plasma    [PDF]

Rudolf Baier, Stefan A. Stricker, Olli Taanila, Aleksi Vuorinen

Monday, May 14, 2012

1010.3644 (S. S. Avancini et al.)

Warm pasta phase in the Thomas-Fermi approximation    [PDF]

S. S. Avancini, S. Chiacchiera, D. P. Menezes, C. Providência

1109.1164 (F. B. Guimaraes)

Brief critical analysis of the Darwin-Fowler method    [PDF]

F. B. Guimaraes

1205.2275 (M. Bayar et al.)

A narrow $DNN$ quasi-bound state    [PDF]

M. Bayar, C. W. Xiao, T. Hyodo, A. Dote, M. Oka, E. Oset

1205.2396 (Shanshan Cao et al.)

A systematic study of heavy quark energy loss in a hot and dense QCD

Shanshan Cao, Guang-You Qin, Steffen A. Bass

1205.2409 (Y. Tsue et al.)

Effective Potential Approach to Quark Ferromagnetization in High Density
Quark Matter

Y. Tsue, J. da Providencia, C. Providencia, M. Yamamura

1205.2410 (Alejandro Ayala et al.)

Monte Carlo approach for hadron azimuthal correlations in high energy
proton and nuclear collisions

Alejandro Ayala, Isabel Dominguez, Jamal Jalilian-Marian, J. Magnin, Maria Elena Tejeda-Yeomans

1205.2435 (Yoshikazu Fujiwara et al.)

A Practical Method to Solve Cut-off Coulomb Problems in the Momentum
Space -- Application to the Lippmann-Schwinger Resonating-Group Method and
the pd Elastic Scattering --

Yoshikazu Fujiwara, Kenji Fukukawa

1205.2504 (Larry Zamick et al.)

The (2j-1) rule with other interactions    [PDF]

Larry Zamick, Alberto Escuderos

1205.2568 (V. Prassa et al.)

Relativistic Energy Density Functional Description of Shape Transition
in Superheavy Nuclei

V. Prassa, T. Niksic, G. A. Lalazissis, D. Vretenar

1205.2574 (J. R. Armstrong et al.)

Virial expansion coefficients in the harmonic approximation    [PDF]

J. R. Armstrong, N. T. Zinner, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen

1205.2575 (G. Ramalho et al.)

Timelike gamma* N -> Delta form factors and Delta Dalitz decay    [PDF]

G. Ramalho, M. T. Pena

1205.2585 (W. Trautmann et al.)

Elliptic flow and the symmetry energy at supra-saturation density    [PDF]

W. Trautmann, H. H. Wolter

Friday, May 11, 2012

1205.2131 (A. V. Afanasjev et al.)

Recent progress in the study of fission barriers in covariant density
functional theory

A. V. Afanasjev, H. Abusara, P. Ring

1205.2134 (A. V. Afanasjev)

Isoscalar and isovector neutron-proton pairing    [PDF]

A. V. Afanasjev

1205.2135 (A. V. Afanasjev et al.)

Deformed one-quasiparticle states in covariant density functional theory    [PDF]

A. V. Afanasjev, S. Shawaqfeh

1205.2138 (H. Abusara et al.)

Fission barriers in covariant density functional theory: extrapolation
to superheavy nuclei

H. Abusara, A. V. Afanasjev, P. Ring

1205.2191 (Majid Hamzavi et al.)

Relativistic study of the energy-dependent Coulomb potential including
Coulomb-like tensor interaction

Majid Hamzavi, Sameer M. Ikhdair

1205.2195 (Lesley De Cruz et al.)

A Bayesian analysis of kaon photoproduction with the
Regge-plus-resonance model

Lesley De Cruz, Jan Ryckebusch, Tom Vrancx, Pieter Vancraeyveld

1205.2255 (A. V. Anisovich et al.)

Pion- and photo-induced transition amplitudes to $ΛK$, $Σ
K$, and $Nη$

A. V. Anisovich, R. Beck, E. Klempt, V. A. Nikonov, A. V. Sarantsev, U. Thoma

1205.2262 (Jiang-Ming Yao et al.)

Beyond-mean-field study of the possible "bubble" structure of 34Si    [PDF]

Jiang-Ming Yao, Simone Baroni, Michael Bender, Paul-Henri Heenen

1205.2366 (Yachao Qian et al.)

P-Odd Pion Azimuthal Charge Correlations at LHC    [PDF]

Yachao Qian, Ismail Zahed

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1106.2835 (W. Li et al.)

The Similarity Renormalization Group with Novel Generators    [PDF]

W. Li, E. R. Anderson, R. J. Furnstahl

1110.3468 (V. D. Efros)

Method to solve integral equations of the first kind with an approximate

V. D. Efros

1111.5079 (Joaquín E. Drut et al.)

The Equation of State of the Unitary Fermi Gas: An Update on Lattice

Joaquín E. Drut, Timo A. Lähde, Gabriel Wlazłowski, Piotr Magierski

1112.4426 (Joan Soto et al.)

On the quark mass dependence of nucleon-nucleon S-wave scattering

Joan Soto, Jaume Tarrús

1205.1525 (Edward Taylor et al.)

Apparent low-energy scale invariance in two-dimensional Fermi gases    [PDF]

Edward Taylor, Mohit Randeria

1205.1554 (D. E. Kharzeev et al.)

Nuclear modification of the J/Psi transverse momentum distributions in
high energy pA and AA collisions

D. E. Kharzeev, E. M. Levin, K. Tuchin

1205.1582 (Shou-Wan Chen et al.)

Relativistic effect of spin and pseudospin symmetries    [PDF]

Shou-Wan Chen, Jian-You Guo

1205.1605 (Yingxun Zhang et al.)

Effect of isospin dependent cluster recognition on the observables in
heavy ion collisions

Yingxun Zhang, Zhuxia Li, Chengshuang Zhou, M. B. Tsang

1205.1608 (N. L. Hall et al.)

Volume Dependence of the Axial Charge of the Nucleon    [PDF]

N. L. Hall, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young, J. M. Zanotti

1205.1699 (P. G. Ortega et al.)

Molecular structures in charmonium spectrum: The $XYZ$ puzzle    [PDF]

P. G. Ortega, D. R. Entem, F. Fernandez

1205.1713 (Sourendu Gupta)

Finite size scaling on the phase diagram of QCD    [PDF]

Sourendu Gupta

1205.1762 (M. I. Gorenstein)

Thermodynamical Consistency of Excluded Volume Hadron Gas Models    [PDF]

M. I. Gorenstein

1205.1797 (Kiminad A. Mamo)

Holographic Wilsonian RG Flow of the Shear Viscosity to Entropy Ratio in
Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Plasma

Kiminad A. Mamo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1109.5849 (N. O. Agasian)

Low-energy theorems of QCD and bulk viscosity at finite temperature and
baryon density in a magnetic field

N. O. Agasian

1205.1061 (O. Lalakulich et al.)

Neutrino and antineutrino induced reactions with nuclei between 1 and 30

O. Lalakulich, K. Gallmeister, U. Mosel

1205.1086 (Kenji Maeda et al.)

Meson condensation analogs in ultracold atomic and molecular dipolar

Kenji Maeda, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Gordon Baym

1205.1218 (Sean Gavin et al.)

Flow Fluctuations from Early-Time Correlations in Nuclear Collisions    [PDF]

Sean Gavin, George Moschelli

1205.1323 (Hujio Noda et al.)

Single-Particle Distributions in Multi-Chain Model with successive
collision for High-Energy Nucleus-Nucleus collisions

Hujio Noda, Shin-Ichi Nakariki, Tsutomu Tashiro

1205.1414 (Eric Bonenfant et al.)

Near-BPS Skyrmions: Non-shell configurations and Coulomb effects    [PDF]

Eric Bonenfant, Louis Harbour, Luc Marleau

Monday, May 7, 2012

1112.5923 (Ling-Xiao Cui et al.)

Thermal Mass Spectra of Vector and Axial-Vector Mesons in Predictive
Soft-Wall AdS/QCD Model

Ling-Xiao Cui, Shingo Takeuchi, Yue-Liang Wu

1205.0854 (Kazuhito Mizuyama et al.)

Continuum particle-vibration coupling method in coordinate-space
representation for finite nuclei

Kazuhito Mizuyama, Gianluca Colò, Enrico Vigezzi

1205.0857 (F. J. Fattoyev et al.)

Pure Neutron Matter Constraints on the Relativistic Mean-Field and
Skyrme-Hartree-Fock Models

F. J. Fattoyev, W. G. Newton, Jun Xu, Bao-An Li

1205.0867 (P. W. Zhao et al.)

Covariant density functional theory for antimagnetic rotation    [PDF]

P. W. Zhao, J. Peng, H. Z. Liang, P. Ring, J. Meng

1205.0938 (Majid Hamzavi et al.)

Any J-state solution of the DKP equation for a vector deformed
Woods-Saxon potential

Majid Hamzavi, Sameer M. Ikhdair

1205.0983 (N. Chamel et al.)

Maximum mass of neutron stars with exotic cores    [PDF]

N. Chamel, A. F. Fantina, J. M. Pearson, S. Goriely

1205.1009 (Aleksey Cherman et al.)

Alternate 1/N_c Expansions and SU(3) Breaking from Baryon Lattice

Aleksey Cherman, Thomas D. Cohen, Richard F. Lebed

1205.1011 (Jeremiah Birrell et al.)

Possibility of Electroweak Phase Transition at Low Temperature    [PDF]

Jeremiah Birrell, Johann Rafelski

Friday, May 4, 2012

1104.0093 (J. Rożynek)

Finite Pressure Corrections to Nucleon Structure Function Inside a
Nuclear Medium

J. Rożynek

1201.3357 (Y. V. Fyodorov et al.)

Statistics of resonance width shifts as a signature of eigenfunction

Y. V. Fyodorov, D. V. Savin

1205.0467 (Zhan-Wei Liu et al.)

The Pseudoscalar Meson and Charmed Baryon Scattering Lengths    [PDF]

Zhan-Wei Liu, Shi-Lin Zhu

1205.0545 (Kouji Kashiwa et al.)

Critical endpoint for deconfinement in matrix and other effective models    [PDF]

Kouji Kashiwa, Robert D. Pisarski, Vladimir V. Skokov

1205.0577 (Guillaume Hupin et al.)

Beyond mean-field calculation for pairing correlation    [PDF]

Guillaume Hupin, Denis Lacroix

1205.0579 (Edmond Iancu)

QCD in heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

Edmond Iancu

1205.0585 (Takumi Doi et al.)

Unified contraction algorithm for multi-baryon correlators on the

Takumi Doi, Michael G. Endres

1205.0623 (Shin Watanabe et al.)

Effects of four-body breakup on 6Li elastic scattering near the Coulomb

Shin Watanabe, Takuma Matsumoto, Kosho Minomo, Masanobu Yahiro

1205.0648 (P. K. Khandai et al.)

Transverse mass spectra and scaling of hadrons at RHIC and LHC energies    [PDF]

P. K. Khandai, P. Sett, P. Shukla, V. Singh

1205.0684 (G. Lambiase et al.)

GSI anomaly and spin-rotation coupling    [PDF]

G. Lambiase, G. Papini, G. Scarpetta

1205.0685 (T. Rauscher)

Sensitivity of astrophysical reaction rates to nuclear uncertainties    [PDF]

T. Rauscher

1205.0746 (Nils A. Baas et al.)

Higher-order Brunnian structures and possible physical realizations    [PDF]

Nils A. Baas, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, K. Riisager, A. G. Volosniev, N. T. Zinner

1205.0782 (Juan M. Torres-Rincon)

Hadronic Transport Coefficients from Effective Field Theories    [PDF]

Juan M. Torres-Rincon

Thursday, May 3, 2012

1008.4612 (Rone Peterson G. Andrade et al.)

Temporal evolution of tubular initial conditions and their influence on
two-particle correlations in relativistic nuclear collisions

Rone Peterson G. Andrade, Frederique Grassi, Yogiro Hama, Wei-Liang Qian

1105.2634 (S. I. Bastrukov et al.)

On Alfven hypothesis about nuclear hydromagnetic resonances    [PDF]

S. I. Bastrukov, I. V. Molodtsova, J. W. Yu, R. X. Xu

1108.0882 (Adam Bzdak)

Symmetric correlations as seen at RHIC    [PDF]

Adam Bzdak

1201.3320 (V. P. Konchakovski et al.)

Azimuthal anisotropies for Au+Au collisions in the parton-hadron
transient energy range

V. P. Konchakovski, E. L. Bratkovskaya, W. Cassing, V. D. Toneev, S. A. Voloshin, V. Voronyuk

1205.0078 (Kenichi Matsuyanagi et al.)

BCS-pairing and nuclear vibrations    [PDF]

Kenichi Matsuyanagi, Nobuo Hinohara, Koichi Sato

1205.0137 (Adrian Dumitru et al.)

Effective matrix model for deconfinement in pure gauge theories    [PDF]

Adrian Dumitru, Yun Guo, Yoshimasa Hidaka, Christiaan P. Korthals Altes, Robert D. Pisarski

1205.0165 (M. A. Jafarizadeh et al.)

Description of Even-Even Xe isotopes in the transitional region of IBM    [PDF]

M. A. Jafarizadeh, N. Fouladi, H. Sabri

1205.0180 (S. Capitani et al.)

The nucleon axial charge from lattice QCD with controlled errors    [PDF]

S. Capitani, M. Della Morte, G. von Hippel, B. Jäger, A. Jüttner, B. Knippschild, H. B. Meyer, H. Wittig

1205.0227 (H. Nam et al.)

UNEDF: Advanced Scientific Computing Collaboration Transforms the
Low-Energy Nuclear Many-Body Problem

H. Nam, M. Stoitsov, W. Nazarewicz, A. Bulgac, G. Hagen, M. Kortelainen, P. Maris, J. C. Pei, K. J. Roche, N. Schunck, I. Thompson, J. P. Vary, S. M. Wild

1205.0277 (Simon Kreuzer et al.)

Three particles in a finite volume: The breakdown of spherical symmetry    [PDF]

Simon Kreuzer, Harald W. Grie\sshammer

1205.0383 (L. Coraggio et al.)

Effective shell-model hamiltonians from realistic nucleon-nucleon
potentials within a perturbative approach

L. Coraggio, A. Covello, A. Gargano, N. Itaco, T. T. S. Kuo

1205.0431 (Jacek Rozynek)

Pressure Corrections to the Equation of State in the Nuclear Mean Field    [PDF]

Jacek Rozynek

1205.0468 (Raymond S. Mackintosh)

Inverse scattering: applications to nuclear physics    [PDF]

Raymond S. Mackintosh

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1105.3145 (Takashi Oka)

Non-linear doublon production in a Mott insulator --- Landau-Dykhne
method applied to an integrable model

Takashi Oka

1204.6357 (O. Lourenço et al.)

Vector interaction strength in Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio models from
hadron-quark phase diagrams

O. Lourenço, M. Dutra, T. Frederico, A. Delfino, M. Malheiro

1204.6390 (Jun He et al.)

New structure around 3250 MeV in the baryonic B decay and the
$D^*_0(2400)N$ molecular hadron

Jun He, Dian-Yong Chen, Xiang Liu

1204.6394 (Laszlo P. Csernai et al.)

Fluctuations in Hadronizing QGP    [PDF]

Laszlo P. Csernai, Gabriela Mocanu, Zoltan Neda

1204.6403 (Daniele Treleani et al.)

Collisions of protons with light nuclei shed new light on nucleon

Daniele Treleani, Giorgio Calucci

1204.6420 (L. Y. Jia et al.)

Validity of the Generalized Density Matrix Method for Microscopic
Calculation of Collective/Bosonic Hamiltonian

L. Y. Jia, V. G. Zelevinsky

1204.6437 (R. Mehrem)

Non-Local Interactions For the Deuteron Using Spherical Bessel Functions    [PDF]

R. Mehrem

1204.6531 (Takahiro Mizusaki et al.)

A new formulation to calculate general HFB matrix elements through

Takahiro Mizusaki, Makito Oi

1204.6632 (A. Rustamov et al.)

Identity Method for Moments of Multiplicity Distribution    [PDF]

A. Rustamov, M. I. Gorenstein