Friday, November 30, 2012

1211.6740 (Aldo Serenelli et al.)

Using the Standard Solar Model to Constrain Composition and S-Factors    [PDF]

Aldo Serenelli, Carlos Pena-Garay, W. C. Haxton

1211.6770 (Matthew D. Kistler et al.)

Tomography of Massive Stars from Core Collapse to Supernova Shock

Matthew D. Kistler, Wick C. Haxton, Hasan Yuksel

1211.6774 (Daisuke Jido et al.)

$η^\prime$ meson under partial restoration of chiral symmetry in
nuclear medium

Daisuke Jido, Shuntaro Sakai, Hideko Nagahiro, Satoru Hirenzaki, Natsumi Ikeno

1211.6812 (Shuichiro Ebata)

Simulation of heavy ion collision using a time-dependent density
functional theory including nuclear superfluidity

Shuichiro Ebata

1211.6857 (P. Kroll)

Generalized parton distributions from meson leptoproduction    [PDF]

P. Kroll

1211.6896 (Tom Vrancx et al.)

The $p(γ,K^+)Λ$ reaction: consistent high-spin interactions
and Bayesian inference of its resonance content

Tom Vrancx, Lesley De Cruz, Jan Ryckebusch, Pieter Vancraeyveld

1211.6906 (X. G. Cao et al.)

Nucleon-nucleon momentum correlation function as a probe of the density
distribution of valence neutron in neutron-rich nucleus

X. G. Cao, X. Z. Cai, Y. G. Ma, D. Q. Fang, G. Q. Zhang, W. Guo, J. G. Chen, J. S. Wang

1211.6911 (Robi Peschanski)

On the dynamical entropy of dense QCD states    [PDF]

Robi Peschanski

1211.6912 (Thomas Lang et al.)

Heavy quark transport in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC within the
UrQMD transport model

Thomas Lang, Hendrik van Hees, Jan Steinheimer, Marcus Bleicher

1211.6920 (Quan Liu et al.)

Resonant states of deformed nuclei in complex scaling method    [PDF]

Quan Liu, Jian-You Guo, Zhong-Ming Niu, Shou-Wan Chen

1211.6968 (Jameel-Un Nabi et al.)

First forbidden stellar $β$-decay rates for neutron-rich nickel

Jameel-Un Nabi, Sabin Stoica

1211.6982 (N. Matagne et al.)

Highly excited states of baryons in large $N_c$ QCD    [PDF]

N. Matagne, Fl. Stancu

1211.6998 (D. Rönchen et al.)

Coupled-channel dynamics in the reactions piN --> piN, etaN, KLambda,

D. Rönchen, M. Döring, F. Huang, H. Haberzettl, J. Haidenbauer, C. Hanhart, S. Krewald, U. -G. Meißner, K. Nakayama

1211.7004 (C. Hidalgo-Duque et al.)

Heavy Quark Spin Symmetry and SU(3)-Flavour Partners of the X(3872)    [PDF]

C. Hidalgo-Duque, J. Nieves, M. Pavón Valderrama

1211.7024 (Cheuk-Yin Wong)

Feynman Amplitude Approach to study the Passage of a Jet in a Medium    [PDF]

Cheuk-Yin Wong

1211.7048 (Swagato Mukherjee)

Freeze-out Conditions from Lattice QCD    [PDF]

Swagato Mukherjee

1211.7051 (D. C. Duarte et al.)

Non-perturbative description of self-interacting charged scalar field at
finite temperature and in the presence of an external magnetic field

D. C. Duarte, R. L. S. Farias, R. O. Ramos

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1211.6214 (Y. Tsue et al.)

Interplay between Spin Polarization and Color Superconductivity in High
Density Quark Matter

Y. Tsue, J. da Providencia, C. Providencia, M. Yamamura, H. Bohr

1211.6230 (L. M. Slad)

Magnetic moment operator of non-Dirac particles and some elements of
polarization $ep$-experiments

L. M. Slad

1211.6245 (Dmitri E. Kharzeev et al.)

"Strongly interacting matter in magnetic fields": an overview    [PDF]

Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Karl Landsteiner, Andreas Schmitt, Ho-Ung Yee

1211.6285 (Sang-Ho Kim et al.)

K*Sigma photoproduction off the proton target with baryon resonances    [PDF]

Sang-Ho Kim, Seung-il Nam, Atsushi Hosaka, Hyun-Chul Kim

1211.6292 (J. Erler et al.)

Energy density functional for nuclei and neutron stars    [PDF]

J. Erler, C. J. Horowitz, W. Nazarewicz, M. Rafalski, P. -G. Reinhard

1211.6294 (Lorce Cedric et al.)

Accessing the quark orbital angular momentum with Wigner distributions    [PDF]

Lorce Cedric, Barbara Pasquini

1211.6336 (E. Friedman et al.)

Kaonic atoms and in-medium K-N amplitudes II: interplay between theory
and phenomenology

E. Friedman, A. Gal

1211.6381 (D. Lonardoni et al.)

Auxiliary Field Diffusion Monte Carlo study of the Hyperon-Nucleon
interaction in $Λ$-hypernuclei

D. Lonardoni, F. Pederiva, S. Gandolfi

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1211.5634 (H. Nakada et al.)

Tensor-force effects on single-particle levels and proton bubble
structure around the $Z$ or N=20 magic number

H. Nakada, K. Sugiura, J. Margueron

1211.5659 (David L. Lincoln et al.)

First Direct Double-Beta Decay Q-value Measurement of 82Se in Support of
Understanding the Nature of the Neutrino

David L. Lincoln, Jason D. Holt, Georg Bollen, Maxime Brodeur, Scott Bustabad, Jonathan Engel, Samuel J. Novario, Matthew Redshaw, Ryan Ringle, Stefan Schwarz

1211.5680 (Sergei A. Voloshin)

Results on flow from the ALICE Collaboration    [PDF]

Sergei A. Voloshin

1211.5684 (J. R. Cudell et al.)

The nuclear physics of OHe    [PDF]

J. R. Cudell, M. Khlopov, Q. Wallemacq

1211.5719 (Theingi et al.)

Analysis of heavy hyperhydrogen 6^H_Lambda    [PDF]

Theingi, Khin Swe Myint, Y. Akaishi

1211.5824 (T. Mizutani et al.)

Faddeev-Chiral Unitary Approach to the $K^- d$ scattering length    [PDF]

T. Mizutani, C. Fayard, B. Saghai, K. Tsushima

1211.5853 (M. Burkardt et al.)

Pion momentum distributions in the nucleon in chiral effective theory    [PDF]

M. Burkardt, K. S. Hendricks, Chueng-Ryong Ji, W. Melnitchouk, A. W. Thomas

1211.5860 (P. Banerjee et al.)

Neutrino-Induced Production of 9Be in Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

P. Banerjee, Y. -Z. Qian, W. C. Haxton, A. Heger

1211.5871 (K. Hagino et al.)

Collective excitations of $Λ$ hypernuclei    [PDF]

K. Hagino, J. M. Yao, F. Minato, Z. P. Li, M. Thi Win

1211.5897 (Barbara Betz)

Jet Quenching in Heavy-Ion Collisions - The Transition Era from RHIC to

Barbara Betz

1211.6050 (M. Cannoni)

Reanalysis of nuclear spin matrix elements for dark matter
spin-dependent scattering

M. Cannoni

1211.6053 (J. Peralta Ramos et al.)

$η(T)/s (T)$ and collective flow in chiral hydrodynamics    [PDF]

J. Peralta Ramos, G. Krein

1211.6070 (Dong-Liang Fang et al.)

$β$-decay properties for neutron-rich Kr-Tc isotopes from deformed
pn-QRPA calculations with realistic forces

Dong-Liang Fang, B. Alex Brown, Toshio Suzuki

1211.6078 (J. G. Coelho et al.)

Magnetic dipole moment of SGRs and AXPs as white dwarf pulsars    [PDF]

J. G. Coelho, M. Malheiro

1211.5990 (N. Buyukcizmeci et al.)

A comparative study of statistical models for nuclear equation of state
of stellar matter

N. Buyukcizmeci, A. S. Botvina, I. N. Mishustin, R. Ogul, M. Hempel, J. Schaffner-Bielich, F. -K. Thielemann, S. Furusawa, K. Sumiyoshi, S. Yamada, H. Suzuki

Monday, November 26, 2012

1211.5142 (Richard D. Ball et al.)

Parton Distribution Benchmarking with LHC Data    [PDF]

Richard D. Ball, Stefano Carrazza, Luigi Del Debbio, Stefano Forte, Jun Gao, Nathan Hartland, Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky, Juan Rojo, Daniel Stump, Robert S. Thorne, C. -P. Yuan

1211.5267 (S. Kumar et al.)

Understanding the symmetry energy using data from the ALADIN-2000
Collaboration taken at the GSI Large Neutron Detector

S. Kumar, Y. G. Ma

1211.5270 (Sanjeev Kumar et al.)

Correlation and isospin dynamics of participant-spectator matter in
neutron-rich colliding nuclei at 50 MeV/nucleon

Sanjeev Kumar, Y. G. Ma, G. Q. Zhang

1211.5297 (Yu. A. Simonov)

Neutral 3-body system in a strong magnetic field: factorization and
exact solutions

Yu. A. Simonov

1211.5303 (Alfred Svarc)

Potential dangers when phase shifts are used as a link between
experiment and QCD

Alfred Svarc

1211.5319 (L. V. Grigorenko et al.)

Sensitivity of three-body decays to the reactions mechanism and the
initial structure by example of 6Be

L. V. Grigorenko, I. A. Egorova, R. J. Charity, M. V. Zhukov

1211.5362 (Yoshimasa Hidaka et al.)

Some exact results on the QCD critical point    [PDF]

Yoshimasa Hidaka, Naoki Yamamoto

1211.5461 (S. K. Singh et al.)

The effect of isoscalar-isovector coupling in infinite nuclear matter    [PDF]

S. K. Singh, M. Bhuyan, P. K. Panda, S. K. Patra

1211.5464 (T. Gaitanos et al.)

In-medium effects on hypernuclear formation    [PDF]

T. Gaitanos, A. B. Larionov, H. Lenske, U. Mosel, A. Obermann

1211.5474 (J. Carbonell et al.)

Three different approaches to the same interaction: the Yukawa model in
nuclear physics

J. Carbonell, F. de Soto, V. A. Karmanov

1211.5505 (L. M. Abreu et al.)

Exotic Behavior of Heavy-Flavored Meson Matter    [PDF]

L. M. Abreu, E. S. Nery, R. Rodrigues da Silva

1211.5511 (Taesoo Song et al.)

Partonic mean-field effects on matter and antimatter elliptic flows    [PDF]

Taesoo Song, Salvatore Plumari, Vincenzo Greco, Che Ming Ko, Feng Li

1211.5526 (Hannah Petersen)

Event-by-Event Observables and Fluctuations    [PDF]

Hannah Petersen

1211.5582 (C. O. Dorso et al.)

Cold nuclear matter    [PDF]

C. O. Dorso, P. A. Giménez Molinelli, J. I. Nichols, J. A. López

Thursday, November 22, 2012

1211.4920 (C. L. Bai et al.)

Role of T=0 pairing in Gamow-Teller states in N=Z nuclei    [PDF]

C. L. Bai, H. Sagawa, M. Sasano, T. Uesaka, K. Hagino, H. Q. Zhang, X. Z. Zhang, F. R. Xu

1211.4942 (Hayata Tomoya et al.)

Time-dependent Heavy-Quark Potential at Finite Temperature from
Gauge/Gravity Duality

Hayata Tomoya, Nawa Kanabu, Hatsuda Tetsuo

1211.4947 (M. Rafi Alam et al.)

Charged lepton induced one kaon production off the nucleon    [PDF]

M. Rafi Alam, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Sajjad Athar, M. J. Vicente Vacas

1211.5007 (Ning Li et al.)

Coupled-channel analysis of the possible $D^{(*)}D^{(*)}$,
$\bar{B}^{(*)}\bar{B}^{(*)}$ and $D^{(*)}\bar{B}^{(*)}$ molecular states

Ning Li, Zhi-Feng Sun, Xiang Liu, Shi-Lin Zhu

1211.5013 (Zhan-Wei Liu et al.)

Pseudoscalar Goldstone Bosons Scattering off Charmed Baryons with Chiral
Perturbation Theory

Zhan-Wei Liu, Shi-Lin Zhu

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1107.5941 (Abhijit Bhattacharyya et al.)

Study of Beta Equilibrated 2+1 Flavor Quark Matter in PNJL Model    [PDF]

Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Sanjay K. Ghosh, Sarbani Majumder, Rajarshi Ray

1112.2445 (Prithwish Tribedy et al.)

QCD saturation at the LHC: comparisons of models to p+p and A+A data and
predictions for p+Pb collisions

Prithwish Tribedy, Raju Venugopalan

1211.4703 (Kenji Morita et al.)

Net baryon number probability distribution near the chiral phase

Kenji Morita, Vladimir Skokov, Bengt Friman, Krzysztof Redlich

1211.4713 (A. M. Moro et al.)

Interplay between valence and core excitation mechanisms in the breakup
of halo nuclei

A. M. Moro, J. A. Lay

1211.4716 (Wolfgang Lucha et al.)

Exact Solutions of Bethe-Salpeter Equations with Instantaneous

Wolfgang Lucha, Franz F. Schoberl

1211.4730 (S. Mishev)

Structure of the phonon vacuum state    [PDF]

S. Mishev

1211.4731 (Elliot Leader et al.)

Comment on "Proton Spin Structure from Measurable Parton Distributions"
by Ji, Xiong and Yuan (PRL109, 152005 (2012))

Elliot Leader, Cédric Lorcé

1211.4748 (Sven Binder et al.)

Ab Initio Calculations of Medium-Mass Nuclei with Explicit Chiral 3N

Sven Binder, Joachim Langhammer, Angelo Calci, Petr Navrátil, Robert Roth

1211.4758 (A. Covello et al.)

Pairing and realistic shell-model interactions    [PDF]

A. Covello, A. Gargano, T. T. S Kuo

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1108.4479 (V. Dexheimer et al.)

Hybrid Stars in a Strong Magnetic Field    [PDF]

V. Dexheimer, R. Negreiros, S. Schramm

1211.4078 (Toshio Suzuki et al.)

Neutrino Capture Reactions on $^{40}$Ar    [PDF]

Toshio Suzuki, Michio Honma

1211.4130 (L. B. Castro)

Relating pseudospin and spin symmetries through chiral transformation
with tensor interaction

L. B. Castro

1211.4297 (Michael J. Fromerth et al.)

From Quark-Gluon Universe to Neutrino Decoupling: 200    [PDF]

Michael J. Fromerth, Inga Kuznetsova, Lance Labun, Jean Letessier, Jan Rafelski

1211.4330 (V. V. Sargsyan et al.)

Sub-barrier capture reactions with $^{16,18}$O beams    [PDF]

V. V. Sargsyan, G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, W. Scheid, H. Q. Zhang

1211.4341 (S. M. Troshin et al.)

On the flat transverse momentum dependence of the single-spin asymmetry
in inclusive neutral pion production

S. M. Troshin, N. E. Tyurin

1211.4375 (Bo-Chao Liu et al.)

Evidence for a narrow $D_{03}$ state in $K^- p \rightarrow ηΛ$
near threshold

Bo-Chao Liu, Ju-Jun Xie

1211.4380 (R. K. Choudhury et al.)

Collisions of Rare Earth Nuclei - a New Reaction Route for Synthesis of
Super Heavy Nuclei

R. K. Choudhury, Y. K. Gupta

1211.4471 (Jan Luecker et al.)

The phase diagram of N_f=2 and N_f=2+1 QCD from quark and gluon

Jan Luecker, Christian S. Fischer

1211.4507 (Peter Watson et al.)

Bethe-Salpeter equation at leading order in Coulomb gauge    [PDF]

Peter Watson, Hugo Reinhardt

Monday, November 19, 2012

1211.3761 (Janus Weil et al.)

Dilepton production at SIS energies with the GiBUU transport model    [PDF]

Janus Weil, Ulrich Mosel

1211.3762 (Young-Ho Song et al.)

Nuclear electric dipole moment of three-body system    [PDF]

Young-Ho Song, Rimantas Lazauskas, Vladimir Gudkov

1211.3779 (Michael McNeil Forbes)

The Unitary Fermi Gas in a Harmonic Trap and its Static Response    [PDF]

Michael McNeil Forbes

1211.3815 (A. I. Ivanytskyi et al.)

Critical exponents of the quark-gluon bags model with the critical

A. I. Ivanytskyi, K. A. Bugaev, A. S. Sorin, G. M. Zinovjev

1211.3850 (R. Loganayagam)

Anomalies and the Helicity of the Thermal State    [PDF]

R. Loganayagam

1211.3923 (A. G. Volosniev et al.)

Occurrence conditions for two-dimensional Borromean systems    [PDF]

A. G. Volosniev, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1211.3927 (Lothar Tiator)

Complete Experiments for Pion Photoproduction    [PDF]

Lothar Tiator

1211.3995 (L. Zamick et al.)

How degeneracies can obscure interesting physics    [PDF]

L. Zamick, A. Escuderos

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1211.3026 (Ulf-G. Meißner)

A walk through the world of chiral dynamics    [PDF]

Ulf-G. Meißner

1211.2826 (D. Dutta et al.)

Color Transparency: past, present and future    [PDF]

D. Dutta, K. Hafidi, M. Strikman

1211.2829 (B. El-Bennich et al.)

A combined study of the pion's static properties and form factors    [PDF]

B. El-Bennich, J. P. B. C. de Melo, T. Frederico

1211.2908 (H. Sagawa et al.)

Pairing correlations in exotic nuclei    [PDF]

H. Sagawa, K. Hagino

1211.2925 (Santosh K. Das et al.)

A non-conformal holographic model for D-meson suppression at LHC energy    [PDF]

Santosh K. Das, Ali Davody

1211.2930 (Claudio Ciofi degli Atti)

Nucleon-Nucleon Short-Range Correlations and Gribov Inelastic Shadowing
in High Energy Hadron-Nucleus Collisions

Claudio Ciofi degli Atti

1211.2978 (J. Kvasil et al.)

Toroidal, compression, and vortical dipole strengths in 124Sn    [PDF]

J. Kvasil, V. O. Nesterenko, A. Repko, W. Kleinig, P. -G. Reinhard, N. Lo Iudice

1211.3014 (P. V. Buividovich et al.)

Lattice studies of magnetic phenomena in heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

P. V. Buividovich, M. I. Polikarpov, O. V. Teryaev

1211.3047 (I. L. Azhgirey et al.)

CTOF Measurements and Monte Carlo Analyses of Neutron Spectra for the
Backward Direction from a Copper Target Irradiated with 800, 1000, and 1200
MeV Protons

I. L. Azhgirey, V. I. Belyakov-Bodin, I. I. Degtyarev, N. P. Smirnov, S. G. Mashnik

1211.3048 (Tobias Toll et al.)

Exclusive diffractive processes in electron-ion collisions    [PDF]

Tobias Toll, Thomas Ullrich

1211.3069 (A. B. Balantekin)

Towards a very precise knowledge of theta13    [PDF]

A. B. Balantekin

1211.3077 (Alexander Stoffers et al.)

Holographic Pomeron and Entropy    [PDF]

Alexander Stoffers, Ismail Zahed

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1211.2148 (Xiao-Gang Wu et al.)

Understanding the property of $η(1405/1475)$ in the $J/ψ$
radiative decay

Xiao-Gang Wu, Jia-Jun Wu, Qiang Zhao, Bing-Song Zou

1211.2235 (Cheuk-Yin Wong)

Reaction Cross Section in Heavy-Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Cheuk-Yin Wong

1211.2242 (D. Banerjee et al.)

Atomic Quantum Simulation of U(N) and SU(N) Non-Abelian Lattice Gauge

D. Banerjee, M. Bögli, M. Dalmonte, E. Rico, P. Stebler, U. -J. Wiese, P. Zoller

1211.2256 (G. G. Barnafoldi et al.)

Predictions for p+Pb at 5.02A TeV to test initial state nuclear
shadowing at the Large Hadron Collider

G. G. Barnafoldi, J. Barrette, M. Gyulassy, P. Levai, M. Petrovici, V. Topor Pop

1211.2261 (Evan Berkowitz et al.)

Multi-channel S-matrices from energy levels in finite boxes    [PDF]

Evan Berkowitz, Thomas D. Cohen, Patrick Jefferson

1211.2281 (Pol Bernard Gossiaux et al.)

Heavy quark quenching from RHIC to LHC and the consequences of gluon

Pol Bernard Gossiaux, Marlene Nahrgang, Marcus Bluhm, Thierry Gousset, Joerg Aichelin

1211.2282 (Akira Ohnishi et al.)

Auxiliary field Monte-Carlo study of the QCD phase diagram at strong

Akira Ohnishi, Terukazu Ichihara, Takashi Z. Nakano

1211.2312 (V. V. Sargsyan et al.)

Threshold energy for sub-barrier fusion hindrance phenomenon    [PDF]

V. V. Sargsyan, G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, W. Scheid, H. Q. Zhang

1211.2320 (V. V. Sargsyan et al.)

Search of systematic behavior of breakup probability in reactions with
weakly bound projectiles at energies around Coulomb barrier

V. V. Sargsyan, G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, W. Scheid, H. Q. Zhang

1211.2327 (A. Lavagno et al.)

Nonextensive statistical effects and strangeness production in hot and
dense nuclear matter

A. Lavagno, D. Pigato

1211.2352 (K. H. O. Hasnaoui et al.)

Charged Ising Model of Neutron Star Matter    [PDF]

K. H. O. Hasnaoui, J. Piekarewicz

1211.2355 (Yoritaka Iwata et al.)

Energy density functional in nuclear physics    [PDF]

Yoritaka Iwata, Joachim A. Maruhn

1211.2387 (Cédric Simenel)

From light to hyper-heavy molecules and neutron-star crusts in a
dynamical mean-field approach

Cédric Simenel

1211.2401 (Andreas Grimm et al.)

Soft Photons from transport and hydrodynamics at FAIR energies    [PDF]

Andreas Grimm, Bjørn Bäuchle

1211.2433 (Giorgio Torrieri et al.)

Phenomenology of quarkyonic percolation at FAIR    [PDF]

Giorgio Torrieri, Stefano Lottini

1211.2470 (Gaoqing Cao et al.)

BCS-BEC quantum phase transition and collective excitations in
two-dimensional Fermi gases with p- and d-wave pairings

Gaoqing Cao, Lianyi He, Pengfei Zhuang

1211.2480 (T. Furumoto et al.)

Channel coupling effect and important role of imaginary part of coupling
potential for high-energy heavy-ion scatterings

T. Furumoto, Y. Sakuragi

1211.2506 (H. Nagahiro et al.)

Formation of eta-prime(958)-mesic nuclei by (p,d) reaction    [PDF]

H. Nagahiro, D. Jido, H. Fujioka, K. Itahashi, S. Hirenzaki

1211.2537 (Maciej Rybczynski et al.)

Influence of initial fluctuations on geometry measures in relativistic
U-U and Cu-Au collisions

Maciej Rybczynski, Wojciech Broniowski, Grzegorz Stefanek

1211.2538 (Ning Wang et al.)

An improved nuclear mass formula: WS3    [PDF]

Ning Wang, Min Liu

1211.2542 (Xue Pan et al.)

Higher cumulants from the 3-dimensional $O(1, 2, 4)$ spin models    [PDF]

Xue Pan, Lizhu Chen, X. S. Chen, Yuanfang Wu

1211.2579 (Yu. B. Ivanov)

Baryon Stopping as a Probe of Deconfinement Onset in Relativistic
Heavy-Ion Collisions

Yu. B. Ivanov

1211.2588 (S. Mallik et al.)

Evaluating transport coefficients in real time thermal field theory    [PDF]

S. Mallik, Sourav Sarkar

1211.2617 (R. Kaminski et al.)

Precise determination of the f0(500) and f0(980) parameters in
dispersive analysis of the pipi data

R. Kaminski, R. Garcia-Martin, J. R. Pelaez, J. Ruiz de Elvira

1211.2657 (José Guilherme Milhano)

Theoretical overview of jet quenching    [PDF]

José Guilherme Milhano

1211.2683 (G. Engelhardt et al.)

AC-driven Quantum Phase Transition in the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick Model    [PDF]

G. Engelhardt, V. M. Bastidas, C. Emary, T. Brandes

1211.2684 (Petr Bydzovsky et al.)

Present status of isobar models for elementary kaon photoproduction    [PDF]

Petr Bydzovsky, Dalibor Skoupil

1211.2690 (A. Pastore)

Superfluid properties of the inner crust of neutron stars. II.
Wigner-Seitz cells at finite temperature

A. Pastore

Monday, November 12, 2012

1211.1977 (U. Mosel et al.)

Neutrino-nucleus interactions    [PDF]

U. Mosel, O. Lalakulich

1211.2040 (A. K. Chaudhuri et al.)

Even-by-event hydrodynamical simulations for $\sqrt{s}_{NN}$=200 GeV
Au+Au collisions and the correlation between flow coefficients and initial
asymmetry measures

A. K. Chaudhuri, Md. Rihan Haque, Victor Roy, Bedangadas Mohanty

1211.2074 (P. Garg et al.)

Unfolding of event-by-event net-charge distributions in heavy-ion

P. Garg, D. K. Mishra, P. K. Netrakanti, A. K. Mohanty, B. Mohanty

1211.2103 (J. M. Yao et al.)

Systematics of low-lying states of even-even nuclei in the
neutron-deficient lead region from a beyond-mean-field calculation

J. M. Yao, M. Bender, P. -H. Heenen

1211.2129 (Li Bing-Huan et al.)

Particle-number conserving analysis for the 2-quasiparticle and high-$K$
multi-quasiparticle states in doubly-odd ${}^{174, 176}$Lu

Li Bing-Huan, Zhang Zhen-Hua, Lei Yi-An

1211.2130 (Ilkka Helenius et al.)

EPS09s and EKS98s: Impact parameter dependent nPDF sets    [PDF]

Ilkka Helenius, Kari J. Eskola, Heli Honkanen, Carlos A. Salgado

1211.2133 (M. J. G. Borge et al.)

Rare $β$p decays in light nuclei    [PDF]

M. J. G. Borge, L. M. Fraile, H. O. U. Fynbo, B. Jonson, O. S. Kirsebom, T. Nilsson, G. Nyman, G. Possnert, K. Riisager, O. Tengblad

1211.2176 (Petr Bydzovsky et al.)

Improvement of multichannel amplitudes for the pion-pion scattering
using the dispersion relations

Petr Bydzovsky, Robert Kaminski

1211.2186 (Paul Chesler et al.)

Far-from-equilibrium heavy quark energy loss at strong coupling    [PDF]

Paul Chesler, Mindaugas Lekaveckas, Krishna Rajagopal

1211.2199 (Leonardo Patino et al.)

Thermal photon production in a strongly coupled anisotropic plasma    [PDF]

Leonardo Patino, Diego Trancanelli

1211.2218 (Wilke van der Schee)

Holographic thermalization with radial flow    [PDF]

Wilke van der Schee

Friday, November 9, 2012

1211.1928 (Alex Kovner et al.)

Angular and long range rapidity correlations in particle production at
high energy

Alex Kovner, Michael Lublinsky

1211.1773 (Yaroslav A. Kharkov et al.)

Elastic enhancement factor as a quantum chaos probe    [PDF]

Yaroslav A. Kharkov, Valentin V. Sokolov

1211.1787 (G. Co' et al.)

Nuclear proton and neutron distributions in the detection of weak
interacting massive particles

G. Co', V. De Donno, M. Anguiano, A. M. Lallena

1211.1802 (E. Garrido et al.)

Integral relations and the adiabatic expansion method for 1+2 reactions
above the breakup threshold: Helium trimers with soft-core potentials

E. Garrido, C. Romero-Redondo, A. Kievsky, M. Viviani

1211.1817 (H. Haider et al.)

Effects of nuclear medium and nonisoscalarity in extracting
$sin^2θ_W$ using Paschos-Wolfenstein relation

H. Haider, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Sajjad Athar

1211.1862 (C. W. Xiao et al.)

Three methods to detect the predicted $D \bar{D}$ scalar meson X(3700)    [PDF]

C. W. Xiao, E. Oset

1211.1920 (J. Sadoudi et al.)

Skyrme pseudo-potential-based EDF parametrisation for spuriousity-free
MR-EDF calculations

J. Sadoudi, M. Bender, K. Bennaceur, D. Davesne, R. Jodon, T. Duguet

1211.1922 (Francesco D'Eramo et al.)

Momentum Broadening in Weakly Coupled Quark-Gluon Plasma (with a view to
finding the quasiparticles within liquid quark-gluon plasma)

Francesco D'Eramo, Mindaugas Lekaveckas, Hong Liu, Krishna Rajagopal

1211.1927 (D. Anchishkin et al.)

Pionic Freezeout Hypersurfaces in Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus

D. Anchishkin, V. Vovchenko, L. P. Csernai

1211.1937 (B. O. Kerbikov et al.)

Magnetic Field Induced Effects in Quark Matter    [PDF]

B. O. Kerbikov, M. A. Andreichikov

Thursday, November 8, 2012

1211.1485 (Martin Hoferichter et al.)

Improved dispersive analysis of the scalar form factor of the nucleon    [PDF]

Martin Hoferichter, Christoph Ditsche, Bastian Kubis, Ulf-G. Meiß ner

1211.1503 (I. V. Danilkin et al.)

Photon-fusion reactions from the chiral Lagrangian with dynamical light
vector mesons

I. V. Danilkin, M. F. M. Lutz, S. Leupold, C. Terschlusen

1211.1523 (M. Martini et al.)

Energy reconstruction effects in neutrino oscillation experiments and
implications for the analysis

M. Martini, M. Ericson, G. Chanfray

1211.1570 (Longgang Pang et al.)

Effect of longitudinal fluctuation in event-by-event (3+1)D

Longgang Pang, Qun Wang, Xin-Nian Wang

1211.1619 (O. W. Greenberg et al.)

N-quantum calculation of the hydrogen atom with one-photon exchange    [PDF]

O. W. Greenberg, Steve Cowen

1211.1649 (P. -G. Reinhard et al.)

Information content of the low-energy electric dipole strength:
correlation analysis

P. -G. Reinhard, W. Nazarewicz

1211.1653 (Joseph Power et al.)

Accuracy of a new hybrid finite element method for solving a scattering
Schroedinger equation

Joseph Power, George Rawitscher

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1206.6580 (M. E. Gusakov et al.)

Velocity-dependent energy gaps and dynamics of superfluid neutron stars    [PDF]

M. E. Gusakov, E. M. Kantor

1211.1243 (B. Ivlev)

How low-energy fusion can occur    [PDF]

B. Ivlev

1211.0930 (Oleg Andreev)

On Exotic Hybrid Pseudo-Potentials and Gauge/String Duality    [PDF]

Oleg Andreev

1211.1047 (Rainer J. Fries et al.)

Jet-Tagged Back-Scattering Photons For Quark Gluon Plasma Tomography    [PDF]

Rainer J. Fries, Somnath De, Dinesh K. Srivastava

1211.1062 (M. Alvioli)

Universality of Short-Range Correlations in One- and Two-Nucleon
Momentum Distributions of Nuclei

M. Alvioli

1211.1099 (Lulu Li et al.)

Halos in a deformed Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov theory in continuum    [PDF]

Lulu Li, Jie Meng, P. Ring, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1211.1114 (Yuji Hirono et al.)

Estimation of electric conductivity of the quark gluon plasma via
asymmetric heavy-ion collisions

Yuji Hirono, Masaru Hongo, Tetsufumi Hirano

1211.1145 (Martin Hoferichter et al.)

Isospin breaking in pion-deuteron scattering and the pion-nucleon
scattering lengths

Martin Hoferichter, Vadim Baru, Christoph Hanhart, Bastian Kubis, Andreas Nogga, Daniel R. Phillips

1211.1148 (J. Stahov et al.)

Evaluation of the Pion-Nucleon Sigma Term from CHAOS data    [PDF]

J. Stahov, H. Clement, G. J. Wagner

1211.1161 (Liliana Apolinário et al.)

An analysis of the influence of background subtraction and quenching on
jet observables in heavy-ion collisions

Liliana Apolinário, Néstor Armesto, Leticia Cunqueiro

1211.1166 (Marton Vargyas et al.)

Effects of chain decays, radial flow and $U_{A}(1)$ restoration on the
low-mass dilepton enhancement in $\s_{NN}=200$ GeV Au+Au reactions

Marton Vargyas, Robert Vertesi, Tamas Csorgo

1211.1185 (H. B. Nielsen et al.)

Magnetic Moment of Constituent Fermions in Strongly Interacting Matter    [PDF]

H. B. Nielsen, Vikram Soni

1211.1191 (F. Gelis et al.)

Next-to-Leading Order correction to inclusive particle spectra in the
Color Glass Condensate framework

F. Gelis, J. Laidet

1211.1207 (V. P. Goncalves)

Probing the Odderon in coherent hadron - hadron interactions at CERN LHC    [PDF]

V. P. Goncalves

1211.1225 (Jinyi Pang et al.)

Pairing fluctuation effects in a strongly coupled color

Jinyi Pang, Jincheng Wang, Lianyi He

1211.1231 (J. L. Zdunik et al.)

Maximum mass of neutron stars and strange neutron-star cores    [PDF]

J. L. Zdunik, P. Haensel

1211.1264 (Claudio Ciofi degli Atti)

Diffraction on nuclei: effects of nucleon-nucleon correlations and
inelastic shadowing within an improved Glauber-Gribov approach

Claudio Ciofi degli Atti

1211.1294 (A. Rakotozafindrabe et al.)

Ultra-relativistic heavy-ion physics with AFTER@LHC    [PDF]

A. Rakotozafindrabe, R. Arnaldi, S. J. Brodsky, V. Chambert, J. P. Didelez, B. Genolini, E. G. Ferreiro, F. Fleuret, C. Hadjidakis, J. P. Lansberg, P. Rosier, I. Schienbein, E. Scomparin, U. I. Uggerhoj

1211.1304 (Yoritaka Iwata et al.)

Synthesis of thin-long heavy nuclei in ternary collisions    [PDF]

Yoritaka Iwata, Kei Iida, Naoyuki Itagaki

1211.1331 (Luciano M. Abreu et al.)

Transport properties of bottomed mesons in a hot mesonic gas    [PDF]

Luciano M. Abreu, Daniel Cabrera, Juan M. Torres-Rincon

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1108.1380 (S. R. Beane et al.)

SU(2) Low-Energy Constants from Mixed-Action Lattice QCD    [PDF]

S. R. Beane, W. Detmold, P. M. Junnarkar, T. C. Luu, K. Orginos, A. Parreno, M. J. Savage, A. Torok, A. Walker-Loud

1201.2214 (Toru Harada et al.)

Discrimination of $Σ$-nucleus potentials in the angular
distribution of elastic scattering of $Σ^-$ hyperons from nuclei

Toru Harada, Yoshiharu Hirabayashi

1203.4469 (S. Borsanyi et al.)

High-precision scale setting in lattice QCD    [PDF]

S. Borsanyi, S. Durr, Z. Fodor, C. Hoelbling, S. D. Katz, S. Krieg, T. Kurth, L. Lellouch, T. Lippert, C. McNeile, K. K. Szabo

1205.5035 (Krzysztof Kutak et al.)

Gluon saturation in dijet production in p-Pb collisions at Large Hadron

Krzysztof Kutak, Sebastian Sapeta

1211.0601 (L. F. Yu et al.)

Octupole deformation and Ra puzzle in reflection asymmetric covariant
density functional theory

L. F. Yu, P. W. Zhao, S. Q. Zhang, J. Meng

1211.0619 (Anyi Li)

Fermion bag solutions to some sign problems in four-fermion field

Anyi Li

1211.0640 (Gabriela Popa et al.)

Description of heavy deformed nuclei within the pseudo-SU(3) shell model    [PDF]

Gabriela Popa, Ana Georgieva

1211.0641 (R. Mehrem)

An Analytical Solution To A Special Case Of The Weber-Schafheitlin

R. Mehrem

1211.0703 (Helmut Haberzettl et al.)

Gauge-invariant theory of two-pion photo- and electro-production off the

Helmut Haberzettl, Kanzo Nakayama, Yongseok Oh

1211.0775 (R. Shyam et al.)

Production of the H dibaryon via the (K^-,K^+) reaction on a $^{12}$C

R. Shyam, O. Scholten, A. W. Thomas

1211.0804 (Barbara Betz et al.)

Quantifying a Possibly Reduced Jet-Medium Coupling of the sQGP at the

Barbara Betz, Miklos Gyulassy

1211.0845 (Piotr Bozek et al.)

Correlations from hydrodynamic flow in p-Pb collisions    [PDF]

Piotr Bozek, Wojciech Broniowski

1211.0862 (Nadia Tsoneva et al.)

Nuclear pygmy modes and the dynamics of the nuclear skin    [PDF]

Nadia Tsoneva, Horst Lenske

1211.0868 (María Gómez-Rocha et al.)

Electroweak hadron structure within a point-form approach    [PDF]

María Gómez-Rocha, Wolfgang Schweiger

1211.0905 (Charles Gale et al.)

Heavy Flavor, Quarkonia, and Electroweak Probes at Quark Matter 2012    [PDF]

Charles Gale, Lijuan Ruan

1211.0989 (Fernando G. Gardim et al.)

Breaking of factorization of two-particle correlations in hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Fernando G. Gardim, Frederique Grassi, Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

Monday, November 5, 2012

1112.5403 (Yuri V. Kovchegov)

AdS/CFT applications to relativistic heavy ion collisions: a brief

Yuri V. Kovchegov

1211.0324 (Takao Sakaguchi et al.)

PHENIX Highlights    [PDF]

Takao Sakaguchi, for the PHENIX Collaboration

1211.0343 (Paul M. Chesler et al.)

Dilaton emission and absorption from far-from-equilibrium non-abelian

Paul M. Chesler, Derek Teaney

1211.0427 (L. Tolos et al.)

Implications for compact stars of a soft nuclear equation of state from
heavy-ion data

L. Tolos, I. Sagert, D. Chatterjee, J. Schaffner-Bielich, C. Sturm

1211.0444 (M. N. Platonova et al.)

ABC-effect as a signal of chiral symmetry restoration in hadronic

M. N. Platonova, V. I. Kukulin

1211.0461 (R. Paatelainen et al.)

Multiplicities and $p_T$ spectra in ultrarelativistic heavy ion
collisions from a next-to-leading order improved perturbative QCD +
saturation + hydrodynamics model

R. Paatelainen, K. J. Eskola, H. Holopainen, K. Tuominen

Sunday, November 4, 2012

1211.0022 (G. Vujanovic et al.)

Dilepton production in high energy heavy ion collisions with 3+1D
relativistic viscous hydrodynamics

G. Vujanovic, C. Young, B. Schenke, S. Jeon, R. Rapp, C. Gale

1211.0057 (H. Nakada et al.)

Crossover from skin-mode to proton-neutron-mode in $E1$ excitations of
neutron-rich nuclei

H. Nakada, T. Inakura, H. Sawai

1211.0092 (Craig Pelissier et al.)

Resonance parameters of the rho-meson from asymmetrical lattices    [PDF]

Craig Pelissier, Andrei Alexandru

1211.0093 (Guojun Hu et al.)

Investigation of target in C-ADS and IAEA ADS benchmark    [PDF]

Guojun Hu, Hongli Wu, Tian Jing, Xiangqi Wang, Jingyu Tang

1211.0108 (A. V. Efremov et al.)

An analytic review of DSPIN-11    [PDF]

A. V. Efremov, J. Soffer

1211.0134 (M. Alvioli et al.)

Universality of nucleon-nucleon short-range correlations: nucleon
momentum distributions and their spin-isospin dependence

M. Alvioli, C. Ciofi degli Atti, L. P. Kaptari, C. B. Mezzetti, H. Morita

1211.0145 (A. Yu. Buki)

Coulomb Sums and Modification of Nucleons in The Atomic Nucleus    [PDF]

A. Yu. Buki

1211.0197 (David d'Enterria et al.)

Same-sign WW production in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC as a
signal for double parton scattering

David d'Enterria, Alexander M. Snigirev

Thursday, November 1, 2012

1210.8158 (Dam Thanh Son et al.)

Kinetic theory with Berry curvature from quantum field theories    [PDF]

Dam Thanh Son, Naoki Yamamoto

1210.8160 (V. Dexheimer et al.)

Deconfinement to Quark Matter in Magnetars    [PDF]

V. Dexheimer, R. Negreiros, S. Schramm

1210.8271 (Jorge Casalderrey-Solana et al.)

High-p_T and Jets. A Summary of Results from Quark Matter 2012    [PDF]

Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, Alexander Milov

1210.8281 (Istvan Montvay)

Unquenched simulations of four-nucleon interactions    [PDF]

Istvan Montvay

1210.8292 (Felipe J. Llanes-Estrada et al.)

Gluon confinement and the two IR solutions    [PDF]

Felipe J. Llanes-Estrada, Carlos Hidalgo-Duque, Richard Williams

1210.8304 (Sebastian König et al.)

Causality constraints for charged particles    [PDF]

Sebastian König, Dean Lee, H. -W. Hammer

1210.8310 (X. Roca-Maza et al.)

Sensitivity of the electric dipole polarizability to the neutron skin
thickness in ${}^{208}$Pb

X. Roca-Maza, B. K. Agrawal, G. Colo', W. Nazarewicz, N. Paar, J. Piekarewicz, P. -G. Reinhard, D. Vretenar

1210.8312 (Jiunn-Wei Chen et al.)

Berry curvature and 4-dimensional monopole in relativistic chiral
kinetic equation

Jiunn-Wei Chen, Shi Pu, Qun Wang, Xin-Nian Wang

1210.8330 (W. A. Horowitz)

Heavy Quark Production and Energy Loss    [PDF]

W. A. Horowitz

1210.8334 (Bastian Schuetrumpf et al.)

Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Approach to Nuclear Pasta at Finite

Bastian Schuetrumpf, Michael Andreas Klatt, Kei Iida, Joachim Maruhn, Klaus Mecke, Paul-Gerhard Reinhard

1210.8345 (Jean-Yves Ollitrault et al.)

Hydro overview    [PDF]

Jean-Yves Ollitrault, Fernando G. Gardim

1210.8366 (Felix Nendzig et al.)

Upsilon suppression in PbPb collisions at the LHC    [PDF]

Felix Nendzig, Georg Wolschin

1210.8373 (S. Tölle et al.)

Convergence Properties of the Effective Theory for Trapped Bosons    [PDF]

S. Tölle, H. -W. Hammer, B. Ch. Metsch

1210.8422 (Fernando G. Gardim et al.)

Characterizing the hydrodynamic response to the initial conditions    [PDF]

Fernando G. Gardim, Frederique Grassi, Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault