Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3557 (Zhong-Bo Kang et al.)

Multiple scattering effects on inclusive particle production in the
large-x regime

Zhong-Bo Kang, Ivan Vitev, Hongxi Xing

1307.3606 (Navid Rad et al.)

Effect of circular Unruh radiation on bound nucleons and a possible
answer to the Lithium 7 puzzle

Navid Rad, Douglas Singleton, Triyanta

1307.3652 (N. Buyukcizmeci et al.)

Mechanisms for production of hypernuclei beyond the neutron and proton
drip lines

N. Buyukcizmeci, A. S. Botvina, J. Pochodzalla, M. Bleicher

1307.3674 (B. G. Zakharov)

Medium modification of photon-tagged and inclusive jets in
high-multiplicity proton-proton collisions

B. G. Zakharov

1307.3707 (Ju-Jun Xie et al.)

Coupling constant for $Λ(1405)\bar{K}N$    [PDF]

Ju-Jun Xie, Bo-Chao Liu, Chun-Sheng An

1307.3808 (Xiao-Wen Ren et al.)

Strange particles production in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions
at RHIC and LHC energy regions

Xiao-Wen Ren, Sheng-Qin Feng, Xian-Bao Yuan

1307.3827 (Yu. B. Ivanov et al.)

Non-Equilibrium 2PI Potential and Its Possible Application to Evaluation
of Bulk Viscosity

Yu. B. Ivanov, D. N. Voskresensky

1307.3879 (X. Roca-Maza et al.)

Nuclear Symmetry Energy: constraints from Giant Quadrupole Resonances
and Parity Violating Electron Scattering

X. Roca-Maza, B. K. Agrawal, P. F. Bortignon, M. Brenna, Li-Gang Cao, M. Centelles, G. Colò, N. Paar, X. Viñas, D. Vretenar, M. Warda

1307.3957 (Shuji Maeda et al.)

Strong binding and shrinkage of single and double kbar~nuclear systems
(K^-pp, K^-ppn, K^-K^-p and K^-K^-pp) predicted by Faddeev-Yakubovsky

Shuji Maeda, Yoshinori Akaishi, Toshimitsu Yamazaki

1307.3995 (N. Chamel et al.)

On the Maximum Mass of Neutron Stars    [PDF]

N. Chamel, P. Haensel, J. L. Zdunik, A. F. Fantina

1307.4001 (D. Cabrera et al.)

The $πρ$ Cloud Contribution to the $ω$ Width in Nuclear Matter    [PDF]

D. Cabrera, R. Rapp

1307.4011 (Alan A. Dzhioev et al.)

Neutrino pair emission from thermally excited nuclei in stellar collapse    [PDF]

Alan A. Dzhioev, A. I. Vdovin

1307.4025 (Z. Li et al.)

Mass predictions of superheavy nuclei from the systematics of
$α$-Decay Energies

Z. Li, B. Sun, C. H. Shen, W. Zuo

1307.4054 (Danilo Gambacurta et al.)

Pairing and specific heat in hot nuclei    [PDF]

Danilo Gambacurta, Denis Lacroix, Nicu Sandulescu