Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2391 (A. D. Ayangeakaa et al.)

Tidal Waves in $^{102}$Pd: A Rotating Condensate of Multiple $d$ bosons    [PDF]

A. D. Ayangeakaa, U. Garg, M. A. Caprio, M. P. Carpenter, S. S. Ghugre, R. V. F. Janssens, F. G. Kondev, J. T. Matta, S. Mukhopadhyay, D. Patel, D. Seweryniak, J. Sun, S. Zhu, S. Frauendorf

1301.2406 (A. Li et al.)

Tensor correlation, pairing interaction and deformation in Ne isotopes
and Ne hypernuclei

A. Li, E. Hiyama, X. -R. Zhou, H. Sagawa

1301.2407 (Tuncay Bayram et al.)

Systematics on ground-state energies of nuclei within the neural

Tuncay Bayram, Serkan Akkoyun, S. Okan Kara

1301.2432 (N. Chamel)

How "free" are free neutrons in neutron-star crusts and what does it
imply for pulsar glitches ?

N. Chamel

1301.2438 (N. Chamel et al.)

Unified description of dense matter in neutron stars and magnetars    [PDF]

N. Chamel, R. L. Pavlov, L. M. Mihailov, Ch. J. Velchev, Zh. K. Stoyanov, Y. D. Mutafchieva, M. D. Ivanovich, A. F. Fantina, J. M. Pearson, S. Goriely

1301.2463 (C. L. Korpa et al.)

Nuclear Drell-Yan effect in a covariant model    [PDF]

C. L. Korpa, A. E. L. Dieperink

1301.2513 (E. B. Balbutsev et al.)

A new type of nuclear collective motion - the spin scissors mode    [PDF]

E. B. Balbutsev, I. V. Molodtsova, P. Schuck

1301.2523 (Pietro Faccioli et al.)

QCD Topology at Finite Temperature: Statistical Mechanics of Selfdual

Pietro Faccioli, Edward Shuryak

1301.2577 (Marlene Nahrgang et al.)

Influence of an inhomogeneous and expanding medium on signals of the QCD
phase transition

Marlene Nahrgang, Christoph Herold, Marcus Bleicher

1301.2592 (J. Segovia et al.)

Strong charmonium decays in a microscopic model    [PDF]

J. Segovia, D. R. Entem, F. Fernandez