Monday, April 22, 2013

1304.5293 (S. Yasui et al.)

Spin degeneracy in multi-hadron systems with a heavy quark    [PDF]

S. Yasui, K. Sudoh, Y. Yamaguchi, S. Ohkoda, A. Hosaka, T. Hyodo

1304.5339 (J. Haidenbauer et al.)

Hyperon-nucleon interaction at next-to-leading order in chiral effective
field theory

J. Haidenbauer, S. Petschauer, N. Kaiser, U. -G. Mei├čner, A. Nogga, W. Weise

1304.5345 (I. M. Dremin)

Interplay of total cross sections and ratios of real to imaginary parts
of hadron amplitudes

I. M. Dremin

1304.5372 (Christoph Herold et al.)

Dynamical formation of domains in net-baryon density at the QCD phase

Christoph Herold, Marlene Nahrgang, Igor Mishustin, Marcus Bleicher

1304.5410 (A. Deltuva et al.)

Calculation of proton-${}^3$He elastic scattering between 7 and 35 MeV    [PDF]

A. Deltuva, A. C. Fonseca

1304.5432 (K. P. Santhosh et al.)

Stability of 248-254^Cf isotopes against alpha and cluster radioactivity    [PDF]

K. P. Santhosh, R. K. Biju

1304.5454 (Benjamin Jaramillo Avila et al.)

Universal behaviour of four-boson systems from a functional
renormalisation group

Benjamin Jaramillo Avila, Michael C. Birse

1304.5480 (Richard R. Silbar et al.)

A Mesonic Analog of the Deuteron    [PDF]

Richard R. Silbar, T. Goldman

1304.5491 (Micah D. Schuster et al.)

Ab initio many-body calculations of the 4He photo-absorption cross

Micah D. Schuster, Sofia Quaglioni, Calvin W. Johnson, Eric D. Jurgenson, Petr Navratil