Friday, March 23, 2012

1110.1203 (Yukinao Akamatsu et al.)

Stochastic potential and quantum decoherence of heavy quarkonium in the
quark-gluon plasma

Yukinao Akamatsu, Alexander Rothkopf

1112.6105 (Alvin Kiswandhi et al.)

On the near-threshold peak structure in the differential cross section
of $φ$-meson photoproduction: missing resonance with non-negligible
strangeness content?

Alvin Kiswandhi, Shin Nan Yang

1201.4800 (Vincenzo Greco et al.)

Elliptic flow at varying energy heavy ion collisions: Partonic vs
hadronic dynamics

Vincenzo Greco, Michael Mitrovski, Giorgio Torrieri

1203.4856 (M. A. Caprio et al.)

Generalized seniority for the shell model with realistic interactions    [PDF]

M. A. Caprio, F. Q. Luo, K. Cai, V. Hellemans, C. Constantinou

1203.4864 (Nan Wang et al.)

Theoretical study of the synthesis of superheavy nuclei with Z= 119 and
120 in heavy-ion reactions with trans-uranium targets

Nan Wang, En-Guang Zhao, Werner Scheid, Shan-Gui Zhou

1203.4884 (Takayuki Myo et al.)

Five-body resonances of 8C using the complex scaling method    [PDF]

Takayuki Myo, Yuma Kikuchi, Kiyoshi Kato

1203.4998 (Marlene Nahrgang et al.)

Nonequilibrium effects in dynamic symmetry breaking    [PDF]

Marlene Nahrgang, Stefan Leupold, Marcus Bleicher

1203.5013 (M. Kowal et al.)

Ground State and Saddle Point: masses and deformations for even-even
superheavy nuclei with 98 < Z < 126 and 134< N < 192

M. Kowal, P. Jachimowicz, J. Skalski

1203.5059 (Yuji Hirono et al.)

Anisotropic optical response of dense quark matter under rotation --
compact stars as cosmic polarizers --

Yuji Hirono, Muneto Nitta

1203.5095 (Jiangyong Jia et al.)

A method for studying initial geometry fluctations via event plane
correlations in heavy ion collisions

Jiangyong Jia, Soumya Mohapatra