Monday, January 28, 2013

1108.5100 (A. A. Raduta et al.)

Semi-microscopic description of the backbending phenomena in some
deformed even-even nuclei

A. A. Raduta, R. Budaca

1301.5925 (Martin Urbanec et al.)

Quadrupole moments of rotating neutron stars and strange stars    [PDF]

Martin Urbanec, John C. Miller, Zdenek Stuchlik

1301.5949 (Boris A. Gelman)

Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering and Large N(c) QCD    [PDF]

Boris A. Gelman

1301.5990 (G. Baiocco et al.)

α-clustering effects in dissipative 12C+12C reactions at 95 MeV    [PDF]

G. Baiocco, L. Morelli, F. Gulminelli, M. D'Agostino, M. Bruno, U. Abbondanno, S. Barlini, M. Bini, S. Carboni, G. Casini, M. Cinausero, M. Degerlier F. Gramegna, V. L. Kravchuk, T. Marchi, A. Olmi, G. Pasquali, S. Piantelli, Ad. R. Raduta

1301.6004 (R. Budaca et al.)

Semi-microscopic description of the double backbending in some deformed
even-even rare earth nuclei

R. Budaca, A. A. Raduta

1301.6025 (A. A. Raduta et al.)

Application of the sextic oscillator with centrifugal barrier and the
spheroidal equation for some X(5) candidate nuclei

A. A. Raduta, P. Buganu

1301.6032 (Ales Cieply et al.)

On the origin and movement of the poles in the coupled channels model
for $\bar{K}N$ interactions

Ales Cieply, Jaroslav Smejkal

1301.6037 (Ales Cieply et al.)

SIDDHARTA impact on $\bar{K}N$ amplitudes used in in-medium applications    [PDF]

Ales Cieply, Jaroslav Smejkal

1301.6089 (H. Machner et al.)

Study of the $Λp$ Interaction Close to the $Σ^+n$ and
$Σ^0p$ Thresholds

H. Machner, J. Haidenbauer, F. Hinterberger, A. Magiera, J. A. Niskanen, J. Ritman, R. Siudak

1301.6102 (Jean-Paul Blaizot et al.)

Medium-induced QCD cascade: democratic branching and wave turbulence    [PDF]

Jean-Paul Blaizot, Edmond Iancu, Yacine Mehtar-Tani

1301.6134 (E. Epelbaum et al.)

The two-nucleon problem in EFT reformulated: Pion and nucleon masses as
soft and hard scales

E. Epelbaum, J. Gegelia

1301.6151 (Y. Gao et al.)

Propagation of uncertainties in the Skyrme energy-density-functional

Y. Gao, J. Dobaczewski, M. Kortelainen, J. Toivanen, D. Tarpanov