Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1208.4107 (V. V. Begun et al.)

Hadron--Resonance Gas at Freeze--out: Reminder on Importance of
Repulsive Interactions

V. V. Begun, M. Gaździcki, M. I. Gorenstein

1208.4156 (M. A. Caprio et al.)

The Coulomb-Sturmian basis for the nuclear many-body problem    [PDF]

M. A. Caprio, P. Maris, J. P. Vary

1208.4236 (T. R. Routray et al.)

An effective Nuclear Model: from Nuclear Matter to Finite Nuclei    [PDF]

T. R. Routray, X. Vinas, S. K. Tripathy, M. Bhuyan, S. K. Patra, B. Behera

1208.4240 (N. N. Achasov et al.)

Line shape of ψ(3770) in e^+e^-\to D\bar D    [PDF]

N. N. Achasov, G. N. Shestakov

1208.4253 (Michael Benzke et al.)

Gauge invariant definition of the jet quenching parameter    [PDF]

Michael Benzke, Nora Brambilla, Miguel Angel Escobedo, Antonio Vairo

1208.4263 (M. S. Hussein et al.)

Near-Far Description of Elastic and Breakup Reactions of Halo Nuclei    [PDF]

M. S. Hussein, P. Capel, D. Baye

1208.4297 (Kai Hebeler)

New applications of Renormalization Group methods to nuclear matter    [PDF]

Kai Hebeler

1208.4304 (Ya. Azimov)

What is the real meaning of the Froissart theorem ?    [PDF]

Ya. Azimov

1208.4310 (P. G. Blunden et al.)

Gamma-Z box corrections to weak charges of heavy nuclei in atomic parity

P. G. Blunden, W. Melnitchouk, A. W. Thomas