Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1105.3145 (Takashi Oka)

Non-linear doublon production in a Mott insulator --- Landau-Dykhne
method applied to an integrable model

Takashi Oka

1204.6357 (O. Lourenço et al.)

Vector interaction strength in Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio models from
hadron-quark phase diagrams

O. Lourenço, M. Dutra, T. Frederico, A. Delfino, M. Malheiro

1204.6390 (Jun He et al.)

New structure around 3250 MeV in the baryonic B decay and the
$D^*_0(2400)N$ molecular hadron

Jun He, Dian-Yong Chen, Xiang Liu

1204.6394 (Laszlo P. Csernai et al.)

Fluctuations in Hadronizing QGP    [PDF]

Laszlo P. Csernai, Gabriela Mocanu, Zoltan Neda

1204.6403 (Daniele Treleani et al.)

Collisions of protons with light nuclei shed new light on nucleon

Daniele Treleani, Giorgio Calucci

1204.6420 (L. Y. Jia et al.)

Validity of the Generalized Density Matrix Method for Microscopic
Calculation of Collective/Bosonic Hamiltonian

L. Y. Jia, V. G. Zelevinsky

1204.6437 (R. Mehrem)

Non-Local Interactions For the Deuteron Using Spherical Bessel Functions    [PDF]

R. Mehrem

1204.6531 (Takahiro Mizusaki et al.)

A new formulation to calculate general HFB matrix elements through

Takahiro Mizusaki, Makito Oi

1204.6632 (A. Rustamov et al.)

Identity Method for Moments of Multiplicity Distribution    [PDF]

A. Rustamov, M. I. Gorenstein