Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5333 (Marta Anguiano et al.)

Tensor and tensor-isospin terms in the effective Gogny interaction    [PDF]

Marta Anguiano, Marcella Grasso, Giampaolo Co', Viviana De Donno, Antonio M. Lallena

1210.5367 (P. K. Rath et al.)

Uncertainties in nuclear transition matrix elements for $β^{+}β
^{+}$ and $\varepsilon β^{+}$ modes of neutrinoless positron
double-$β$ decay within PHFB model

P. K. Rath, R. Chandra, K. Chaturvedi, P. Lohani, P. K. Raina, J. G. Hirsch

1210.5382 (Long Jun Wang et al.)

Tensor effects on gap evolution of N=40 from non-relativistic and
relativistic mean-field theory

Long Jun Wang, Jian Min Dong, Wen Hui Long

1210.5388 (Xiao Li Lu et al.)

Descriptions of Carbon isotopes within relativistic
Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory

Xiao Li Lu, Bao Yuan Sun, Wen Hui Long

1210.5431 (C. Hidalgo-Duque et al.)

Light Flavour and Heavy Quark Spin Symmetry in Heavy Meson Molecules    [PDF]

C. Hidalgo-Duque, J. Nieves, M. Pavon Valderrama

1210.5436 (N. Shah et al.)

Femtoscopy of identified particles at STAR    [PDF]

N. Shah, for the STAR Collaboration

1210.5442 (Heng-Tong Ding)

Momentum dependences of charmonium properties from lattice QCD    [PDF]

Heng-Tong Ding

1210.5469 (Yutaka Utsuno et al.)

Shape transitions in exotic Si and S isotopes and tensor-force-driven
Jahn-Teller effect

Yutaka Utsuno, Takaharu Otsuka, B. Alex Brown, Michio Honma, Takahiro Mizusaki, Noritaka Shimizu

1210.5508 (J. Scott Moreland et al.)

Imprinting Quantum Fluctuations on Hydrodynamic Initial Conditions    [PDF]

J. Scott Moreland, Zhi Qiu, Ulrich W. Heinz