Friday, August 3, 2012

1112.2136 (N. B. Nguyen et al.)

Low-temperature triple-alpha rate in a full three-body model    [PDF]

N. B. Nguyen, F. M. Nunes, I. J. Thompson, E. F. Brown

1208.0012 (Tigran Kalaydzhyan)

Chiral superfluidity of the quark-gluon plasma    [PDF]

Tigran Kalaydzhyan

1208.0026 (Amir H. Rezaeian)

Particle Production in pA Collisions and QCD Saturation    [PDF]

Amir H. Rezaeian

1208.0122 (Giovanni Puddu)

A Time Dependent Multi-Determinant approach to nuclear dynamics    [PDF]

Giovanni Puddu

1208.0123 (Martin Stein et al.)

Phase diagram of dilute nuclear matter: Unconventional pairing and the
BCS-BEC crossover

Martin Stein, Xu-Guang Huang, Armen Sedrakian, John W. Clark

1208.0149 (D. Gambacurta et al.)

Second random-phase approximation with the Gogny force. First

D. Gambacurta, M. Grasso, V. De Donno, G. Co', F. Catara

1208.0199 (M. Batra et al.)

Importance of Sea Contribution to Nucleons    [PDF]

M. Batra, A. Upadhyay

1208.0204 (Denis Parganlija)

Quarkonium Phenomenology in Vacuum    [PDF]

Denis Parganlija

1208.0256 (Min He et al.)

Non-perturbative Heavy-Flavor Transport at RHIC and LHC    [PDF]

Min He, Rainer J. Fries, Ralf Rapp

1208.0258 (T. Koide et al.)

Uncertainty Relations in Viscous Dynamics and Quantum Dissipative

T. Koide, T. Kodama

1208.0263 (V. E. Oberacker et al.)

Microscopic DC-TDHF study of heavy-ion potentials and fusion cross

V. E. Oberacker, A. S. Umar, R. Keser

1208.0324 (Naftali Auerbach et al.)

Dipole resonances and the nuclear Schiff moment    [PDF]

Naftali Auerbach, Vladimir Zelevinsky

1208.0375 (Takahiro Sasaki et al.)

A practical solution to the sign problem at finite theta-vacuum angle    [PDF]

Takahiro Sasaki, Hiroaki Kouno, Masanobu Yahiro

1208.0386 (A. B. Balantekin)

Symmetries of the Neutrino Interactions    [PDF]

A. B. Balantekin

1208.0387 (Fumiharu Kobayashi et al.)

Novel cluster states in $^{10}$Be    [PDF]

Fumiharu Kobayashi, Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo

1208.0427 (Nobutoshi Yasutake et al.)

Thermodynamical description of hadron-quark phase transition and its
implications on compact-star phenomena

Nobutoshi Yasutake, Tsuneo Noda, Hajime Sotani, Toshiki Maruyama, Toshitaka Tatsumi

1208.0443 (Daniel Albornoz Vasquez et al.)

Neutron injection during primordial nucleosynthesis alleviates the
primordial 7Li problem

Daniel Albornoz Vasquez, Alexander Belikov, Alain Coc, Joseph Silk, Elisabeth Vangioni

1208.0448 (Dániel Berényi et al.)

Anomalous baryon production in heavy ion collisions at LHC energies    [PDF]

Dániel Berényi, Attila Pásztor, Vladimir Skokov, Péter Lévai

1208.0477 (A. Martínez Torres et al.)

Magnetic moments of the low-lying $J^P=\,1/2^-$, $3/2^-$ $Λ$
resonances within the framework of the chiral quark model

A. Martínez Torres, K. P. Khemchandani, Neetika Sharma, Harleen Dahiya

1208.0481 (S. Plumari et al.)

Shear Viscosity of a strongly interacting system: Green-Kubo vs.
Chapman-Enskog and Relaxation Time Approximation

S. Plumari, A. Puglisi, F. Scardina, V. Greco

1208.0496 (Dariusz Prorok)

Multiplicities in Au-Au and Cu-Cu collisions at \sqrt{s_{NN}} = 62.4 and
200 GeV

Dariusz Prorok

1208.0498 (Gilberto Colangelo et al.)

On the factorization of chiral logarithms in the pion form factors    [PDF]

Gilberto Colangelo, Massimiliano Procura, Lorena Rothen, Ramon Stucki, Jaume Tarrus

1208.0574 (Leticia F. Palhares)

Exploring the different phase diagrams of Strong Interactions    [PDF]

Leticia F. Palhares

1208.0585 (Denis Parganlija et al.)

Meson vacuum phenomenology in a three-flavor linear sigma model with
(axial-)vector mesons

Denis Parganlija, Peter Kovacs, Gyorgy Wolf, Francesco Giacosa, Dirk H. Rischke