Friday, September 28, 2012

1207.2357 (B. Ivlev)

Low-energy fusion caused by an interference    [PDF]

B. Ivlev

1208.0390 (Alejandro Ayala et al.)

Magnetic catalysis of a charged Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Alejandro Ayala, M. Loewe, Juan Cristobal Rojas, C. Villavicencio

1209.6074 (Z. P. Li et al.)

Energy Density Functional analysis of shape evolution in N=28 isotones    [PDF]

Z. P. Li, J. M. Yao, D. Vretenar, T. Niksic, H. Chen, J. Meng

1209.6075 (Z. P. Li et al.)

An efficient method for computing the Thouless-Valatin inertia

Z. P. Li, T. Niksic, P. Ring, D. Vretenar, J. M. Yao, J. Meng

1209.6076 (Z. P. Li et al.)

Enhanced collectivity in neutron-deficient Sn isotopes in energy
functional based collective Hamiltonian

Z. P. Li, C. Y. Li, J. Xiang, J. M. Yao, J. Meng

1209.6093 (Quan Liu et al.)

The Thomas-Fermi Quark Model: Non-Relativistic Aspects    [PDF]

Quan Liu, Walter Wilcox

1209.6136 (P. K. Srivastava et al.)

Description of Strongly Interacting Matter in A Hybrid Model    [PDF]

P. K. Srivastava, C. P. Singh

1209.6137 (Awaneesh Singh et al.)

Domain Growth in Chiral Phase Transitions: Inertial Dynamics    [PDF]

Awaneesh Singh, Sanjay Puri, Hiranmaya Mishra

1209.6142 (Yoritaka Iwata et al.)

Fission Dynamics of Compound Nuclei    [PDF]

Yoritaka Iwata, Sophia Heinz

1209.6146 (N. N. Arsenyev et al.)

Effects of phonon-phonon coupling on properties of pygmy resonance in

N. N. Arsenyev, A. P. Severyukhin, V. V. Voronov, Nguyen Van Giai

1209.6160 (A. Sulaksono et al.)

Existence of hyperons in the pulsar PSRJ1614-2230    [PDF]

A. Sulaksono, B. K. Agrawal

1209.6168 (E. Friedman)

Neutron skins of $^{208}$Pb and $^{48}$Ca from pionic probes    [PDF]

E. Friedman

1209.6207 (Tetsuo Hyodo et al.)

Production of doubly charmed tetraquarks with exotic color
configurations in electron-positron collisions

Tetsuo Hyodo, Yan-Rui Liu, Makoto Oka, Kazutaka Sudoh, Shigehiro Yasui

1209.6208 (Tetsuo Hyodo)

Antikaon-nucleon dynamics and its application to few-body systems    [PDF]

Tetsuo Hyodo

1209.6269 (R. Navarro Perez et al.)

Effective interactions in the delta-shells potential    [PDF]

R. Navarro Perez, J. E. Amaro, E. Ruiz Arriola

1209.6306 (J. Bsaisou et al.)

The electric dipole moment of the deuteron from the QCD $θ$-term    [PDF]

J. Bsaisou, C. Hanhart, S. Liebig, U. -G. Meißner, A. Nogga, A. Wirzba

1209.6330 (Charles Gale et al.)

Event-by-event anisotropic flow in heavy-ion collisions from combined
Yang-Mills and viscous fluid dynamics

Charles Gale, Sangyong Jeon, Bjoern Schenke, Prithwish Tribedy, Raju Venugopalan