Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0098 (Andrey Surzhykov et al.)

Hyperfine-induced effects on the linear polarization of the K$α_1$
emission from helium-like ions

Andrey Surzhykov, Yuri A. Litvinov, Thomas Stöhlker, Stephan Fritzsche

1306.0106 (Jussi Auvinen et al.)

Collision Energy Evolution of Elliptic and Triangular Flow in a Hybrid

Jussi Auvinen, Hannah Petersen

1306.0310 (S. Soheyli et al.)

Pre-saddle neutron multiplicity for fission reactions induced by heavy
ions and light particles

S. Soheyli, M. K. Khalili

1306.0372 (Niladri Sarkar et al.)

Acoustic horizons in nuclear fluids    [PDF]

Niladri Sarkar, Abhik Basu, Jayanta K. Bhattacharjee, Arnab K. Ray

1306.0456 (Cédric Lorcé)

Gauge symmetry and background independence: Should the proton spin
decomposition be path independent?

Cédric Lorcé

1306.0472 (Clint Young)

Numerical integration of thermal noise in relativistic hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Clint Young

1306.0525 (Göran Fäldt)

Entanglement in joint $Λ\barΛ$ decay    [PDF]

Göran Fäldt

1306.0564 (Paul M. Chesler et al.)

Heavy quark energy loss far from equilibrium in a strongly coupled

Paul M. Chesler, Mindaugas Lekaveckas, Krishna Rajagopal

1306.0580 (Julian Heeck et al.)

Neutrinoless Quadruple Beta Decay    [PDF]

Julian Heeck, Werner Rodejohann

1306.0588 (S. Benic et al.)

Lorentz symmetry breaking effects in nonlocal PNJL models beyond the
mean field

S. Benic, D. Blaschke, G. A. Contrera, D. Horvatic

1306.0798 (Dietrich Roscher et al.)

Fermi gases with imaginary mass imbalance and the sign problem in Monte
Carlo calculations

Dietrich Roscher, Jens Braun, Jiunn-Wei Chen, Joaquín E. Drut

1306.0885 (V. Topor Pop et al.)

Open Charm Production in $p + p$ and Pb + Pb collisions at the CERN
Large Hadron Collider

V. Topor Pop, M. Gyulassy, J. Barrette, C. Gale, M. Petrovici