Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7725 (Prabal Adhikari et al.)

Mean-field theory of baryonic matter for QCD in the large $N_{c}$ and
heavy quark mass limits

Prabal Adhikari, Thomas D. Cohen

1307.7732 (Mohammed Mia)

Thermodynamics of large N gauge theory from top down holography    [PDF]

Mohammed Mia

1307.7746 (J. Piekarewicz)

Symmetry Energy Constraints from Giant Resonances: A Theoretical

J. Piekarewicz

1307.7826 (S. V. Molodtsov et al.)

Condensated fermion system in the model of four-quark interaction with
large correlation length

S. V. Molodtsov, G. M. Zinovjev

1307.7835 (Vishnu M. Bannur)

Landau's statistical mechanics for quasiparticle models    [PDF]

Vishnu M. Bannur

1307.7894 (Pedro Costa et al.)

Phase transition and CEP driven by an external magnetic field in
asymmetric quark matter

Pedro Costa, Márcio Ferreira, Hubert Hansen, Débora P. Menezes, Constança Providência

1307.7906 (Andrei Afanasev)

Single-Spin Asymmetries in Elastic Electron-Hadron Scattering    [PDF]

Andrei Afanasev

1307.7908 (R. Escribano et al.)

$τ^-\to K^-η^{(\prime)}ν_τ$ decays in Chiral Perturbation
Theory with Resonances

R. Escribano, S. González-Solís, P. Roig

1307.7913 (Dai Lian-Rong et al.)

The description of $^{150}$Nd Nucleus by a new alternative scheme    [PDF]

Dai Lian-Rong, Zhong Wei-Wei, Cong Mei-Ling

1307.7923 (Ulf-G. Meißner)

Nuclear lattice simulations: Status and perspectives    [PDF]

Ulf-G. Meißner

1307.8099 (Kiminad A. Mamo et al.)

Spin Polarized Photons and Di-leptons from Axially Charged Plasma    [PDF]

Kiminad A. Mamo, Ho-Ung Yee

1307.8105 (R. Gran et al.)

Neutrino-nucleus quasi-elastic and 2p2h interactions up to 10 GeV    [PDF]

R. Gran, J. Nieves, F. Sanchez, M. J. Vicente Vacas