Monday, May 7, 2012

1112.5923 (Ling-Xiao Cui et al.)

Thermal Mass Spectra of Vector and Axial-Vector Mesons in Predictive
Soft-Wall AdS/QCD Model

Ling-Xiao Cui, Shingo Takeuchi, Yue-Liang Wu

1205.0854 (Kazuhito Mizuyama et al.)

Continuum particle-vibration coupling method in coordinate-space
representation for finite nuclei

Kazuhito Mizuyama, Gianluca Colò, Enrico Vigezzi

1205.0857 (F. J. Fattoyev et al.)

Pure Neutron Matter Constraints on the Relativistic Mean-Field and
Skyrme-Hartree-Fock Models

F. J. Fattoyev, W. G. Newton, Jun Xu, Bao-An Li

1205.0867 (P. W. Zhao et al.)

Covariant density functional theory for antimagnetic rotation    [PDF]

P. W. Zhao, J. Peng, H. Z. Liang, P. Ring, J. Meng

1205.0938 (Majid Hamzavi et al.)

Any J-state solution of the DKP equation for a vector deformed
Woods-Saxon potential

Majid Hamzavi, Sameer M. Ikhdair

1205.0983 (N. Chamel et al.)

Maximum mass of neutron stars with exotic cores    [PDF]

N. Chamel, A. F. Fantina, J. M. Pearson, S. Goriely

1205.1009 (Aleksey Cherman et al.)

Alternate 1/N_c Expansions and SU(3) Breaking from Baryon Lattice

Aleksey Cherman, Thomas D. Cohen, Richard F. Lebed

1205.1011 (Jeremiah Birrell et al.)

Possibility of Electroweak Phase Transition at Low Temperature    [PDF]

Jeremiah Birrell, Johann Rafelski