Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1203.0299 (J. H. Qian et al.)

Criticality and Continuity of Explosive Site Percolation in Random

J. H. Qian, D. D. Han, Y. G. Ma

1212.0065 (C. W. Ma et al.)

Temperature determined by isobaric yield ratio in heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

C. W. Ma, J. Pu, Y. G. Ma, R. Wada, S. S. Wang

1212.0072 (K. Nagata et al.)

Low temperature limit of lattice QCD    [PDF]

K. Nagata, A. Nakamura, S. Motoki

1212.0120 (Armen Sedrakian)

Selected problems in astrophysics of compact objects    [PDF]

Armen Sedrakian

1212.0132 (K. A. Bugaev et al.)

Adiabatic Chemical Freeze-out and Wide Resonance Modification in a
Thermal Medium

K. A. Bugaev, D. R. Oliinychenko, E. G. Nikonov, A. S. Sorin, G. M. Zinovjev

1212.0161 (Yoritaka Iwata et al.)

Fissibility of compound nuclei    [PDF]

Yoritaka Iwata, Sophia Heinz

1212.0192 (Yuhui Zhu et al.)

Nonflow contribution to Dihadron Azimuthal Correlations in 200 GeV/c
Au+Au Collisions

Yuhui Zhu, Y. G. Ma, J. H. Chen, G. L. Ma, S. Zhang, C. Zhong

1212.0284 (Lie-Wen Chen)

Recent progress on the determination of the symmetry Energy    [PDF]

Lie-Wen Chen

1212.0292 (B. K. Agrawal et al.)

Determining the density content of symmetry energy and neutron skin: an
empirical approach

B. K. Agrawal, J. N. De, S. K. Samaddar

1212.0306 (Valeriy Nazaruk)

Intermediate state interaction in the particle oscillations in absorbing

Valeriy Nazaruk

1212.0337 (Petr Bydzovsky et al.)

Theory of the electromagnetic production of hyperons    [PDF]

Petr Bydzovsky, Dalibor Skoupil

1212.0345 (H. Yépe-Martínez et al.)

Renormalization of coherent state variables, within the geometric
mapping of algebraic models

H. Yépe-Martínez, G. Morales-Hernández, P. O. Hess, G. Lévai, P. R. Fraser

1212.0358 (Jan Uphoff et al.)

Open heavy flavor and J/psi at RHIC and LHC within a transport model    [PDF]

Jan Uphoff, Oliver Fochler, Zhe Xu, Carsten Greiner

1212.0379 (Airton Deppman)

Properties of hadronic systems according to the non-extensive
self-consistent thermodynamics

Airton Deppman

1212.0384 (X. Roca-Maza et al.)

New Skyrme energy density functional for a better description of the
Gamow-Teller Resonance

X. Roca-Maza, G. Colo', H. Sagawa

1212.0393 (N. Takibayev et al.)

Neutron resonances in few-body systems and the EOS of neutron star crust    [PDF]

N. Takibayev, K. Kato, M. Takibayeva, A. Sarsembayeva, D. Nasirova

1212.0419 (Sergey Yu. Igashov et al.)

Electron shell and the alpha-decay    [PDF]

Sergey Yu. Igashov, Yury M. Tchuvil'sky

1212.0431 (Rimantas Lazauskas et al.)

Complex scaling method for three- and four-body scattering above the
break-up thresholds

Rimantas Lazauskas, Jaume Carbonell

1212.0434 (François Arleo et al.)

Heavy-quarkonium suppression in p-A collisions from parton energy loss
in cold QCD matter

François Arleo, Stéphane Peigné

1212.0477 (N. T. Zinner)

Efimov States of Heavy Impurities in a Bose-Einstein Condensate    [PDF]

N. T. Zinner

1212.0628 (Yi Xu et al.)

Databases and tools for nuclear astrophysics applications BRUSsels
Nuclear LIBrary (BRUSLIB), Nuclear Astrophysics Compilation of REactions II
(NACRE II) and Nuclear NETwork GENerator (NETGEN)

Yi Xu, Stephane Goriely, Alain Jorissen, Guangling Chen, Marcel Arnould

1212.0646 (Thorsten Renk)

Biased Showers - a common conceptual Framework for the Interpretation of
High P_T Observables in Heavy-Ion Collisions

Thorsten Renk

1212.0648 (Susana Coito et al.)

X(3872) is not a true molecule    [PDF]

Susana Coito, George Rupp, Eef van Beveren

1212.0670 (Mark G. Alford et al.)

From a complex scalar field to the two-fluid picture of superfluidity    [PDF]

Mark G. Alford, S. Kumar Mallavarapu, Andreas Schmitt, Stephan Stetina

1212.0696 (Thomas Lang et al.)

Heavy quark transport at RHIC and LHC    [PDF]

Thomas Lang, Hendrik van Hees, Jan Steinheimer, Yu-Peng Yan, Marcus Bleicher

1212.0717 (Abhishek Chowdhury et al.)

Pion and nucleon in two flavour QCD with unimproved Wilson fermions    [PDF]

Abhishek Chowdhury, Asit K. De, Sangita De Sarkar, A. Harindranath, Jyotirmoy Maiti, Santanu Mondal, Anwesa Sarkar

1212.0784 (G. H. Bordbar et al.)

Magnetized hot neutron matter: lowest order constrained variational

G. H. Bordbar, Z. Rezaei

1212.0824 (J. Peralta-Ramos et al.)

Macroscopic approximation to relativistic kinetic theory from a
nonlinear closure

J. Peralta-Ramos, E. Calzetta

1212.0846 (V. A. Karmanov et al.)

Scattering states in Bethe-Salpeter equation    [PDF]

V. A. Karmanov, J. Carbonell