Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1007.2304 (Giuseppe Colucci et al.)

R-mode oscillations and rocket effect in rotating superfluid neutron
stars. I. Formalism

Giuseppe Colucci, Massimo Mannarelli, Cristina Manuel

1304.7794 (Oliver DeWolfe et al.)

Heavy ions and string theory    [PDF]

Oliver DeWolfe, Steven S. Gubser, Christopher Rosen, Derek Teaney

1304.7866 (Bing-Ran He et al.)

Parity doubling structure of nucleon at non-zero density in the
holographic mean field theory

Bing-Ran He, Masayasu Harada

1304.7877 (N. L. Hall et al.)

Constrained gamma-Z interference corrections to parity-violating
electron scattering

N. L. Hall, P. G. Blunden, W. Melnitchouk, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1304.7884 (Masakazu Toyokawa et al.)

Mass-number and isotope dependence of the local microscopic optical
potential for polarized proton scattering

Masakazu Toyokawa, Kosho Minomo, Masanobu Yahiro

1304.7951 (J. P. W. Diener et al.)

Nuclear matter in strong magnetic fields    [PDF]

J. P. W. Diener, F. G. Scholtz

1304.7975 (A. Ramos et al.)

The role of vector-baryon channels and resonances in the $γp \to
K^0 Σ^+$ and $γn \to K^0 Σ^0$ reactions near the $K^*
Λ$ threshold

A. Ramos, E. Oset

1304.8004 (Kenji Fukushima et al.)

Stabilizing Perturbative Yang-Mills Free Energy with Gribov Quantization    [PDF]

Kenji Fukushima, Nan Su

1304.8021 (O. L. Ramírez Suárez et al.)

Precise determination of the effective-range parameters up to an
arbitrary order

O. L. Ramírez Suárez, J-M. Sparenberg

1304.8114 (Mary Alberg et al.)

Alberg and Miller Reply to arXiv:arXiv:1206.3671    [PDF]

Mary Alberg, Gerald A. Miller

1304.8120 (Lingshan Xu et al.)

Dividing by mixed-events for acceptance correction is wrong    [PDF]

Lingshan Xu, Chin-Hao Chen, Fuqiang Wang

1304.8121 (R. T. deSouza et al.)

Confronting measured near and sub-barrier fusion cross-sections for
20O+12C with a microscopic method

R. T. deSouza, S. Hudan, V. E. Oberacker, A. S. Umar