Thursday, October 18, 2012

1210.4580 (Doron Gazit)

Low-energy Electro-weak Reactions    [PDF]

Doron Gazit

1210.4588 (Sangwook Ryu et al.)

MUSIC with the UrQMD Afterburner    [PDF]

Sangwook Ryu, Sangyong Jeon, Charles Gale, Bjoern Schenke, Clint Young

1210.4591 (V. G. Gueorguiev)

The Oblique Basis Method from an Engineering Point of View    [PDF]

V. G. Gueorguiev

1210.4608 (Yu-Liang Yan et al.)

Systematic study for particle transverse momentum asymmetry in minimum
bias pp collisions at LHC energies

Yu-Liang Yan, Dai-Mei Zhou, Ayut Limphirat, Bao-Guo Dong, Yu-Peng Yan, Ben-Hao Sa

1210.4610 (R. Nelson et al.)

Narrowing the uncertainty on the total charm cross section and its
effect on the J/ψ cross section

R. Nelson, R. Vogt, A. D. Frawley

1210.4655 (T. Lappi et al.)

Forward particle correlations in the color glass condensate    [PDF]

T. Lappi, H. Mäntysaari

1210.4689 (Achim Denig et al.)

Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors in the Timelike Region    [PDF]

Achim Denig, Giovanni Salme`

1210.4705 (Eduardo de Rafael)

Update of the Electron and Muon g-Factors    [PDF]

Eduardo de Rafael

1210.4717 (Olga Lalakulich et al.)

Pion production in the MiniBooNE experiment    [PDF]

Olga Lalakulich, Ulrich Mosel

1210.4718 (Ranjita K. Mohapatra et al.)

Domain growth and fluctuations during quenched transition to QGP in
relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Ranjita K. Mohapatra, Ajit M. Srivastava

1210.4742 (L. Roca)

Isospin violation in J/Psi to phi pi0 eta decay and the f0-a0 mixing    [PDF]

L. Roca

1210.4751 (M. A. Jafarizadeh et al.)

Investigation of Level Statistics by Generalized Brody Distribution and
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method

M. A. Jafarizadeh, N. Fouladi, H. Sabri, B. R. Maleki

1210.4755 (C. Garcia-Recio et al.)

Odd parity bottom-flavored baryon resonances    [PDF]

C. Garcia-Recio, J. Nieves, O. Romanets, L. L. Salcedo, L. Tolos

1210.4782 (Ben-Wei Zhang et al.)

Jet probes of QCD matter: single jets and dijets in heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

Ben-Wei Zhang, Yuncun He, Enke Wang