Thursday, July 12, 2012

1207.2301 (B. Pire et al.)

Timelike Compton Scattering from JLAB to RHIC and LHC energies    [PDF]

B. Pire, L. Szymanowski, J. Wagner

1207.2503 (I. V. Anikin et al.)

Theory and phenomenology of helicity amplitudes for high energy
exclusive leptoproduction of the rho-meson

I. V. Anikin, A. Besse, D. Yu. Ivanov, B. Pire, L. Szymanowski, S. Wallon

1207.2527 (A. Arcones et al.)

Neutrino-driven wind simulations and nucleosynthesis of heavy elements    [PDF]

A. Arcones, F. -K. Thielemann

1207.2610 (Krzysztof Redlich)

Probing QCD chiral cross over transition in heavy ion collisions with

Krzysztof Redlich

1207.2640 (Michael Ronniger et al.)

Effects of a spin-flavour dependent interaction on light-flavoured
baryon helicity amplitudes

Michael Ronniger, Bernard Ch. Metsch

1207.2680 (Dru B. Renner)

Form factors from lattice QCD    [PDF]

Dru B. Renner