Monday, February 11, 2013

1302.1862 (Susan Gardner et al.)

Radiative Beta Decay for Studies of CP Violation    [PDF]

Susan Gardner, Daheng He

1302.1926 (Shuichiro Ebata et al.)

Time-dependent density-functional studies on strength functions in
neutron-rich nuclei

Shuichiro Ebata, Tsunenori Inakura, Takashi Nakatsukasa

1302.1928 (J. R. Stone)

High density matter    [PDF]

J. R. Stone

1302.1953 (Xiu-Lei Ren et al.)

Virtual decuplet effects on octet baryon masses in covariant baryon
chiral perturbation theory

Xiu-Lei Ren, Lisheng Geng, Jie Meng, Hiroshi Toki

1302.1955 (Akihiko Monnai)

Dissipative hydrodynamic evolution of hot quark matter at finite baryon

Akihiko Monnai

1302.1990 (S. K. Tiwari et al.)

Hot and Dense Hadron Gas (HG): A New Excluded-volume approach    [PDF]

S. K. Tiwari, C. P. Singh

1302.1992 (G. Co' et al.)

Pygmy and giant electric dipole responses of medium-heavy nuclei in a
self-consistent Random Phase Approximation approach with finite-range

G. Co', V. De Donno, M. Anguiano, A. M. Lallena

1302.1993 (Lisa M. Haas et al.)

Improved Polyakov-loop potential for effective models from functional

Lisa M. Haas, Rainer Stiele, Jens Braun, Jan M. Pawlowski, Juergen Schaffner-Bielich

1302.2064 (Adrian Dumitru et al.)

Magnetic flux loop in high-energy heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

Adrian Dumitru, Yasushi Nara, Elena Petreska

1302.2067 (P. Alberto et al.)

Spin and pseudospin symmetries of the Dirac equation with confining
central potentials

P. Alberto, A. S. de Castro, M. Malheiro

1302.2088 (A. P. Kobushkin et al.)

Spin-dependent observables and the D_2 parameter in breakup of deuteron
and 3He

A. P. Kobushkin, E. A. Strokovsky

1302.2089 (Pieter Maris et al.)

Properties of trapped neutrons interacting with realistic nuclear

Pieter Maris, James P. Vary, S. Gandolfi, J. Carlson, Steven C. Pieper

1302.2125 (Yukinao Akamatsu et al.)

Chiral Plasma Instabilities    [PDF]

Yukinao Akamatsu, Naoki Yamamoto