Monday, November 26, 2012

1211.5142 (Richard D. Ball et al.)

Parton Distribution Benchmarking with LHC Data    [PDF]

Richard D. Ball, Stefano Carrazza, Luigi Del Debbio, Stefano Forte, Jun Gao, Nathan Hartland, Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky, Juan Rojo, Daniel Stump, Robert S. Thorne, C. -P. Yuan

1211.5267 (S. Kumar et al.)

Understanding the symmetry energy using data from the ALADIN-2000
Collaboration taken at the GSI Large Neutron Detector

S. Kumar, Y. G. Ma

1211.5270 (Sanjeev Kumar et al.)

Correlation and isospin dynamics of participant-spectator matter in
neutron-rich colliding nuclei at 50 MeV/nucleon

Sanjeev Kumar, Y. G. Ma, G. Q. Zhang

1211.5297 (Yu. A. Simonov)

Neutral 3-body system in a strong magnetic field: factorization and
exact solutions

Yu. A. Simonov

1211.5303 (Alfred Svarc)

Potential dangers when phase shifts are used as a link between
experiment and QCD

Alfred Svarc

1211.5319 (L. V. Grigorenko et al.)

Sensitivity of three-body decays to the reactions mechanism and the
initial structure by example of 6Be

L. V. Grigorenko, I. A. Egorova, R. J. Charity, M. V. Zhukov

1211.5362 (Yoshimasa Hidaka et al.)

Some exact results on the QCD critical point    [PDF]

Yoshimasa Hidaka, Naoki Yamamoto

1211.5461 (S. K. Singh et al.)

The effect of isoscalar-isovector coupling in infinite nuclear matter    [PDF]

S. K. Singh, M. Bhuyan, P. K. Panda, S. K. Patra

1211.5464 (T. Gaitanos et al.)

In-medium effects on hypernuclear formation    [PDF]

T. Gaitanos, A. B. Larionov, H. Lenske, U. Mosel, A. Obermann

1211.5474 (J. Carbonell et al.)

Three different approaches to the same interaction: the Yukawa model in
nuclear physics

J. Carbonell, F. de Soto, V. A. Karmanov

1211.5505 (L. M. Abreu et al.)

Exotic Behavior of Heavy-Flavored Meson Matter    [PDF]

L. M. Abreu, E. S. Nery, R. Rodrigues da Silva

1211.5511 (Taesoo Song et al.)

Partonic mean-field effects on matter and antimatter elliptic flows    [PDF]

Taesoo Song, Salvatore Plumari, Vincenzo Greco, Che Ming Ko, Feng Li

1211.5526 (Hannah Petersen)

Event-by-Event Observables and Fluctuations    [PDF]

Hannah Petersen

1211.5582 (C. O. Dorso et al.)

Cold nuclear matter    [PDF]

C. O. Dorso, P. A. Giménez Molinelli, J. I. Nichols, J. A. López