Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1304.5529 (Eugenio Megias et al.)

Holographic Gravitational Anomaly in First and Second Order

Eugenio Megias, Francisco Pena-Benitez

1304.5593 (K. Kaneko et al.)

Variation in displacement energies due to isospin nonconserving forces    [PDF]

K. Kaneko, Y. Sun, T. Mizusaki, S. Tazaki

1304.5624 (Hilmar Forkel)

Exotic hadron holography from anomalous dimensions    [PDF]

Hilmar Forkel

1304.5632 (Amand Faessler et al.)

Search for the Cosmic Neutrino Background and KATRIN    [PDF]

Amand Faessler, Rastislav Hodak, Sergey Kovalenko, Fedor Simkovic

1304.5638 (Yong-Liang Ma et al.)

Dense Baryonic Matter in Hidden Local Symmetry Approach: Half-Skyrmions
and Nucleon Mass

Yong-Liang Ma, Masayasu Harada, Hyun Kyu Lee, Yongseok Oh, Byung-Yoon Park, Mannque Rho

1304.5742 (B. G. Zakharov)

Nuclear suppression of light hadrons and single electrons at RHIC and

B. G. Zakharov

1304.5766 (P. C. Srivastava et al.)

Comparison of shell model results of even-even Se isotopes    [PDF]

P. C. Srivastava, M. J. Ermamatov

1304.5769 (E. T. Ibraeva et al.)

Rescattering effects in proton interaction with light neutron rich

E. T. Ibraeva, A. V. Dzhazairov-Kahramanov, O. Imambekov

1304.5855 (Supriya Das et al.)

Entropy scaling from chaotically produced particles in p-p collisions at
LHC energies

Supriya Das, Sanjay K. Ghosh, Sibaji Raha, Rajarshi Ray

1304.5858 (Enrico Lipparini et al.)

A Time Dependent Local Isospin Density Approximation Study of Asymmetric
Nuclear Matter

Enrico Lipparini, Francesco Pederiva

1304.5896 (S. Ceci et al.)

PWA tools in Hadronic Spectroscopy    [PDF]

S. Ceci, M. Döring, E. Epple, C. Fernández-Ramírez, A. Fix, M. Fritsch, R. W. Gothe, B. Grube, H. Haberzettl, C. Hanhart, X. Ji, D. M. Manley, P. Masjuan, H. Osmanovic, M. Ostrick, K. Peters, W. Przygoda, J. J. Sanz-Cillero, V. Shklyar, I. I. Strakovsky, A. Svarc, A. P. Szczepaniak, L. Tiator, Y. Wunderlich

1304.5926 (Ulugbek Yakhshiev et al.)

Transverse charge densities in the nucleon in nuclear matter    [PDF]

Ulugbek Yakhshiev, Hyun-Chul Kim

1304.5927 (Y. Fukuoka et al.)

Deformation and cluster structures in $^{12}$C studied with
configuration mixing using Skyrme interactions

Y. Fukuoka, S. Shinohara, Y. Funaki, T. Nakatsukasa, K. Yabana

1304.5997 (V. V. Sagun et al.)

Can bimodality exist without phase transition?    [PDF]

V. V. Sagun, A. I. Ivanytskyi, D. R. Oliinychenko, K. A. Bugaev

1304.6014 (Teppei Katori)

Meson Exchange Current (MEC) Models in Neutrino Interaction Generators    [PDF]

Teppei Katori

1304.6036 (V. V. Sargsyan et al.)

Sub-barrier capture reactions with $^{16,18}$O and $^{40,48}$Ca beams    [PDF]

V. V. Sargsyan, G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, W. Scheid, H. Q. Zhang

1304.6046 (C. S. An et al.)

Mixing of the low-lying three- and five-quark $Ω$ states with
negative parity

C. S. An, B. Ch. Metsch, B. S. Zou