Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1109.5849 (N. O. Agasian)

Low-energy theorems of QCD and bulk viscosity at finite temperature and
baryon density in a magnetic field

N. O. Agasian

1205.1061 (O. Lalakulich et al.)

Neutrino and antineutrino induced reactions with nuclei between 1 and 30

O. Lalakulich, K. Gallmeister, U. Mosel

1205.1086 (Kenji Maeda et al.)

Meson condensation analogs in ultracold atomic and molecular dipolar

Kenji Maeda, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Gordon Baym

1205.1218 (Sean Gavin et al.)

Flow Fluctuations from Early-Time Correlations in Nuclear Collisions    [PDF]

Sean Gavin, George Moschelli

1205.1323 (Hujio Noda et al.)

Single-Particle Distributions in Multi-Chain Model with successive
collision for High-Energy Nucleus-Nucleus collisions

Hujio Noda, Shin-Ichi Nakariki, Tsutomu Tashiro

1205.1414 (Eric Bonenfant et al.)

Near-BPS Skyrmions: Non-shell configurations and Coulomb effects    [PDF]

Eric Bonenfant, Louis Harbour, Luc Marleau