Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1011.2552 (Muneto Nitta et al.)

Baryonic Bound State of Vortices in Multicomponent Superconductors    [PDF]

Muneto Nitta, Minoru Eto, Toshiaki Fujimori, Keisuke Ohashi

1207.6668 (E. C. Simpson et al.)

Cooper pair correlations and energetic knock-out reactions    [PDF]

E. C. Simpson, J. A. Tostevin

1207.6811 (G. S. Denicol et al.)

Solving the heat-flow problem with transient relativistic fluid dynamics    [PDF]

G. S. Denicol, H. Niemi, I. Bouras, E. Molnar, Z. Xu, D. H. Rischke, C. Greiner

1207.6812 (R. Vogt et al.)

Improving the J/psi Production Baseline at RHIC and the LHC    [PDF]

R. Vogt, R. E. Nelson, A. D. Frawley

1207.6836 (Rong Xu et al.)

Suppression of high $P_T$ hadron spectra in $p+A$ collisions    [PDF]

Rong Xu, Wei-Tian Deng, Xin-Nian Wang

1207.6869 (Ilkka Helenius et al.)

Modeling the Impact Parameter Dependence of the nPDFs With EKS98 and
EPS09 Global Fits

Ilkka Helenius, Kari J. Eskola, Heli Honkanen, Carlos A. Salgado

1207.6900 (C. Merino et al.)

Production of secondaries in soft p+pb collisions at LHC    [PDF]

C. Merino, C. Pajares, Yu. M. Shabelski

1207.6917 (Rupa Chatterjee et al.)

Centrality and initial formation time dependence of the emission of
thermal photons from fluctuating initial conditions at RHIC and LHC

Rupa Chatterjee, Hannu Holopainen, Thorsten Renk, Kari J. Eskola

1207.6921 (A. Deltuva)

Dimer-atom-atom recombination in the universal four-boson system    [PDF]

A. Deltuva

1207.6937 (Yu. S. Surovtsev et al.)

Parameters of Scalar Resonances from the Combined Analysis of Data on
Processes $ππ\toππ,K\bar{K},ηη$ AND $J/ψ$ Decays

Yu. S. Surovtsev, P. Bydvzovsky, R. Kaminski, V. E. Lyubovitskij, M. Nagy

1207.6956 (V. Sinev)

Nuclear reactor fissile isotopes antineutrino spectra    [PDF]

V. Sinev

1207.6968 (J. de Vries)

Parity and Time-Reversal-Violating Moments of Light Nuclei    [PDF]

J. de Vries

1207.6971 (Yusuke Nishida)

Three-component Fermi gas near a narrow Feshbach resonance    [PDF]

Yusuke Nishida

1207.7039 (Young-Ho Song et al.)

Parity violation in radiative neutron capture on deuteron    [PDF]

Young-Ho Song, Rimantas Lazauskas, Vladimir Gudkov