Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1107.4068 (Larry Zamick)

The (J(max)+1)/2 Rule: Isomerism Involving Four Nucleons in T=1 States    [PDF]

Larry Zamick

1207.3828 (J. Tõke et al.)

Surface Boiling - a New Type of Instability of Highly Excited Atomic

J. Tõke, W. U. Schröder

1207.3832 (Michael I. Buchoff et al.)

Neutron-antineutron oscillations on the lattice    [PDF]

Michael I. Buchoff, Chris Schroeder, Joseph Wasem

1207.4006 (A. Pastore et al.)

Nuclear response for the Skyrme effective interaction with zero-range
tensor terms. III. Neutron matter and neutrino propagation

A. Pastore, M. Martini, V. Buridon, D. Davesne, K. Bennaceur, J. Meyer

1207.4030 (C. W. Xiao et al.)

A prediction of $D^*$-multi-$ρ$ states    [PDF]

C. W. Xiao, M. Bayar, E. Oset

1207.4077 (A. Shebeko et al.)

Translationally invariant calculations of form factors, nucleon
densities and momentum distributions for finite nuclei with short-range
correlations included

A. Shebeko, P. Grigorov, V. Iurasov