Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1102.1583 (C. A. Hooley et al.)

Quantum tricriticality and quantum phases in the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick

C. A. Hooley, P. D. Stevenson

1107.2532 (Sushil Kumar)

Theoretical Studies of Rare-Earth Nuclei leading to $_{50}$Sn-Daughter
Products and the Associated Shell Effects

Sushil Kumar

1111.0580 (Michele Caselle et al.)

Thermodynamics of SU(N) Yang-Mills theories in 2+1 dimensions II - The
deconfined phase

Michele Caselle, Luca Castagnini, Alessandra Feo, Ferdinando Gliozzi, Umut Gürsoy, Marco Panero, Andreas Schäfer

1112.2811 (Yong-ping Fu et al.)

Real photons produced from photoproduction in $pp$ collisions    [PDF]

Yong-ping Fu, Yun-de Li

1201.0422 (Zhao Zhang)

Correction to the Chiral Magnetic Effect from axial-vector interaction    [PDF]

Zhao Zhang

1205.5797 (M. Warda et al.)

Fission modes of mercury isotopes    [PDF]

M. Warda, A. Staszczak, W. Nazarewicz

1205.5813 (Hrayr H. Matevosyan et al.)

Collins Fragmentation Function within NJL-jet Model    [PDF]

Hrayr H. Matevosyan, Anthony W. Thomas, Wolfgang Bentz

1205.5827 (Roy Holt et al.)

Transition between nuclear and quark-gluon descriptions of hadrons and
light nuclei

Roy Holt, R. Gilman

1205.5843 (Kyosuke Tsumura et al.)

New forms of non-relativistic and relativistic hydrodynamic equations as
derived by the renormalization-group method - possible functional ansatz in
the moment method consistent with Chapman-Enskog theory -

Kyosuke Tsumura, Teiji Kunihiro

1205.5846 (F. Sammarruca et al.)

The impact of charge symmetry and charge independence breaking on the
properties of neutrons and protons in isospin-asymmetric nuclear matter

F. Sammarruca, L. White, B. Chen

1205.5963 (S. L. Yakovlev et al.)

Zero range potential for particles interacting via Coulomb potential:
application to electron positron annihilation

S. L. Yakovlev, V. A. Gradusov

1205.5965 (M. Csanad et al.)

Exact solutions of relativistic perfect fluid hydrodynamics for a QCD
equation of state

M. Csanad, M. I. Nagy, S. Lokos

1205.5986 (A. Kardan et al.)

Interpretation of the large-deformation high spin bands in selected
$A=158-168$ nuclei

A. Kardan, I. Ragnarsson, H. Miri-Hakimabad, L. Rafat-Motevali

1205.6034 (Tokuro Fukui et al.)

Determination of 8B(p,gamma)9C reaction rate from 9C breakup    [PDF]

Tokuro Fukui, Kazuyuki Ogata, Kosho Minomo, Masanobu Yahiro

1205.6079 (T. S. Biró et al.)

Non-extensive statistics, relativistic kinetic theory and fluid dynamics    [PDF]

T. S. Biró, E. Molnár

1205.6111 (Koichi Sato et al.)

Shape transition and fluctuation in neutron-rich Cr isotopes around N =

Koichi Sato, Nobuo Hinohara, Kenichi Yoshida, Takashi Nakatsukasa, Masayuki Matsuo, Kenichi Matsuyanagi

1205.6146 (M. A. Jafarizadeh et al.)

An Affine SU(1,1)Description of Even-Even Cd (106-122) Isotopes in the
Transitional Region of IBM

M. A. Jafarizadeh, N. Fouladi, H. Sabri, H. Fathi