Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1109.1971 (Purnendu Chakraborty et al.)

Screening Masses in Gluonic Plasma    [PDF]

Purnendu Chakraborty, Munshi G. Mustafa, Markus H. Thoma

1109.5754 (K. Nomura et al.)

Robust Regularity in γ-Soft Nuclei and its Microscopic Realization    [PDF]

K. Nomura, N. Shimizu, D. Vretenar, T. Niksic, T. Otsuka

1109.6293 (Fabio Dominguez et al.)

On the linearly polarized gluon distributions in the color dipole model    [PDF]

Fabio Dominguez, Jian-Wei Qiu, Bo-Wen Xiao, Feng Yuan

1110.3183 (J. Adam et al.)

Calculation of Doublet Capture Rate for Muon Capture in Deuterium within
Chiral Effective Field Theory

J. Adam, Jr., M. Tater, E. Truhlik, E. Epelbaum, R. Machleidt, P. Ricci

1112.3178 (Rodolfo Id Betan)

Using Continuum Level Density in the Pairing Hamiltonian: BCS and Exact

Rodolfo Id Betan

1201.3770 (E. Friedman et al.)

Kaonic atoms and in-medium $K^-N$ amplitudes    [PDF]

E. Friedman, A. Gal

1201.6382 (Adrian Dumitru et al.)

KNO scaling of fluctuations in pp and pA, and eccentricities in
heavy-ion collisions

Adrian Dumitru, Yasushi Nara

1201.6408 (Yuki Minami)

Critical dynamics near QCD critical point    [PDF]

Yuki Minami

1201.6486 (Hyun Kyu Lee et al.)

Flavor Symmetry and Nuclear Symmetry Energy for Compact Stars    [PDF]

Hyun Kyu Lee, Mannque Rho

1201.6549 (Yoichi Ikeda et al.)

Chiral SU(3) theory of antikaon-nucleon interactions with improved
threshold constraints

Yoichi Ikeda, Tetsuo Hyodo, Wolfram Weise

1201.6586 (T. Frederico et al.)

Universality in Four-Boson Systems    [PDF]

T. Frederico, A. Delfino, M. R. Hadizadeh, L. Tomio, M. T. Yamashita

1201.6602 (N. N. Achasov et al.)

Analytical $ππ$ scattering amplitude and the light scalars-II    [PDF]

N. N. Achasov, A. V. Kiselev

1201.6632 (A. Leviatan et al.)

Evolution of order and chaos across a first-order quantum phase

A. Leviatan, M. Macek