Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.0909 (Jinrui Huang et al.)

Inclusive b-jet production in heavy ion collisions at the LHC    [PDF]

Jinrui Huang, Zhong-Bo Kang, Ivan Vitev

1306.0989 (S. Schramm et al.)

Modeling Hybrid Stars in Quark-Hadron Approaches    [PDF]

S. Schramm, V. Dexheimer, R. Negreiros, T. Schürhoff, J. Steinheimer

1306.0994 (Yu. B. Ivanov)

Phase Evolution and Freeze-out within Alternative Scenarios of
Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Yu. B. Ivanov

1306.1003 (Marcella Grasso)

Two-neutron transfer probabilities and spatial-localization effects at
the drip line

Marcella Grasso

1306.1025 (A. Tawfik)

Chemical Freeze-Out and Higher Order Multiplicity Moments    [PDF]

A. Tawfik

1306.1093 (Zhen-Xiang Xu et al.)

Novel Monte Carlo representation for shell model in the complex energy

Zhen-Xiang Xu, Chong Qi

1306.1119 (Hend Mohammed El Sayed Saad et al.)

Analysis of Reactivity Induced Accident for Control Rods Ejection with
Loss of Cooling

Hend Mohammed El Sayed Saad, Hesham Mohammed Mohammed Mansour, Moustafa Aziz Abd El Wahab

1306.1132 (P. Van Isacker et al.)

Geometry of the shears mechanism in nuclei    [PDF]

P. Van Isacker, A. O. Macchiavelli

1306.1193 (Florian Divotgey et al.)

Phenomenology of axial-vector and pseudovector mesons and their mixing
in the kaonic sector

Florian Divotgey, Lisa Olbrich, Francesco Giacosa