Tuesday, January 1, 2013

0807.2700 (Göran Fäldt et al.)

Coulomb-nuclear interference in pion-nucleus bremsstrahlung    [PDF]

Göran Fäldt, Ulla Tengblad

1102.3973 (Michael McGauley et al.)

Off-Fermi Shell Nucleons in Superdense Asymmetric Nuclear Matter    [PDF]

Michael McGauley, Misak M. Sargsian

1212.6364 (C. Forssen et al.)

Living on the edge of stability, the limits of the nuclear landscape    [PDF]

C. Forssen, G. Hagen, M. Hjorth-Jensen, W. Nazarewicz, J. Rotureau

1212.6405 (C. J. Horowitz)

Review of Multi-messenger observations of neutron rich matter    [PDF]

C. J. Horowitz

1212.6412 (David Hertzog et al.)

Parity- and Time-Reversal Tests in Nuclear Physics    [PDF]

David Hertzog, Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf

1212.6541 (Zhong-Bo Kang et al.)

Nuclear modification of vector boson production in proton-lead
collisions at the LHC

Zhong-Bo Kang, Jian-Wei Qiu

1212.6554 (Yogiro Hama et al.)

Further results on peripheral-tube model for ridge correlation    [PDF]

Yogiro Hama, Rone P. G. Andrade, Frederique Grassi, Jorge Noronha, Wei-Liang Qian

1212.6555 (Martin Kirakosyan et al.)

Turbulence-Induced Instabilities in EP and QGP    [PDF]

Martin Kirakosyan, Andrei Leonidov, Berndt Muller

1212.6587 (Fu-Ming Liu)

Study the early stage of heavy ion collisions with direct photons    [PDF]

Fu-Ming Liu

1212.6625 (X. B. Ma et al.)

Improved Calculation of Thermal Fission Energy    [PDF]

X. B. Ma, W. L. Zhong, L. Z. Wang, Y. X. Chen, J. Cao

1212.6666 (L. Zamick et al.)

More on Odd-J Pairing in Nuclei    [PDF]

L. Zamick, A. Escuderos

1212.6674 (Andrei V. Belitsky et al.)

Compton scattering: from deeply virtual to quasi-real    [PDF]

Andrei V. Belitsky, Dieter Mueller, Yao Ji

1212.6803 (Kota Masuda et al.)

Hadron-Quark Crossover and Massive Hybrid Stars    [PDF]

Kota Masuda, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Tatsuyuki Takatsuka

1212.6849 (Huey-Wen Lin)

Lattice Hadron Structure: Applications within and beyond QCD    [PDF]

Huey-Wen Lin

1212.6932 (D. A. Fogaça et al.)

Nonlinear waves in strongly interacting relativistic fluids    [PDF]

D. A. Fogaça, F. S. Navarra, L. G. Ferreira Filho

1212.6943 (Jeremiah Birrell et al.)

Massive Free-Streaming Neutrinos and Rise of $N_ν$ at Recombination    [PDF]

Jeremiah Birrell, Cheng-Tao Yang, Pisin Chen, Johann Rafelski