Friday, September 28, 2012

1207.2357 (B. Ivlev)

Low-energy fusion caused by an interference    [PDF]

B. Ivlev

1208.0390 (Alejandro Ayala et al.)

Magnetic catalysis of a charged Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Alejandro Ayala, M. Loewe, Juan Cristobal Rojas, C. Villavicencio

1209.6074 (Z. P. Li et al.)

Energy Density Functional analysis of shape evolution in N=28 isotones    [PDF]

Z. P. Li, J. M. Yao, D. Vretenar, T. Niksic, H. Chen, J. Meng

1209.6075 (Z. P. Li et al.)

An efficient method for computing the Thouless-Valatin inertia

Z. P. Li, T. Niksic, P. Ring, D. Vretenar, J. M. Yao, J. Meng

1209.6076 (Z. P. Li et al.)

Enhanced collectivity in neutron-deficient Sn isotopes in energy
functional based collective Hamiltonian

Z. P. Li, C. Y. Li, J. Xiang, J. M. Yao, J. Meng

1209.6093 (Quan Liu et al.)

The Thomas-Fermi Quark Model: Non-Relativistic Aspects    [PDF]

Quan Liu, Walter Wilcox

1209.6136 (P. K. Srivastava et al.)

Description of Strongly Interacting Matter in A Hybrid Model    [PDF]

P. K. Srivastava, C. P. Singh

1209.6137 (Awaneesh Singh et al.)

Domain Growth in Chiral Phase Transitions: Inertial Dynamics    [PDF]

Awaneesh Singh, Sanjay Puri, Hiranmaya Mishra

1209.6142 (Yoritaka Iwata et al.)

Fission Dynamics of Compound Nuclei    [PDF]

Yoritaka Iwata, Sophia Heinz

1209.6146 (N. N. Arsenyev et al.)

Effects of phonon-phonon coupling on properties of pygmy resonance in

N. N. Arsenyev, A. P. Severyukhin, V. V. Voronov, Nguyen Van Giai

1209.6160 (A. Sulaksono et al.)

Existence of hyperons in the pulsar PSRJ1614-2230    [PDF]

A. Sulaksono, B. K. Agrawal

1209.6168 (E. Friedman)

Neutron skins of $^{208}$Pb and $^{48}$Ca from pionic probes    [PDF]

E. Friedman

1209.6207 (Tetsuo Hyodo et al.)

Production of doubly charmed tetraquarks with exotic color
configurations in electron-positron collisions

Tetsuo Hyodo, Yan-Rui Liu, Makoto Oka, Kazutaka Sudoh, Shigehiro Yasui

1209.6208 (Tetsuo Hyodo)

Antikaon-nucleon dynamics and its application to few-body systems    [PDF]

Tetsuo Hyodo

1209.6269 (R. Navarro Perez et al.)

Effective interactions in the delta-shells potential    [PDF]

R. Navarro Perez, J. E. Amaro, E. Ruiz Arriola

1209.6306 (J. Bsaisou et al.)

The electric dipole moment of the deuteron from the QCD $θ$-term    [PDF]

J. Bsaisou, C. Hanhart, S. Liebig, U. -G. Meißner, A. Nogga, A. Wirzba

1209.6330 (Charles Gale et al.)

Event-by-event anisotropic flow in heavy-ion collisions from combined
Yang-Mills and viscous fluid dynamics

Charles Gale, Sangyong Jeon, Bjoern Schenke, Prithwish Tribedy, Raju Venugopalan

Thursday, September 27, 2012

1209.5963 (P. Ván et al.)

Nonadditive thermostatistics and thermodynamics    [PDF]

P. Ván, G. G. Barnaföldi, T. S. Biró, K Ürmössy

1209.5816 (S. Frauendorf)

Pairing at High Spin    [PDF]

S. Frauendorf

1209.5820 (Nguyen Dinh Dang)

Damping of giant dipole resonance in highly excited nuclei    [PDF]

Nguyen Dinh Dang

1209.5873 (Xingyu Guo et al.)

Relativistic Correction to Charmonium Dissociation Temperature    [PDF]

Xingyu Guo, Shuzhe Shi, Pengfei Zhuang

1209.5894 (A. B. Balantekin)

Flavor Oscillations in Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

A. B. Balantekin

1209.5902 (Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas et al.)

A String Theory Explanation for Quantum Chaos in the Hadronic Spectrum    [PDF]

Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Dori Reichmann

1209.5915 (Jan de Boer et al.)

Towards a holographic realization of the Quarkyonic phase    [PDF]

Jan de Boer, Borun D. Chowdhury, Michal P. Heller, Jakub Jankowski

1209.5956 (I. Daoutidis et al.)

Large-scale Continuum Random Phase Approximation predictions of dipole
strength for astrophysical applications

I. Daoutidis, S. Goriely

1209.5962 (Mark G. Alford et al.)

Impact of r-modes on the cooling of neutron stars    [PDF]

Mark G. Alford, Simin Mahmoodifar, Kai Schwenzer

1209.5981 (P. Sarriguren)

Deformation effects on the Gamow-Teller strength distributions in the
double-beta decay partners 76Ge and 76Se

P. Sarriguren

1209.5992 (A. Martínez Torres et al.)

Predicting the existence of a 2.9 GeV $Df_0(980)$ molecular state    [PDF]

A. Martínez Torres, K. P. Khemchandani, M. Nielsen, F. S. Navarra

1209.6030 (Zhong-Bo Kang et al.)

Nuclear modification of high transverse momentum particle production in
p+A collisions at RHIC and LHC

Zhong-Bo Kang, Ivan Vitev, Hongxi Xing

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1112.5327 (Bo-Chao Liu et al.)

The $K^- p \rightarrow ηΛ$ reaction in an effective Lagrangian

Bo-Chao Liu, Ju-Jun Xie

1201.0149 (Ju-Jun Xie et al.)

The $DN$, $πΣ_c$ interaction in finite volume and the
$Λ_c(2595)$ resonance

Ju-Jun Xie, E. Oset

1209.5384 (Takashi Nakatsukasa)

Real-time calculations of many-body dynamics in quantum systems    [PDF]

Takashi Nakatsukasa

1209.5385 (T. Nakatsukasa et al.)

Density functional approaches to nuclear dynamics    [PDF]

T. Nakatsukasa, S. Ebata, P. Avogadro, L. Guo, T. Inakura, K. Yoshida

1209.5405 (Shanshan Cao et al.)

Heavy quark energy loss and thermalization in hot and dense nuclear

Shanshan Cao, Guang-You Qin, Steffen A. Bass

1209.5410 (Shanshan Cao et al.)

Collisional vs. Radiative Energy Loss of Heavy Quark in a Hot and Dense
Nuclear Matter

Shanshan Cao, Guang-You Qin, Steffen A. Bass, Berndt Müller

1209.5440 (Larry Zamick et al.)

Symmetries in the \bm{g_{9/2}} shell    [PDF]

Larry Zamick, Alberto escuderos

1209.5489 (Yongseok Oh et al.)

Production and parity determination of $Ξ$ baryons    [PDF]

Yongseok Oh, Kanzo Nakayama, Helmut Haberzettl

1209.5524 (N. N. Achasov et al.)

Pion form factor in the range -10 GeV^2 < s < 1 GeV^2    [PDF]

N. N. Achasov, A. A. Kozhevnikov

1209.5537 (L. Coraggio et al.)

Regulator independence of neutron-matter predictions with chiral

L. Coraggio, J. W. Holt, N. Itaco, R. Machleidt, F. Sammarruca

1209.5583 (Cenxi Yuan et al.)

Shell evolution in neutron-rich carbon isotopes: Unexpected enhanced
role of neutron-neutron correlation

Cenxi Yuan, Chong Qi, Furong Xu

1209.5587 (Cenxi Yuan et al.)

Shell-model study of boron, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen isotopes based
on monopole-based-universal interaction

Cenxi Yuan, Toshio Suzuki, Takaharu Otsuka, Furong Xu, Naofumi Tsunoda

1209.5638 (Alessandro Roggero et al.)

Dynamical Structure Factors in Quantum Many-Body Systems from Quantum
Monte Carlo Calculations

Alessandro Roggero, Francesco Pederiva, Giuseppina Orlandini

1209.5679 (Clint Young et al.)

Realistic modelling of jets in heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

Clint Young, Björn Schenke, Sangyong Jeon, Charles Gale

1209.5722 (J. Kotila et al.)

Phase space factors for double-$β$ decay    [PDF]

J. Kotila, F. Iachello

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1109.3452 (H. J. de Vega et al.)

Role of Sterile Neutrino Warm Dark Matter in Rhenium and Tritium Beta

H. J. de Vega, O. Moreno, E. Moya de Guerra, M. Ramon Medrano, N. Sanchez

1209.4966 (Takashi Nakatsukasa)

Density functional approaches to atomic nuclei    [PDF]

Takashi Nakatsukasa

1209.4969 (Takashi Nakatsukasa et al.)

Linear-response calculation in the time-dependent density functional

Takashi Nakatsukasa, Tsunenori Inakura, Paolo Avogadro, Shuichiro Ebata, Koichi Sato, Kazuhiro Yabana

1209.4973 (Y. Fukuoka et al.)

Stochastic approach to correlations beyond the mean field with the
Skyrme interaction

Y. Fukuoka, T. Nakatsukasa, Y. Funaki, K. Yabana

1209.4999 (Ngoc B Nguyen et al.)

Investigation of the triple-alpha reaction in a full three-body approach    [PDF]

Ngoc B Nguyen, Filomena M Nunes, Ian J Thompson

1209.5001 (F. Sammarruca et al.)

Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock versus chiral effective field theory    [PDF]

F. Sammarruca, B. Chen, L. Coraggio, N. Itaco, R. Machleidt

1209.5048 (M. Kohno)

Strength of reduced two-body spin-orbit interaction from chiral
three-nucleon force

M. Kohno

1209.5068 (Yukinao Akamatsu)

Real-time quantum dynamics of heavy quark systems at high temperature    [PDF]

Yukinao Akamatsu

1209.5153 (Sreemoyee Sarkar et al.)

Non-Fermi liquid behavior of thermal relaxation time in degenerate
electron gas

Sreemoyee Sarkar, Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder

1209.5217 (P. G. Bizzeti et al.)

Isospin Symmetry violation in mirror E1 transitions: Coherent
contributions from the Giant Isovector Monopole Resonance in 67As - 67Se

P. G. Bizzeti, G. de Angelis, S. M. Lenzi, R. Orlandi

1209.5258 (K. Washiyama et al.)

New parameterization of Skyrme's interaction for regularized
multi-reference energy density functional calculations

K. Washiyama, K. Bennaceur, B. Avez, M. Bender, P. -H. Heenen, V. Hellemans

1209.5263 (Y. Zhang et al.)

Pair correlation of giant halo nuclei in continuum
Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory

Y. Zhang, M. Matsuo, J. Meng

1209.5295 (Dipangkar Dutta et al.)

The search for the onset of Color Transparency: a status report    [PDF]

Dipangkar Dutta, Kawtar Hafidi

1209.5296 (J. W. Holt et al.)

Chiral Fermi liquid approach to neutron matter    [PDF]

J. W. Holt, N. Kaiser, W. Weise

1209.5315 (H. J. Pirner et al.)

Universal Centrality Dependence of Particle Multiplicities in Heavy-Ion

H. J. Pirner, K. Reygers, B. Z. Kopeliovich

1209.5379 (A. Tawfik et al.)

Particle Production at RHIC and LHC Energies    [PDF]

A. Tawfik, E. Gamal, A. G. Shalaby

Thursday, September 20, 2012

1101.3072 (M. Bluhm et al.)

Ratio of bulk to shear viscosity in a quasigluon plasma: from weak to
strong coupling

M. Bluhm, B. Kampfer, K. Redlich

1209.4105 (Adrian Dumitru et al.)

KNO scaling from a nearly Gaussian action for small-x gluons    [PDF]

Adrian Dumitru, Elena Petreska

1209.4138 (Jun He et al.)

The roles of nucleon resonances in $Λ$(1520) photoproduciton off

Jun He, Xu-Rong Chen

1209.4182 (Gang Chen et al.)

Antimatter production in central Au+Au collisions at
$\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$=200 GeV

Gang Chen, Yu-Liang Yan, De-sheng Li, Dai-Mei Zhou, Mei-Juan Wang, Bao-Guo Dong, Ben-Hao Sa

1209.4219 (E. A. Paschos et al.)

Pion production by neutrinos in the delta resonance region and possible
application to CP searches

E. A. Paschos, Dario Schalla

1209.4230 (Gy. Gyürky et al.)

Relation between total cross sections from elastic scattering and
alpha-induced reactions: the example of 64Zn

Gy. Gyürky, P. Mohr, Zs. Fülöp, Z. Halász, G. G. Kiss, T. Szücs, E. Somorjai

1209.4232 (Jiangyong Jia et al.)

Measurement of the distributions of event-by-event flow harmonics in
Pb-Pb Collisions at sqrt(s_nn)=2.76 TeV with the ATLAS detector

Jiangyong Jia, for the ATLAS Collaboration

1209.4343 (Gautam Rupak et al.)

The r-mode instability in strange stars with a crystalline crust    [PDF]

Gautam Rupak, Prashanth Jaikumar

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1201.2203 (Efrain J. Ferrer et al.)

Equation of State in a Strongly Interacting Relativistic System    [PDF]

Efrain J. Ferrer, Jason P. Keith

1202.2137 (D. A. Fogaça et al.)

Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in Relativistic Fluid Dynamics    [PDF]

D. A. Fogaça, F. S. Navarra, L. G. Ferreira Filho

1209.3872 (T. Bauer et al.)

Electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon in effective field theory    [PDF]

T. Bauer, J. C. Bernauer, S. Scherer

1209.3901 (Sang-Ho Kim et al.)

Contribution of N* and Delta* resonances in K* Sigma(1190)

Sang-Ho Kim, Seung-il Nam, Atsushi Hosaka, Hyun-Chul Kim

1209.3976 (Walaa. I. Eshraim et al.)

Interaction of the pseudoscalar glueball with (pseudo)scalar mesons and

Walaa. I. Eshraim, Stanislaus Janowski, Antje Peters, Klaus Neuschwander, Francesco Giacosa

1209.3992 (Humberto Garcilazo et al.)

Relativistic three-body calculations of a Y=1, I=3/2, JP=2+ pi-Lambda-N
-- pi-Sigma-N dibaryon

Humberto Garcilazo, Avraham Gal

1209.4050 (E. Ya. Paryev)

Photoproduction of $η^\prime$ mesons off nuclei and their properties
in the nuclear medium

E. Ya. Paryev

1209.4060 (T. Rauscher)

General properties of astrophysical reaction rates in explosive

T. Rauscher

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1103.4757 (Avraham Gal et al.)

Coupled channel Faddeev calculations of a (Kbar-N-pi) quasibound state    [PDF]

Avraham Gal, Humberto Garcilazo

1106.2856 (Marcus Bluhm et al.)

Plasma damping effects on the radiative energy loss of relativistic

Marcus Bluhm, Pol Bernard Gossiaux, Joerg Aichelin

1209.3319 (Jens Braun et al.)

A glance at the imaginary world of ultracold atoms    [PDF]

Jens Braun, Jiunn-Wei Chen, Jian Deng, Joaquín E. Drut, Bengt Friman, Chen-Te Ma, Yu-Dai Tsai

1209.3340 (F. Carvalho et al.)

Nuclear shadowing in deep inelastic scattering on nuclei: a closer look    [PDF]

F. Carvalho, V. P. Goncalves, F. S. Navarra, E. G. de Oliveira

1209.3360 (Tsuyoshi Miyatsu et al.)

Neutron Star Properties in the Chiral Quark-Meson Coupling Model    [PDF]

Tsuyoshi Miyatsu, Koichi Saito

1209.3375 (Cédric Simenel)

Nuclear Quantum Many-Body Dynamics: From Collective Vibrations to
Heavy-Ion Collisions

Cédric Simenel

1209.3377 (O. Sorlin et al.)

Evolution of the N=28 shell closure: a test bench for nuclear forces    [PDF]

O. Sorlin, M. -G. Porquet

1209.3389 (N. Sandulescu et al.)

Four-nucleon alpha-type correlations and proton-neutron pairing away of
N=Z line

N. Sandulescu, D. Negrea, C. W. Johnson

1209.3402 (S. X. Nakamura et al.)

Extraction of Meson Resonances from Three-pions Photo-production

S. X. Nakamura, H. Kamano, T. -S. H. Lee, T. Sato

1209.3468 (Andreas S. Kronfeld)

Lattice Gauge Theory and the Origin of Mass    [PDF]

Andreas S. Kronfeld

1209.3507 (Marcus Bluhm et al.)

Transport properties of hot gluonic matter    [PDF]

Marcus Bluhm, Marlene Nahrgang

1209.3554 (Yong-Liang Ma et al.)

Skyrmions with vector mesons in the hidden local symmetry approach    [PDF]

Yong-Liang Ma, Ghil-Seok Yang, Yongseok Oh, Masayasu Harada

1209.3641 (X. -L. Ren et al.)

Octet baryon masses in next-to-next-to-next-to-leading order covariant
baryon chiral perturbation theory

X. -L. Ren, L. S. Geng, J. Martin Camalich, J. Meng, H. Toki

1209.3671 (Wojciech Florkowski et al.)

Hydrodynamics of anisotropic quark and gluon fluids    [PDF]

Wojciech Florkowski, Radoslaw Maj, Radoslaw Ryblewski, Michael Strickland

1209.3688 (Y. J. Guo et al.)

A corresponding-state approach to quark-cluster matter    [PDF]

Y. J. Guo, X. Y. Lai, R. X. Xu

1209.3743 (W. C. Haxton)

Neutrino Astrophysics    [PDF]

W. C. Haxton

Monday, September 17, 2012

1201.0724 (Chase Cockrell et al.)

Lithium isotopes within the ab intio no-core full configuration approach    [PDF]

Chase Cockrell, James P. Vary, Pieter Maris

1209.3019 (Wouter J. Waalewijn)

Calculating the Charge of a Jet    [PDF]

Wouter J. Waalewijn

1209.3067 (Takehisa Fujita et al.)

Nuclear Potential with Two Pion Exchange    [PDF]

Takehisa Fujita, Naohiro Kanda, Sachiko Oshima

1209.3070 (Shung-Ichi Ando)

Effective theory with dibaryons and perturbative pions    [PDF]

Shung-Ichi Ando

1209.3173 (C. J. Horowitz et al.)

Charged current neutrino interactions in core-collapse supernovae in a
virial expansion

C. J. Horowitz, G. Shen, Evan O'Connor, Christian Ott

1209.3276 (Michael Strickland et al.)

Bulk Properties of a Fermi Gas in a Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Michael Strickland, Veronica Dexheimer, Debora P. Menezes

Friday, September 14, 2012

1209.2718 (F. J. Fattoyev et al.)

Pure Neutron Matter Constraints and Nuclear Symmetry Energy    [PDF]

F. J. Fattoyev, W. G. Newton, Jun Xu, Bao-An Li

1209.2746 (Dmitry Borisyuk et al.)

TPEcalc: a program for calculation of two-photon exchange amplitudes    [PDF]

Dmitry Borisyuk, Alexander Kobushkin

1209.2757 (Kun-lun Wang et al.)

Existence and stability of multiple solutions to the gap equation    [PDF]

Kun-lun Wang, Si-xue Qin, Yu-xin Liu, Lei Chang, Craig D. Roberts, Sebastian M. Schmidt

1209.2792 (Chirashree Lahiri et al.)

Low energy proton reactions of astrophysical interest in A$\sim90-100$

Chirashree Lahiri, G. Gangopadhyay

1209.2803 (Christine A. Aidala et al.)

The Spin Structure of the Nucleon    [PDF]

Christine A. Aidala, Steven D. Bass, Delia Hasch, Gerhard K. Mallot

1209.2853 (T. Lappi et al.)

Forward dihadron correlations in deuteron-gold collisions with the
Gaussian approximation of JIMWLK

T. Lappi, H. Mäntysaari

1209.2870 (J. M. Alarcon et al.)

On the strangeness content of the nucleon    [PDF]

J. M. Alarcon, L. S. Geng, J. Martin Camalich, J. A. Oller

1209.2921 (A. Leviatan et al.)

Interplay of order and chaos across a first-order quantum shape-phase
transition in nuclei

A. Leviatan, M. Macek

1209.2955 (E. Oset et al.)

Narrow bound states of the DNN system    [PDF]

E. Oset, M. Bayar, C. W. Xiao, T. Hyodo, A. Dote, M. Oka

1209.2998 (Jinfeng Liao)

Thermalization of the quark-gluon plasma and dynamical formation of
Bose-Einstein Condensate

Jinfeng Liao

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1209.2430 (Denes Molnar et al.)

Realistic medium-averaging in radiative energy loss    [PDF]

Denes Molnar, Deke Sun

1209.2432 (Tanumoy Mandal et al.)

Neutrality of a magnetized two-flavor quark superconductor    [PDF]

Tanumoy Mandal, Prashanth Jaikumar

1209.2439 (J. F. Shriner Jr et al.)

Data on Neutron Widths do not refute Random--Matrix Theory    [PDF]

J. F. Shriner Jr, H. A. Weidenmüller, G. E. Mitchell

1209.2456 (D. J. Ernst et al.)

Implications of nonzero $θ_{13}$ for the neutrino mass hierarchy    [PDF]

D. J. Ernst, B. K. Cogswell, H. R. Burroughs, J. Escamilla-Roa, D. C. Latimer

1209.2462 (Jan Steinheimer et al.)

Spinodal amplification of density fluctuations in fluid-dynamical
simulations of relativistic nuclear collisions

Jan Steinheimer, Jorgen Randrup

1209.2468 (Raymond Goerke et al.)

The nuclear electric polarizability of 6He    [PDF]

Raymond Goerke, Sonia Bacca, Nir Barnea

1209.2477 (Misak M Sargsian)

The EMC Effect and Short-Range Correlations    [PDF]

Misak M Sargsian

1209.2518 (R. Rodriguez-Guzman et al.)

Microscopic description of quadrupole-octupole coupling in Sm and Gd
isotopes with the Gogny Energy Density Functional

R. Rodriguez-Guzman, L. M. Robledo, P. Sarriguren

1209.2523 (V. Bernard et al.)

New insights into the spin structure of the nucleon    [PDF]

V. Bernard, E. Epelbaum, H. Krebs, U. -G. Meißner

1209.2552 (Jiunn-Wei Chen et al.)

Near Threshold Proton-Proton Fusion in Effective Field Theory    [PDF]

Jiunn-Wei Chen, C. -P. Liu, Shen-Hsi Yu

1209.2661 (Mark Lenkewitz et al.)

Complete one-loop calculation of threshold neutral pion photoproduction
off the tri-nucleon system

Mark Lenkewitz, Evgeny Epelbaum, H. -W. Hammer, Ulf-G. Meißner

1209.2663 (Koichi Hattori et al.)

Vacuum birefringence in strong magnetic fields: (I) Photon polarization
tensor with all the Landau levels

Koichi Hattori, Kazunori Itakura

1209.2691 (F. M. Nunes et al.)

Status of reaction theory for studying rare isotopes    [PDF]

F. M. Nunes, N. J. Upadhyay

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1201.3677 (M. Karakoc et al.)

Coulomb distortion and medium corrections in nucleon-removal reactions    [PDF]

M. Karakoc, A. Banu, C. A. Bertulani, L. Trache

1209.2145 (Alexander E. Kudryavtsev et al.)

Does the Multiple-scattering Series in the Pion-deuteron Scattering
Actually Converge?

Alexander E. Kudryavtsev, Alexander I. Romanov, Vakhid A. Gani

1209.2158 (A. M. Mukhamedzhanov)

Coulomb renormalization and ratio of proton and neutron asymptotic
normalization coefficients for mirror nuclei

A. M. Mukhamedzhanov

1209.2193 (M. Karakoc et al.)

Medium effects in direct reactions    [PDF]

M. Karakoc, C. Bertulani

1209.2200 (V. A. Dzuba et al.)

Parity violation and electric dipole moments in atoms and molecules    [PDF]

V. A. Dzuba, V. V. Flambaum

1209.2223 (Swagata Mallik et al.)

Conditions for equivalence of Statistical Ensembles in Nuclear

Swagata Mallik, Gargi Chaudhuri

1209.2270 (M. Baldo et al.)

Correlations in Nuclear Matter    [PDF]

M. Baldo, H. R. Moshfegh

1209.2323 (Matthew Luzum et al.)

The event-plane method is obsolete    [PDF]

Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

1209.2332 (Francesco Giacosa et al.)

Propagator poles and an emergent stable state below threshold: general
discussion and the E(38) state

Francesco Giacosa, Thomas Wolkanowski

1209.2380 (V. V. Goloviznin et al.)

Towards azimuthal anisotropy of direct photons    [PDF]

V. V. Goloviznin, A. M. Snigirev, G. M. Zinovjev

1209.2402 (Volker D. Burkert)

Evidence of new nucleon resonances from electromagnetic meson production    [PDF]

Volker D. Burkert

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1209.1687 (J. R. Green et al.)

Nucleon Structure from Lattice QCD Using a Nearly Physical Pion Mass    [PDF]

J. R. Green, M. Engelhardt, S. Krieg, J. W. Negele, A. V. Pochinsky, S. N. Syritsyn

1209.1702 (S. B. Dubovichenko et al.)

The radiative neutron capture on 2H, 6Li, 7Li, 12C and 13C at
astrophysical energies

S. B. Dubovichenko, A. V. Dzhazairov-Kakhramanov, N. A. Burkova

1209.1747 (Yu. M. Sinyukov et al.)

Correlation femtoscopy of small systems    [PDF]

Yu. M. Sinyukov, V. M. Shapoval

1209.1776 (Wei Zuo)

Three-body Force Effects on the Properties of Neutron-rich Nuclear

Wei Zuo

1209.1777 (Jianmin Dong et al.)

Density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy constrained by mean-field

Jianmin Dong, Wei Zuo, Jianzhong Gu, Umberto Lombardo

1209.1827 (Florian Gautier et al.)

On the Langevin description of nonequilibrium quantum fields    [PDF]

Florian Gautier, Julien Serreau

1209.1892 (P. E. Shanahan et al.)

Strong contribution to octet baryon mass splittings    [PDF]

P. E. Shanahan, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1209.1917 (Surasree Mazumder et al.)

Drag and diffusion co-efficients of heavy quarks in hard thermal loop

Surasree Mazumder, Trambak Bhattacharyya, Jan-e Alam

1209.1930 (Thorsten Renk)

Understanding LHC jets in the light of RHIC data    [PDF]

Thorsten Renk

1209.1966 (A. B. Larionov et al.)

Strangeness production in antiproton-nucleus annihilation    [PDF]

A. B. Larionov, T. Gaitanos, H. Lenske, U. Mosel

1209.2001 (Javier L. Albacete et al.)

CGC predictions for p+Pb collisions at the LHC    [PDF]

Javier L. Albacete, Adrian Dumitru, Hirotsugu Fujii, Yasushi Nara

1209.2004 (V. F. Kharchenko)

Deuteron electric quadrupole and octupole polarizabilities    [PDF]

V. F. Kharchenko

1209.2061 (Sinya Aoki et al.)

Chiral symmetry restoration, eigenvalue density of Dirac operator and
axial U(1) anomaly at finite temperature

Sinya Aoki, Hidenori Fukaya, Yusuke Taniguchi

Monday, September 10, 2012

1201.1006 (Feryal Ozel et al.)

On the Mass Distribution and Birth Masses of Neutron Stars    [PDF]

Feryal Ozel, Dimitrios Psaltis, Ramesh Narayan, Antonio Santos Villarreal

1209.1463 (Keisuke Ohtani et al.)

Parity projection of QCD sum rules for the nucleon    [PDF]

Keisuke Ohtani, Philipp Gubler, Makoto Oka

1209.1464 (K. Tsushima et al.)

Production of $Ξ^-$-hypernuclei via the ($K^-,K^+$) reaction in a
quark-meson coupling model

K. Tsushima, R. Shyam, A. W. Thomas

1209.1488 (V. de la Mota et al.)

A dynamical description of neutron star crusts    [PDF]

V. de la Mota, F. Sébille, Ph. Eudes

1209.1537 (Lothar Tiator)

Electromagnetic properties of baryon resonances    [PDF]

Lothar Tiator

1209.1542 (M. Colonna et al.)

Reaction mechanisms in transport theories: a test of the nuclear
effective interaction

M. Colonna, V. Baran, M. Di Toro, B. Frecus, Y. X. Zhang

1209.1546 (Kari J. Eskola)

Global analysis of nuclear PDFs - latest developments    [PDF]

Kari J. Eskola

1209.1604 (Paul Romatschke et al.)

Comment on "Hydrodynamic fluctuations and the minimum shear viscosity of
the dilute Fermi gas at unitarity"

Paul Romatschke, Ryan Edward Young

1209.1614 (Giovanni Antonio Chirilli)

High-Energy QCD factorization from DIS to pA collisions    [PDF]

Giovanni Antonio Chirilli

Friday, September 7, 2012

1209.0478 (Amir H. Rezaeian)

Semi-inclusive photon-hadron production in pp and pA collisions at RHIC
and LHC

Amir H. Rezaeian

1209.1141 (Kyong Chol Han et al.)

Jet Fragmentation via Recombination of Parton Showers    [PDF]

Kyong Chol Han, Rainer J Fries, Che Ming Ko

1209.1149 (Marcus Bluhm et al.)

Radiative energy loss in the absorptive QGP: taming the long formation
lengths in coherent emission

Marcus Bluhm, Pol Bernard Gossiaux, Thierry Gousset, Joerg Aichelin

1209.1163 (Zhen Pan et al.)

Vertical Structure of Neutrino Dominated Accretion Disks and Neutrino
Transport in the disks

Zhen Pan, Ye-Fei Yuan

1209.1241 (Jose R. Pelaez et al.)

Precise dispersive determination of the f0(600) and f0(980) resonances    [PDF]

Jose R. Pelaez, R. Garcia Martin, R. Kaminski, J. Ruiz de Elvira

1209.1292 (F. Akram et al.)

Vacuum Polarization and Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking: Phase
Diagram of QED with Four-Fermion Contact Interaction

F. Akram, A. Bashir, L. X. Gutierrez-Guerrero, B. Masud, J. Rodriguez-Quintero, C. Calcaneo-Roldan, M. E. Tejeda-Yeomans

1209.1305 (Joachim Langhammer et al.)

Spectra of Open-Shell Nuclei with Padé-Resummed Degenerate
Perturbation Theory

Joachim Langhammer, Robert Roth, Christina Stumpf

1209.1306 (Yuhei Iwata et al.)

Chiral multicritical points driven by isospin density in the
Ginzburg-Landau approach

Yuhei Iwata, Hiroaki Abuki, Katsuhiko Suzuki

1209.1315 (R. Rosenfelder)

Path Integrals in Quantum Physics    [PDF]

R. Rosenfelder

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1209.0817 (J. Berges et al.)

The non-linear Glasma    [PDF]

J. Berges, S. Schlichting

1209.0837 (S. Kolling et al.)

The magnetic form factor of the deuteron in chiral effective field

S. Kolling, E. Epelbaum, D. R. Phillips

1209.0838 (Ch. Elster et al.)

Nuclear Reactions: A Challenge for Few- and Many-Body Theory    [PDF]

Ch. Elster, L. Hlophe

1209.0849 (Xiu-Lei Ren et al.)

Octet-baryon masses in finite space    [PDF]

Xiu-Lei Ren, Lisheng Geng, Jie Meng

1209.0860 (Guang-You Qin)

Jet modification in hot and dense QCD matter    [PDF]

Guang-You Qin

1209.0874 (Yoko Ogawa et al.)

Relativistic Chiral Mean Field Model for Finite Nuclei    [PDF]

Yoko Ogawa, Hiroshi Toki, Setsuo Tamenaga, Akihiro Haga

1209.0907 (L. Tolos et al.)

Charm and Strangeness with Heavy-Quark Spin Symmetry    [PDF]

L. Tolos, C. Garcia-Recio, J. Nieves, O. Romanets, L. L. Salcedo

1209.0927 (L. M. Robledo et al.)

Octupole deformation properties of actinide isotopes within a mean field

L. M. Robledo, R. R. Rodriguez-Guzman

1209.0971 (C. I. Pardi et al.)

Continuum time-dependent Hartree-Fock for giant resonances in spherical

C. I. Pardi, P. D. Stevenson

1209.1006 (Clifford Chafin et al.)

Hydrodynamic fluctuations and the minimum shear viscosity of the dilute
Fermi gas at unitarity

Clifford Chafin, Thomas Schaefer

1209.1047 (Carlos A. Salgado)

Theory summary. Hard Probes 2012    [PDF]

Carlos A. Salgado

1209.1051 (Paul M. Hohler et al.)

Evaluating chiral symmetry restoration through the use of sum rules    [PDF]

Paul M. Hohler, Ralf Rapp

1209.1052 (Jinfeng Liao)

Hard Probe of Soft Matter Geometry and Fluctuations from RHIC to LHC    [PDF]

Jinfeng Liao

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1209.0024 (W. J. Briscoe et al.)

Evaluation of the gn-->pi-p differential cross sections in the
Delta-isobar region

W. J. Briscoe, A. E. Kudryavtsev, P. Pedroni, I. I. Strakovsky, V. E. Tarasov, R. L. Workman

1209.0030 (A. Calle Cordon et al.)

Baryon masses and axial charges in 1/Nc - ChPT    [PDF]

A. Calle Cordon, J. L. Goity

1209.0042 (Qingfeng Li et al.)

UrQMD calculations of two-pion HBT correlations in p+p and Pb+Pb
collisions at LHC energies

Qingfeng Li, Gunnar Graef, Marcus Bleicher

1209.0077 (M. Bluhm et al.)

Radiative energy loss of relativistic charged particles in absorptive

M. Bluhm, P. B. Gossiaux, J. Aichelin

1209.0080 (Kie Sang Jeong et al.)

Nuclear Symmetry Energy from QCD sum rules    [PDF]

Kie Sang Jeong, Su Houng Lee

1209.0150 (Takayuki Myo et al.)

Tensor-optimized shell model for the Li isotopes with a bare
nucleon-nucleon interaction

Takayuki Myo, Atsushi Umeya, Hiroshi Toki, Kiyomi Ikeda

1209.0156 (R3B collaboration)

Beyond the Neutron Drip-Line: The Unbound Oxygen Isotopes 25O and 26O    [PDF]

R3B collaboration

1209.0164 (A. V. Nesterenko)

Hadronic effects in low-energy QCD: inclusive tau lepton decay    [PDF]

A. V. Nesterenko

1209.0187 (Yasuhiro Yamaguchi et al.)

Exotic baryons from a heavy meson and a nucleon    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Shunsuke Ohkoda, Shigehiro Yasui, Atsushi Hosaka

1209.0198 (Magdalena Djordjevic)

Heavy flavor suppression in a dynamical QCD medium with finite magnetic

Magdalena Djordjevic

1209.0212 (G. Ropke et al.)

Cluster virial expansion for nuclear matter within a quasiparticle
statistical approach

G. Ropke, N. -U. Bastian, D. Blaschke, T. Klahn, S. Typel, H. H. Wolter

1209.0260 (Kiminad A. Mamo)

Violation of the Holographic Shear Viscosity Bound in Strongly Coupled
Isotropic Plasmas with Einstein Gravity Dual

Kiminad A. Mamo

1209.0269 (M. G. A. Buffing et al.)

Generalized Universality for TMD Distribution Functions    [PDF]

M. G. A. Buffing, P. J. Mulders

1209.0270 (F. Gulminelli et al.)

Phase diagram of neutron-rich nuclear matter and its impact on

F. Gulminelli, Ad. R. Raduta, J. Margueron, P. Papakonstantinou, M. Oertel

1209.0278 (M. Huang et al.)

Dynamics aspect of subbarrier fusion reaction in light heavy ion systems    [PDF]

M. Huang, F. Zhou, R. Wada, X. Liu, W. Lin, M. Zhao, J. Wang, Z. Chen, C. Ma, Y. Yang, Q. Wang, J. Ma, J. Han, P. Ma, S. Jin, Z. Bai, Q. Hu, L. Jin, J. Chen, Y. Su, Y. Li

1209.0281 (G. Chaudhuri et al.)

A model for projectile fragmentation    [PDF]

G. Chaudhuri, S. Mallik, S. Das Gupta

1209.0291 (Dominik Steineder et al.)

Thermalization at intermediate coupling    [PDF]

Dominik Steineder, Stefan A. Stricker, Aleksi Vuorinen

1209.0331 (J. P. Lansberg)

Upsilon production in pp and pA collisions: from RHIC to the LHC    [PDF]

J. P. Lansberg

1209.0335 (Subrata Pal et al.)

Medium information from anisotropic flow and jet quenching in
relativistic heavy ion collisions

Subrata Pal, Marcus Bleicher

1209.0529 (E. Smith et al.)

Refinement of the $n-α$ and $p-α$ fish-bone potential    [PDF]

E. Smith, R. Woodhouse, Z. Papp

1209.0538 (L. S. Geng et al.)

Masses and magnetic moments of ground-state baryons in covariant baryon
chiral perturbation theory

L. S. Geng, J. Martin Camalich, L. Alvarez-Ruso, M. J. Vicente-Vacas

1209.0577 (Takayasu Sekihara et al.)

Size measurement of dynamically generated resonances with finite boxes    [PDF]

Takayasu Sekihara, Tetsuo Hyodo

1209.0601 (Salvatore Plumari et al.)

Shear viscosity and chemical equilibration of the QGP    [PDF]

Salvatore Plumari, Armando Puglisi, Maria Colonna, Francesco Scardina, Vincenzo Greco

1209.0603 (Feodor F. Karpeshin)

Coulomb disintegration of the 208Pb ions at the big hadron collider

Feodor F. Karpeshin

1209.0615 (Cédric Simenel et al.)

Quantum microscopic approach to low-energy heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

Cédric Simenel, A. Wakhle, Benoît Avez

1209.0636 (E. Piasetzky et al.)

Disentangling the EMC Effect    [PDF]

E. Piasetzky, O. Hen, L. B. Weinstein

1209.0675 (Joseph I. Kapusta et al.)

Thermal Conductivity and Chiral Critical Point in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Joseph I. Kapusta, Juan M. Torres-Rincon

1209.0683 (I. A. Qattan et al.)

Flavor decomposition of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors    [PDF]

I. A. Qattan, J. Arrington

1209.0689 (Martín González-Alonso)

Beta decays in the LHC era: from ultracold neutrons to colliders    [PDF]

Martín González-Alonso

1209.0701 (V. P. Goncalves et al.)

Meson production in two-photon interactions at CERN - LHC    [PDF]

V. P. Goncalves, D. T. da Silva, W. K. Sauter

1209.0727 (Yuri V. Kovchegov et al.)

Single spin asymmetry in high energy QCD    [PDF]

Yuri V. Kovchegov, Matthew D. Sievert

1209.0755 (Gilberto Colangelo et al.)

A Dispersive Treatment of $K_{\ell4}$ Decays    [PDF]

Gilberto Colangelo, Emilie Passemar, Peter Stoffer

Monday, September 3, 2012

1105.5528 (Mahatsab Mandal et al.)

Gluon dissociation of $J/ψ$ in anisotropic {\em Quark-Gluon-Plasma}    [PDF]

Mahatsab Mandal, Pradip Roy

1208.6347 (Ning Li et al.)

Few-Body Systems Composed of Heavy Quarks    [PDF]

Ning Li, Zhi-Feng Sun, Jun He, Xiang Liu, Zhi-Gang Luo, Shi-Lin Zhu

1208.6356 (S. Takahara et al.)

Nuclear prolate-shape dominance with the Woods-Saxon potential    [PDF]

S. Takahara, N. Tajima, Y. R. Shimizu

1208.6361 (Xilin Zhang et al.)

Hard Probe of Geometry and Fluctuations from RHIC to LHC    [PDF]

Xilin Zhang, Jinfeng Liao

1208.6415 (K. Riisager)

Halos and related structures    [PDF]

K. Riisager

1208.6435 (C. Beck)

Transfer/Breakup Channel Couplings in Sub-barrier Fusion Reactions    [PDF]

C. Beck

1208.6439 (E. I. Alexandrov et al.)

WEB Portal for Monte Carlo Simulations in High Energy Physics - HEPWEB    [PDF]

E. I. Alexandrov, V. M. Kotov, V. V. Uzhinsky, P. V. Zrelov

1208.6461 (Zhen-Xiang Xu et al.)

Shell evolution and its indication on the isospin dependence of the
spin-orbit splitting

Zhen-Xiang Xu, Chong Qi

1208.6474 (Walaa I. Eshraim et al.)

Decay of the pseudoscalar glueball into scalar and pseudoscalar mesons    [PDF]

Walaa I. Eshraim, Stanislaus Janowski, Francesco Giacosa, Dirk H. Rischke

1208.6492 (Yingxun Zhang et al.)

Probing the symmetry energy with isospin ratio from nucleons to

Yingxun Zhang, Zhuxia Li, Chengshuang Zhou, Jixian Chen, M. Colonna, P. Danielewicz, M. B. Tsang

1208.6520 (Davide Mancusi et al.)

Simultaneous fitting of statistical-model parameters to symmetric and
asymmetric fission cross sections

Davide Mancusi, Robert J. Charity, Joseph Cugnon

1208.6528 (Stefano Gandolfi)

Quantum Monte Carlo study of inhomogeneous neutron matter    [PDF]

Stefano Gandolfi

1208.6538 (Jameel-Un Nabi et al.)

Comparison of Gamow-Teller strengths in the random phase approximation    [PDF]

Jameel-Un Nabi, Calvin W. Johnson

1208.6541 (B. Z. Kopeliovich et al.)

Nuclear Shadowing in Electro-Weak Interactions    [PDF]

B. Z. Kopeliovich, J. G. Morfin, Ivan Schmidt

1208.6555 (F. B. Guimaraes)

Analysis of the Independent Particle Model approach to Nuclear Densities    [PDF]

F. B. Guimaraes

1208.6556 (Joaquín E. Drut et al.)

Lattice methods for strongly interacting many-body systems    [PDF]

Joaquín E. Drut, Amy N. Nicholson

1208.6565 (Frank Michler et al.)

Off-equilibrium photon production during the chiral phase transition    [PDF]

Frank Michler, Hendrik van Hees, Dennis D. Dietrich, Stefan Leupold, Carsten Greiner