Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1111.3031 (Adrian Dumitru et al.)

Gluon saturation in $pA$ collisions at the LHC: KLN model predictions
for hadron multiplicities

Adrian Dumitru, Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Eugene M. Levin, Yasushi Nara

1111.6605 (Massimiliano Procura et al.)

Fragmentation in Jets: Cone and Threshold Effects    [PDF]

Massimiliano Procura, Wouter J. Waalewijn

1210.5567 (Yasuki Tachibana et al.)

Emission of Low Momentum Particles at Large Angles from Jet    [PDF]

Yasuki Tachibana, Tetsufumi Hirano

1210.5573 (Xiaofeng Luo et al.)

Search for the QCD Critical Point by Higher Moments of Net-proton
Multiplicity Distributions at STAR

Xiaofeng Luo, for the STAR Collaboration

1210.5667 (Carlos Daniel Xu)

Equations of State and Maximum Mass of Neutron Stars in Light of PSR

Carlos Daniel Xu

1210.5778 (Huichao Song)

QGP viscosity at RHIC and the LHC - a 2012 status report    [PDF]

Huichao Song

1210.5789 (P. C. Srivastava et al.)

High-spin structures of $^{136}_{54}$Xe, $^{137}_{55}$Cs,
$^{138}_{56}$Ba, $^{139}_{57}$La, and $^{140}_{58}$Ce : A shell model

P. C. Srivastava, M. J. Ermamatov, Irving O. Morales

1210.5790 (P. C. Srivastava et al.)

Structure of odd Ge isotopes with $40 < N < 50$    [PDF]

P. C. Srivastava, M. J. Ermamatov

1210.5792 (A. H. Mueller et al.)

Sudakov Resummation in Small-x Saturation Formalism    [PDF]

A. H. Mueller, Bo-Wen Xiao, Feng Yuan

1210.5851 (Michael Weber et al.)

Net-charge fluctuations and balance functions at the LHC    [PDF]

Michael Weber, for the ALICE collaboration

1210.5874 (N. Chamel et al.)

Outer crust of strongly magnetized neutron stars for
Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov atomic mass models

N. Chamel, R. L. Pavlov, L. M. Mihailov, Ch. J. Velchev, Zh. K. Stoyanov, Y. D. Mutafchieva, M. D. Ivanovich, J. M. Pearson, S. Goriely

1210.5887 (Feng-Kun Guo et al.)

Baryon electric dipole moments from strong CP violation    [PDF]

Feng-Kun Guo, Ulf-G. Mei├čner

1210.5890 (M. Viviani et al.)

Effect of three nucleon forces in p-3He scattering    [PDF]

M. Viviani, L. Girlanda, A. Kievsky, L. E. Marcucci

1210.5907 (Apoorva Patel)

Baryon Number Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Apoorva Patel

1210.5970 (B. Buck et al.)

Local Potential Model of the Hoyle Band in 12C    [PDF]

B. Buck, A. C. Merchant, S. M. Perez

1210.5995 (S. A. Rakityansky et al.)

A method for extracting the resonance parameters from experimental cross

S. A. Rakityansky, N. Elander

1210.6009 (Jia-Jun Wu et al.)

Photo-production of Bound States with Hidden Charms    [PDF]

Jia-Jun Wu, T. -S. H. Lee

1210.6010 (Matthew Luzum et al.)

Extracting the shear viscosity of the quark-gluon plasma from flow in
ultra-central heavy-ion collisions

Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault