Monday, July 9, 2012

1207.1433 (Hrayr H. Matevosyan et al.)

Higher Order Collins Modulations in Transversely Polarized Quark

Hrayr H. Matevosyan, Anthony W. Thomas, Wolfgang Bentz

1207.1450 (Soeren Schlichting)

Turbulent thermalization of weakly coupled non-abelian plasmas    [PDF]

Soeren Schlichting

1207.1499 (T. -G. Lee et al.)

Quark-Hadron Phase-Transition in an Extended NJL Model with
Scalar-Vector Interaction

T. -G. Lee, Y. Tsue, J. da Providencia, C. Providencia, M. Yamamura

1207.1509 (J. D. Holt et al.)

Three-body forces and proton-rich nuclei    [PDF]

J. D. Holt, J. Menéndez, A. Schwenk

1207.1540 (T. Maruyama et al.)

Time-dependent approach to many-particle tunneling in one-dimension    [PDF]

T. Maruyama, T. Oishi, K. Hagino, H. Sagawa

1207.1554 (Tetsuya Katayama et al.)

EoS for massive neutron stars    [PDF]

Tetsuya Katayama, Tsuyoshi Miyatsu, Koichi Saito

1207.1581 (P. Van Isacker)

Aligned neutron--proton pairs in $N\sim Z$ nuclei    [PDF]

P. Van Isacker

1207.1601 (E. Klempt)

Hadron Spectroscopy, Results and Ideas    [PDF]

E. Klempt

1207.1639 (Chang Xu et al.)

Delineating effects of tensor force on the density dependence of nuclear
symmetry energy

Chang Xu, Ang Li, Bao-An Li

1207.1661 (M. Bayar et al.)

$\bar{K}NN$ Absorption within the Framework of the Fixed Center
Approximation to Faddeev equations

M. Bayar, E. Oset

1207.1666 (S. Esposito et al.)

Majorana solutions to the two-electron problem    [PDF]

S. Esposito, A. Naddeo

1207.1679 (X. Roca-Maza et al.)

Electron scattering in isotonic chains as a probe of the proton shell
structure of unstable nuclei

X. Roca-Maza, M. Centelles, F. Salvat, X. Viñas

1207.1686 (Wei-Zhou Jiang et al.)

Large-mass neutron stars with hyperonization    [PDF]

Wei-Zhou Jiang, Bao-An Li, Lie-Wen Chen