Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1106.6047 (Christian W. Bauer et al.)

Factorization and Resummation for Dijet Invariant Mass Spectra    [PDF]

Christian W. Bauer, Frank J. Tackmann, Jonathan R. Walsh, Saba Zuberi

1204.4595 (Yaroslav Berdnikov et al.)

Hadron production in lepton-nuclei interactions at high energies: Monte
Carlo generator HARDPING 2.0

Yaroslav Berdnikov, Alexey Ivanov, Victor Kim, Victor Murzin

1204.4795 (Chiho Nonaka et al.)

Modeling a Realistic Dynamical Model for High Energy Heavy Ion

Chiho Nonaka, Masayuki Akakawa

1204.4820 (I. P. Lokhtin et al.)

Hadron spectra, flow and correlations in PbPb collisions at the LHC:
interplay between soft and hard physics

I. P. Lokhtin, A. V. Belyaev, L. V. Malinina, S. V. Petrushanko, E. P. Rogochaya, A. M. Snigirev

1204.4866 (I. M. Dremin)

The black disk to be observed in the Orear region    [PDF]

I. M. Dremin

1204.4945 (H. -T. Ding et al.)

Charmonium properties in hot quenched lattice QCD    [PDF]

H. -T. Ding, A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, H. Satz, W. Soeldner

1204.5022 (H. Witala et al.)

Dineutron and the three-nucleon continuum observables    [PDF]

H. Witala, W. Gloeckle

1204.5069 (Bing-Nan Lu et al.)

The pseudospin symmetry in single particle resonant states    [PDF]

Bing-Nan Lu, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1204.5127 (M. Saha Sarkar et al.)

Pairing and shell evolution in neutron rich nuclei    [PDF]

M. Saha Sarkar, S. Sarkar