Friday, March 30, 2012

1011.3354 (Piotr Bozek et al.)

Torqued fireballs in relativistic heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

Piotr Bozek, Wojciech Broniowski, Joao Moreira

1110.2140 (Wojciech Broniowski et al.)

Forward-backward flow correlations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

Wojciech Broniowski, Piotr Bozek, Joao Moreira

1110.3406 (N. Pillet et al.)

Low-lying spectroscopy of a few even-even silicon isotopes investigated
by means of the multiparticle-multihole Gogny energy density functional

N. Pillet, V. G. Zelevinsky, M. Dupuis, J. -F. Berger, J. -M. Daugas

1112.0884 (Joao Moreira et al.)

Forward-backward rapidity correlations in relativistic heavy ion
collisions : torqued fireball

Joao Moreira, Piotr Bozek, Wojciech Broniowski

1201.5005 (I. Bouras et al.)

Transition From Ideal To Viscous Mach Cones In A Kinetic Transport

I. Bouras, A. El, O. Fochler, H. Niemi, Z. Xu, C. Greiner

1203.6137 (H. M. Fried et al.)

Analytic, Non-Perturbative, Gauge-invariant QCD: Nucleon Scattering and
Binding Potentials

H. M. Fried, Y. Gabellini, T. Grandou, Y. -M. Sheu

1203.6388 (K. F. Liu et al.)

Quark and Glue Momenta and Angular Momenta in the Proton --- a Lattice

K. F. Liu, M. Deka, T. Doi, Y. B. Yang, B. Chakraborty, Y. Chen, S. J. Dong, T. Draper, M. Gong, H. W. Lin, D. Mankame, N. Mathur, T. Streuer

1203.6460 (Jing Cao et al.)

A thermodynamically consistent quasi-particle model without
temperature-dependent infinity of the vacuum zero point energy

Jing Cao, Yu Jiang, Wei-min Sun, Hong-shi Zong

1203.6461 (Akihiro Matsuzaki et al.)

A Derivation of the Fermi Function in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

Akihiro Matsuzaki, Hidekazu Tanaka

1203.6513 (Piotr Bozek et al.)

Particle spectra in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV    [PDF]

Piotr Bozek, Iwona Wyskiel-Piekarska

1203.6614 (Edward Shuryak)

Shocks in Quark-Gluon Plasmas    [PDF]

Edward Shuryak

Thursday, March 29, 2012

1203.6139 (Giovanni A. Chirilli et al.)

Inclusive Hadron Productions in pA Collisions    [PDF]

Giovanni A. Chirilli, Bo-Wen Xiao, Feng Yuan

1203.6174 (Yukio Hashimoto)

Linear Responses in Time-dependent Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Method with
Gogny Interaction

Yukio Hashimoto

1203.6272 (Henrik Bohr et al.)

Ferromagnetic condensation in high density hadronic matter    [PDF]

Henrik Bohr, Prafulla K. Panda, Constanca Providencia, Joao da Providencia

1203.6280 (Yifei Niu et al.)

The Gamow-Teller response within Skyrme random-phase approximation plus
particle-vibration coupling

Yifei Niu, Gianluca Colo, Marco Brenna, Marco Brenna, Pier Francesco Bortignon, Jie Meng

1203.6283 (N. Kaiser)

Exact calculation of three-body contact interaction to second order    [PDF]

N. Kaiser

1203.6284 (N. Kaiser)

Isovector part of nuclear energy density functional from chiral two- and
three-nucleon forces

N. Kaiser

1203.6291 (A. Deltuva)

Universal bosonic tetramers of dimer-atom-atom structure    [PDF]

A. Deltuva

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1006.4849 (Harald W. Griesshammer et al.)

Nucleon Spin-Polarisabilities from Polarisation Observables in
Low-Energy Deuteron Compton Scattering

Harald W. Griesshammer, Deepshikha Shukla

1104.1196 (J. Arrington et al.)

Hard probes of short-range nucleon-nucleon correlations    [PDF]

J. Arrington, D. W. Higinbotham, G. Rosner, M. Sargsian

1106.2091 (L. Frankfurt et al.)

Leading twist nuclear shadowing phenomena in hard processes with nuclei    [PDF]

L. Frankfurt, V. Guzey, M. Strikman

1112.5039 (Etienne Caurier et al.)

Shell Model description of the beta beta decay of 136Xe    [PDF]

Etienne Caurier, Frederic Nowacki, Alfredo Poves

1203.6021 (Frank W. K. Firk)

From Nuclear Reactions to High-Frequency Trading: an R-function Approach    [PDF]

Frank W. K. Firk

1203.5820 (J. P. Blocki et al.)

Chaoticity and Shell Effects in the Nearest-Neighbor Distributions    [PDF]

J. P. Blocki, A. G. Magner

1203.5843 (Thomas D. Cohen)

The total nucleon-nucleon cross section at large N_c    [PDF]

Thomas D. Cohen

1203.5936 (E. G. Ferreiro et al.)

High multiplicity pp events and J/ψ production at LHC    [PDF]

E. G. Ferreiro, C. Pajares

1203.5970 (M. V. Ivanov et al.)

Superscaling predictions for neutrino-induced charged-current charged
pion production at MiniBooNE

M. V. Ivanov, J. M. Udias, A. N. Antonov, J. A. Caballero, M. B. Barbaro, E. Moya de Guerra

1203.5993 (K. A. Wendt et al.)

Local Projections of Low-Momentum Potentials    [PDF]

K. A. Wendt, R. J. Furnstahl, S. Ramanan

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1012.5280 (Guang-You Qin et al.)

Explanation of Di-jet asymmetry in Pb+Pb collisions at the Large Hadron

Guang-You Qin, Berndt Müller

1109.0302 (E. Iancu et al.)

Higher-point correlations from the JIMWLK evolution    [PDF]

E. Iancu, D. N. Triantafyllopoulos

1111.0883 (Hao Zheng et al.)

Effects of the U-boson on the inner edge of neutron star crusts    [PDF]

Hao Zheng, Lie-Wen Chen

1111.2849 (Cédric Simenel et al.)

Influence of entrance-channel magicity and isospin on quasi-fission    [PDF]

Cédric Simenel, D. J. Hinde, R. Du Rietz, M. Dasgupta, M. Evers, C. J. Lin, D. H. Luong, A. Wakhle

1112.2595 (V. D. Toneev et al.)

Theoretical analysis of a possible observation of the chiral magnetic
effect in Au + Au collisions within the RHIC beam energy scan program

V. D. Toneev, V. Voronyuk, E. L. Bratkovskaya, W. Cassing, V. P. Konchakovski, S. A. Voloshin

1112.2936 (Rong Chen et al.)

Single-nucleon potential decomposition of the nuclear symmetry energy    [PDF]

Rong Chen, Bao-Jun Cai, Lie-Wen Chen, Bao-An Li, Xiao-Hua Li, Chang Xu

1203.5341 (Craig D. Roberts)

Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations    [PDF]

Craig D. Roberts

1203.5343 (Stefano Carignano et al.)

Two-dimensional chiral crystals in the NJL model    [PDF]

Stefano Carignano, Michael Buballa

1203.5386 (Sinya Aoki et al.)

Matrix Theory for Baryons: An Overview of Holographic QCD for Nuclear

Sinya Aoki, Koji Hashimoto, Norihiro Iizuka

1203.5392 (Masanobu Yahiro et al.)

The continuum discretized coupled-channels method and its applications    [PDF]

Masanobu Yahiro, Kazuyuki Ogata, Takuma Matsumoto, Kosho Minomo

1203.5529 (G. F. Bertsch)

Nuclear pairing: basic phenomena revisited    [PDF]

G. F. Bertsch

1203.5565 (A. S. Umar et al.)

Microscopic sub-barrier fusion calculations for the neutron star crust    [PDF]

A. S. Umar, V. E. Uberacker, C. J. Horowitz

1203.5634 (N. Sadooghi et al.)

Local electric current correlation function in exponentially decaying
magnetic fields

N. Sadooghi, F. Taghinavaz

1203.5640 (J. Cleymans)

The Thermal Model at the Large Hadron Collider    [PDF]

J. Cleymans

1203.5653 (Axel Maas et al.)

The phase diagram of a gauge theory with fermionic baryons    [PDF]

Axel Maas, Lorenz von Smekal, Björn Wellegehausen, Andreas Wipf

1203.5704 (K. Werner et al.)

Jets, Bulk Matter, and their Interaction in Heavy Ion Collisions at
Several TeV

K. Werner, Iu. Karpenko, M. Bleicher, T. Pierog, S. Porteboeuf-Houssais

1203.5707 (Elena Botta et al.)

Strangeness nuclear physics: a critical review on selected topics    [PDF]

Elena Botta, Tullio Bressani, Gianni Garbarino

Monday, March 26, 2012

1109.6904 (Florian Preis et al.)

Holographic baryonic matter in a background magnetic field    [PDF]

Florian Preis, Anton Rebhan, Andreas Schmitt

1203.5132 (J. B. Elliott et al.)

An experimental measurement of the coexistence curve and critical
temperature, density and pressure of bulk nuclear matter

J. B. Elliott, P. T. Lake, L. G. Moretto, L. Phair

1203.5221 (Raktim Abir et al.)

Heavy quark energy loss and D-Mesons at LHC    [PDF]

Raktim Abir, Umme Jamil, Munshi G. Mustafa, Dinesh K. Srivastava

1203.5224 (H. Djapo et al.)

Neutral-current neutrino-nucleus cross sections based on relativistic
nuclear energy density functional

H. Djapo, N. Paar

1203.5234 (N. Barnea et al.)

Realistic calculations of Kbar-N-N, Kbar-N-N-N, and Kbar-Kbar-N-N
quasibound states

N. Barnea, A. Gal, E. Z. Liverts

1203.5236 (B. G. Carlsson et al.)

Collective vibrational states with fast iterative QRPA method    [PDF]

B. G. Carlsson, J. Toivanen, A. Pastore

1203.5278 (Leonid Frankfurt et al.)

QCD and QED dynamics in the EMC effect    [PDF]

Leonid Frankfurt, Mark Strikman

1203.5281 (Nobuya Nishimura et al.)

Impact of New beta-decay Half-lives on r-process Nucleosynthesis    [PDF]

Nobuya Nishimura, Toshitaka Kajino, Grant J. Mathews, Shunji Nishimura, Toshio Suzuki

1203.5302 (Jan Steinheimer et al.)

Non-thermal $p/π$ ratio at LHC as a consequence of hadronic final
state interactions

Jan Steinheimer, Jörg Aichelin, Marcus Bleicher

1203.5313 (M. Bayar et al.)

Improved Fixed Center Approximation of the Faddeev equations for the
$\bar{K}NN$ system with $S_{NN}=0$

M. Bayar, E. Oset

Friday, March 23, 2012

1110.1203 (Yukinao Akamatsu et al.)

Stochastic potential and quantum decoherence of heavy quarkonium in the
quark-gluon plasma

Yukinao Akamatsu, Alexander Rothkopf

1112.6105 (Alvin Kiswandhi et al.)

On the near-threshold peak structure in the differential cross section
of $φ$-meson photoproduction: missing resonance with non-negligible
strangeness content?

Alvin Kiswandhi, Shin Nan Yang

1201.4800 (Vincenzo Greco et al.)

Elliptic flow at varying energy heavy ion collisions: Partonic vs
hadronic dynamics

Vincenzo Greco, Michael Mitrovski, Giorgio Torrieri

1203.4856 (M. A. Caprio et al.)

Generalized seniority for the shell model with realistic interactions    [PDF]

M. A. Caprio, F. Q. Luo, K. Cai, V. Hellemans, C. Constantinou

1203.4864 (Nan Wang et al.)

Theoretical study of the synthesis of superheavy nuclei with Z= 119 and
120 in heavy-ion reactions with trans-uranium targets

Nan Wang, En-Guang Zhao, Werner Scheid, Shan-Gui Zhou

1203.4884 (Takayuki Myo et al.)

Five-body resonances of 8C using the complex scaling method    [PDF]

Takayuki Myo, Yuma Kikuchi, Kiyoshi Kato

1203.4998 (Marlene Nahrgang et al.)

Nonequilibrium effects in dynamic symmetry breaking    [PDF]

Marlene Nahrgang, Stefan Leupold, Marcus Bleicher

1203.5013 (M. Kowal et al.)

Ground State and Saddle Point: masses and deformations for even-even
superheavy nuclei with 98 < Z < 126 and 134< N < 192

M. Kowal, P. Jachimowicz, J. Skalski

1203.5059 (Yuji Hirono et al.)

Anisotropic optical response of dense quark matter under rotation --
compact stars as cosmic polarizers --

Yuji Hirono, Muneto Nitta

1203.5095 (Jiangyong Jia et al.)

A method for studying initial geometry fluctations via event plane
correlations in heavy ion collisions

Jiangyong Jia, Soumya Mohapatra

Thursday, March 22, 2012

1103.2044 (Alexei M. Frolov et al.)

Vacuum polarization in light two-electron atoms and ions    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov, David M. Wardlaw

1106.3837 (Chen Ji et al.)

The three-boson system at next-to-leading order in an effective field
theory for systems with a large scattering length

Chen Ji, Daniel R. Phillips, Lucas Platter

1109.0394 (Daisuke Jido et al.)

Nuclear bound state of eta'(958) and partial restoration of chiral
symmetry in the eta' mass

Daisuke Jido, Hideko Nagahiro, Satoru Hirenzaki

1109.1080 (Tsuneo Noda et al.)

Cooling of Compact Stars with Color Superconducting Phase in Quark
Hadron Mixed Phase

Tsuneo Noda, Masa-aki Hashimoto, Yasuhide Matsuo, Nobutoshi Yasutake, Toshiki Maruyama, Toshitaka Tatsumi, Masayuki Fujimoto

1111.0177 (Apoorva Patel)

Flux Tube Model Signals for Baryon Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Apoorva Patel

1111.6069 (C. Lorce' et al.)

Pretzelosity TMD and Quark Orbital Angular Momentum    [PDF]

C. Lorce', B. Pasquini

1203.4557 (M. A. Perez-Garcia et al.)

Proceedings of the 2nd Iberian Nuclear Astrophysics Meeting on Compact

M. A. Perez-Garcia, J. Pons, C. Albertus Eds

1203.4392 (B. Pire et al.)

On timelike and spacelike hard exclusive reactions    [PDF]

B. Pire, L. Szymanowski, J. Wagner

1203.4452 (Grzegorz Wilk et al.)

Consequences of temperature fluctuations in observables measured in high
energy collisions

Grzegorz Wilk, Zbigniew Wlodarczyk

1203.4578 (Scott Pratt)

Identifying the Charge Carriers of the Quark-Gluon Plasma    [PDF]

Scott Pratt

1203.4630 (R. Winkler et al.)

Quadrupole collectivity beyond N=28: Intermediate-energy Coulomb
excitation of 47,48Ar

R. Winkler, A. Gade, T. Baugher, D. Bazin, B. A. Brown, T. Glasmacher, G. F. Grinyer, R. Meharchand, S. McDaniel, A. Ratkiewicz, D. Weisshaar

1203.4638 (Aram Z. Mekjian)

Viscosity of a nucleonic fluid    [PDF]

Aram Z. Mekjian

1203.4646 (J. Berges et al.)

Over-populated gauge fields on the lattice    [PDF]

J. Berges, S. Schlichting, D. Sexty

1203.4669 (Jameel-Un Nabi et al.)

Gamow-Teller strength distribution in proton-rich nucleus $^{57}$Zn and
its implications in astrophysics

Jameel-Un Nabi, Muneeb-Ur Rahman

1203.4675 (Jameel-Un Nabi)

Ground and excited states Gamow-Teller strength distributions of iron
isotopes and associated capture rates for core-collapse simulations

Jameel-Un Nabi

1203.4678 (N. B. Ladygina)

$dd\to {^3}He n$ reaction at intermediate energies    [PDF]

N. B. Ladygina

1203.4718 (J. A. Lay et al.)

Particle motion in a deformed potential using a transformed oscillator

J. A. Lay, A. M. Moro, J. M. Arias, J. Gómez-Camacho

1203.4734 (V. Ozvenchuk et al.)

Dynamical equilibration of strongly-interacting 'infinite' parton matter
within the Parton-Hadron-String Dynamics (PHSD) transport approach

V. Ozvenchuk, O. Linnyk, M. I. Gorenstein, E. L. Bratkovskaya, W. Cassing

1203.4758 (C. Ditsche et al.)

Roy-Steiner equations for pion-nucleon scattering    [PDF]

C. Ditsche, M. Hoferichter, B. Kubis, U. -G. Meißner

1203.4769 (Hee-Jung Lee et al.)

Parity-violating $πN N$ coupling constant in the chiral quark-soliton

Hee-Jung Lee, Chang Ho Hyun, Hyun-Chul Kim

1203.4782 (Pere Masjuan et al.)

Systematics of radial and angular-momentum Regge trajectories of light
non-strange q\bar{q}-states

Pere Masjuan, Enrique Ruiz Arriola, Wojciech Broniowski

1203.4789 (Zoltan Fodor et al.)

Light Hadron Masses from Lattice QCD    [PDF]

Zoltan Fodor, Christian Hoelbling

1203.4796 (E. Oset et al.)

Interaction of vector mesons with baryons and vectors in the nuclear

E. Oset, A. Ramos, E. J. Garzon, P. Gonzalez, J. J. Xie, A. Martinez Torres, L. Tolos, R. Molina, C. W. Xiao

1203.4798 (E. Oset et al.)

A new perspective on the Faddeev equations and the $\bar{K}NN$ system
from chiral dynamics and unitarity in coupled channels

E. Oset, D. Jido, T. Sekihara, A. Martinez Torres, K. P. Khemchandani, M. Bayar, J. Yamagata-Sekihara

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1008.3933 (Aurel Bulgac et al.)

The Unitary Fermi Gas: From Monte Carlo to Density Functionals    [PDF]

Aurel Bulgac, Michael McNeil Forbes, Piotr Magierski

1201.1681 (Qian Wang et al.)

Open charm effects in the explanation of the long-standing "$ρπ$

Qian Wang, Gang Li, Qiang Zhao

1203.4259 (Ilmar Gahramanov et al.)

Anisotropic hydrodynamics, holography and the chiral magnetic effect    [PDF]

Ilmar Gahramanov, Tigran Kalaydzhyan, Ingo Kirsch

1203.4286 (James M. Lattimer et al.)

Constraining the Symmetry Parameters of the Nuclear Interaction    [PDF]

James M. Lattimer, Yeunhwan Lim

1203.4335 (P. Capel et al.)

Comparing non-perturbative models of the breakup of neutron-halo nuclei    [PDF]

P. Capel, H. Esbensen, F. M. Nunes

1203.4338 (Jameel-Un Nabi)

rp-Process weak-interaction mediated rates of waiting-point nuclei    [PDF]

Jameel-Un Nabi

1203.4343 (J. Cleymans et al.)

Relativistic Thermodynamics: Transverse Momentum Distributions in
High-Energy Physics

J. Cleymans, D. Worku

1203.4344 (Jameel-Un Nabi)

Neutrino cooling rates due to $^{54,55,56}$Fe for presupernova evolution
of massive stars

Jameel-Un Nabi

1203.4379 (S. Zerguine et al.)

Consistent description of nuclear charge radii and electric monopole

S. Zerguine, P. Van Isacker, A. Bouldjedri

1203.4412 (W. Chen et al.)

Amplitude analysis of gamma n --> pi- p data above 1 GeV    [PDF]

W. Chen, H. Gao, W. J. Briscoe, D. Dutta, A. E. Kudryavtsev, M. Mirazita, P. Rossi, S. Stepanyan, I. I. Strakovsky, V. E. Tarasov, R. L. Workman

1203.4418 (Tetsufumi Hirano et al.)

Dynamical modeling of high energy heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

Tetsufumi Hirano, Yasushi Nara

1203.4421 (Gunnar Graef et al.)

Formation time dependence of femtoscopic $ππ$ correlations in p+p
collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=7 TeV

Gunnar Graef, Qingfeng Li, Marcus Bleicher

1203.4441 (Cheuk-Yin Wong)

Novel Bose-Einstein Interference in the Passage of a Fast Particle in a
Dense Medium

Cheuk-Yin Wong

1203.4449 (M. Kowal et al.)

Third minima in actinides - do they exist?    [PDF]

M. Kowal, J. Skalski

1203.4529 (Adam Bzdak et al.)

Baryon number conservation and the cumulants of the net proton

Adam Bzdak, Volker Koch, Vladimir Skokov

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1110.3747 (K. Van Houcke et al.)

Feynman diagrams versus Fermi-gas Feynman emulator    [PDF]

K. Van Houcke, F. Werner, E. Kozik, N. Prokofev, B. Svistunov, M. J. H. Ku, A. T. Sommer, L. W. Cheuk, A. Schirotzek, M. W. Zwierlein

1112.4552 (Yachao Qian et al.)

Single Spin Asymmetry through QCD Instantons    [PDF]

Yachao Qian, Ismail Zahed

1203.3846 (Guang-Hua Zhang et al.)

Liquid-gas phase transition in hot asymmetric nuclear matter with
density-dependent relativistic mean-field models

Guang-Hua Zhang, Wei-Zhou Jiang

1203.3856 (Evangelos Matsinos et al.)

Analysis of the low-energy $π^- p$ charge-exchange data    [PDF]

Evangelos Matsinos, Guenther Rasche

1203.3878 (S. Zhu et al.)

Nature of yrast excitations near N=40: Level structure of Ni-67    [PDF]

S. Zhu, R. V. F. Janssens, M. P. Carpenter, C. J. Chiara, R. Broda, B. Fornal, N. Hoteling, W. Krolas, T. Lauritsen, T. Pawlat, D. Seweryniak, I. Stefanescu, J. R. Stone, W. B. Walters, X. Wang, J. Wrzesinski

1203.3890 (J. Okołowicz et al.)

Asymptotic normalization coefficients and continuum coupling in mirror

J. Okołowicz, N. Michel, W. Nazarewicz, M. Płoszajczak

1203.3925 (Guillaume Hupin et al.)

On the application of symmetry breaking and its restoration to treat
pairing correlation in finite nuclei

Guillaume Hupin, Denis Lacroix

1203.3979 (Vladimir B. Kopeliovich)

Neutron Rich Hypernuclei in Chiral Soliton Model    [PDF]

Vladimir B. Kopeliovich

1203.4006 (F. J. Fattoyev et al.)

Neutron skins and neutron stars    [PDF]

F. J. Fattoyev, J. Piekarewicz

1203.4029 (Qing-Yong Lin et al.)

Revisiting the production of charmonium plus a light meson at PANDA    [PDF]

Qing-Yong Lin, Xiang Liu, Hu-Shan Xu

1203.4050 (Shimpei Endo et al.)

Crossover trimers connecting continuous and discrete scaling regimes    [PDF]

Shimpei Endo, Pascal Naidon, Masahito Ueda

1203.4071 (Gunnar Graef et al.)

Examination of scaling of Hanbury-Brown--Twiss radii with charged
particle multiplicity

Gunnar Graef, Qingfeng Li, Marcus Bleicher

1203.4104 (Qingfeng Li et al.)

UrQMD calculations of two-pion HBT correlations in central Pb-Pb
collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=2.76$ TeV

Qingfeng Li, Gunnar Graef, Marcus Bleicher

1203.4159 (Domenico Logoteta et al.)

Chiral model approach to quark matter nucleation in neutron stars    [PDF]

Domenico Logoteta, Ignazio Bombaci, Constança Providência, Isaac Vidana

1203.4166 (Fabrizio Grill et al.)

The neutron star inner crust and symmetry energy    [PDF]

Fabrizio Grill, Sidney S. Avancini, Constança Providência

Monday, March 19, 2012

1109.2894 (Srinivas K. Arigapudi et al.)

Overlapping resonances in nuclei coupling to the atomic shells    [PDF]

Srinivas K. Arigapudi, Adriana Pálffy

1203.3551 (Brian D. Fields)

The Primordial Lithium Problem    [PDF]

Brian D. Fields

1203.3557 (Janus Weil et al.)

Dilepton production in proton-induced reactions at SIS energies with the
GiBUU transport model

Janus Weil, Hendrik van Hees, Ulrich Mosel

1203.3605 (Roy A. Lacey et al.)

Scaling patterns for azimuthal anisotropy in Pb+Pb collisions at Root_s
= 2.76 TeV: Further constraints on transport coefficients

Roy A. Lacey, N. N. Ajitanand, J. M. Alexander, J. Jia, A. Taranenko

1203.3635 (Evangelos Matsinos et al.)

Analysis of the DENZ04 low-energy $π^\pm p$ elastic-scattering data    [PDF]

Evangelos Matsinos, Guenther Rasche

1203.3648 (Amand Faessler)

The Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, Physics beyond the Standard Model
and the Neutrino Mass

Amand Faessler

1203.3671 (K. Fialkowski et al.)

On multiplicity correlations in the STAR data    [PDF]

K. Fialkowski, R. Wit

1203.3673 (L. Coraggio et al.)

g9/2 nuclei and neutron-proton interaction    [PDF]

L. Coraggio, A. Covello, A. Gargano, N. Itaco

1203.3687 (T. Marketin et al.)

Role of momentum transfer in the quenching of Gamow-Teller strength    [PDF]

T. Marketin, G. Martínez-Pinedo, N. Paar, D. Vretenar

1203.3765 (Gaute Hagen et al.)

Computational aspects of nuclear coupled-cluster theory    [PDF]

Gaute Hagen, Hai Ah Nam

Friday, March 16, 2012

1108.1151 (Joseph Wasem)

Lattice QCD Calculation of Nuclear Parity Violation    [PDF]

Joseph Wasem

1110.6340 (Axel Maas et al.)

The gluon propagator close to criticality    [PDF]

Axel Maas, Jan M. Pawlowski, Lorenz von Smekal, Daniel Spielmann

1111.6144 (A. S. Parvan)

Caloric curve for nuclear liquid-gas phase transition in relativistic
mean-field hadronic model

A. S. Parvan

1203.2697 (Dam Thanh Son et al.)

Berry Curvature, Triangle Anomalies, and Chiral Magnetic Effect in Fermi

Dam Thanh Son, Naoki Yamamoto

1203.3214 (I. Gonzalez et al.)

Nonmesonic Hyperon Weak Decay Spectra in $^{12}_Λ$C}    [PDF]

I. Gonzalez, A. Deppman, S. Duarte, F. Krmpotić, M. S. Hussein, C. Barbero

1203.3218 (A. R. Samana et al.)

Neutrino and antineutrino cross sections in $^{12}$C    [PDF]

A. R. Samana, F. Krmpotić, N. Paar, C. A. Bertulani

1203.3265 (Jiangyong Jia)

Azimuthal anisotropy in a jet absorption model with fluctuating initial
geometry in heavy ion collisions

Jiangyong Jia

1203.3286 (Denis Lacroix et al.)

Symmetry breaking and fluctuations within stochastic mean-field
dynamics: importance of initial quantum fluctuations

Denis Lacroix, Sakir Ayik, Bulent Yilmaz

1203.3320 (Hidekatsu Nemura et al.)

Baryon-baryon interaction of strangeness S=-1 sector    [PDF]

Hidekatsu Nemura, for HAL QCD Collaboration

1203.3330 (A. P. Jerusalimov)

Analysis of the Reaction: $np \rightarrow np π^+ π^-$ from the Point
of View of Oper-Model

A. P. Jerusalimov

1203.3335 (D. Meloni et al.)

Revisiting the T2K data using different models for the neutrino-nucleus
cross sections

D. Meloni, M. Martini

1203.3355 (Ruirui Xu et al.)

Relativistic nucleon optical potentials with isospin dependence in Dirac
Brueckner Hartree-Fock approach

Ruirui Xu, Zhongyu Ma, E. N. E. van Dalen, H. Muther

1203.3410 (Jiangyong Jia et al.)

A study of the anisotropy associated with dipole asymmetry in heavy ion

Jiangyong Jia, Sooraj K. Radhakrishnan, Soumya Mohapatra

Thursday, March 15, 2012

1101.1921 (S. Gandolfi et al.)

The maximum mass and radius of neutron stars and the nuclear symmetry

S. Gandolfi, J. Carlson, Sanjay Reddy

1102.2582 (V. V. Vechernin et al.)

Fluctuations of the number of participants and binary collisions in AA
interactions at fixed centrality in the Glauber approach

V. V. Vechernin, H. S. Nguyen

1108.0848 (Matthias Hempel et al.)

New Equations of State in Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

Matthias Hempel, Tobias Fischer, Jürgen Schaffner-Bielich, Matthias Liebendörfer

1108.0985 (Bingwei Long et al.)

Renormalizing Chiral Nuclear Forces: A Case Study of 3P0    [PDF]

Bingwei Long, C. -J. Yang

1109.1817 (Anna Stasto et al.)

Back-to-Back Correlations of Di-hadrons in dAu Collisions at RHIC    [PDF]

Anna Stasto, Bo-Wen Xiao, Feng Yuan

1111.2159 (Payal Mohanty et al.)

Elliptic flow of thermal dileptons as a probe of QCD matter    [PDF]

Payal Mohanty, Victor Roy, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Santosh K. Das, Bedangadas Mohanty, Sourav Sarkar, Jane Alam, Asis K. Chaudhuri

1111.2791 (Salvatore Fiorilla et al.)

Chiral thermodynamics of nuclear matter    [PDF]

Salvatore Fiorilla, Norbert Kaiser, Wolfram Weise

1111.3993 (Bingwei Long et al.)

Renormalizing Chiral Nuclear Forces: Triplet Channels    [PDF]

Bingwei Long, Chieh-Jen Yang

1111.5475 (J. Wambach et al.)

Transport Properties of Strong-Interaction Matter    [PDF]

J. Wambach, K. Heckmann, M. Buballa

1112.4801 (Larry Zamick et al.)

Single j-shell studies of cross-conjugate nuclei and isomerism    [PDF]

Larry Zamick, Alberto Escuderos

1203.2606 (Y. Aritomo et al.)

Dynamical approach to heavy-ion induced fission using actinide target
nuclei at energies around the Coulomb barrier

Y. Aritomo, K. Hagino, K. Nishio, S. Chiba

1203.2644 (A. Adare et al.)

Deviation from quark-number scaling of the anisotropy parameter v_2 of
pions, kaons, and protons in Au+Au collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 200 GeV

A. Adare, S. Afanasiev, C. Aidala, N. N. Ajitanand, Y. Akiba, H. Al-Bataineh, J. Alexander, K. Aoki, Y. Aramaki, E. T. Atomssa, R. Averbeck, T. C. Awes, B. Azmoun, V. Babintsev, M. Bai, G. Baksay, L. Baksay, K. N. Barish, B. Bassalleck, A. T. Basye, S. Bathe, V. Baublis, C. Baumann, A. Bazilevsky, S. Belikov, R. Belmont, R. Bennett, A. Berdnikov, Y. Berdnikov, A. A. Bickley, J. S. Bok, K. Boyle, M. L. Brooks, H. Buesching, V. Bumazhnov, G. Bunce, S. Butsyk, C. M. Camacho, S. Campbell, C. -H. Chen, C. Y. Chi, M. Chiu, I. J. Choi, R. K. Choudhury, P. Christiansen, T. Chujo, P. Chung, O. Chvala, V. Cianciolo, Z. Citron, B. A. Cole, M. Connors, P. Constantin, M. Csanád, T. Csörgö, T. Dahms, S. Dairaku, I. Danchev, K. Das, A. Datta, G. David, A. Denisov, A. Deshpande, E. J. Desmond, O. Dietzsch, A. Dion, M. Donadelli, O. Drapier, A. Drees, K. A. Drees, J. M. Durham, A. Durum, D. Dutta, S. Edwards, Y. V. Efremenko, F. Ellinghaus, T. Engelmore, A. Enokizono, H. En'yo, S. Esumi, B. Fadem, D. E. Fields, M. Finger, M. Finger, \, Jr., F. Fleuret, S. L. Fokin, Z. Fraenkel, J. E. Frantz, A. Franz, A. D. Frawley, K. Fujiwara, Y. Fukao, T. Fusayasu, I. Garishvili, A. Glenn, H. Gong, M. Gonin, Y. Goto, R. Granier de Cassagnac, N. Grau, S. V. Greene, M. Grosse Perdekamp, T. Gunji, H. -Å. Gustafsson, J. S. Haggerty, K. I. Hahn, H. Hamagaki, J. Hamblen, R. Han, J. Hanks, E. P. Hartouni, E. Haslum, R. Hayano, X. He, M. Heffner, T. K. Hemmick, T. Hester, J. C. Hill, M. Hohlmann, W. Holzmann, K. Homma, B. Hong, T. Horaguchi, D. Hornback, S. Huang, T. Ichihara, R. Ichimiya, J. Ide, Y. Ikeda, K. Imai, M. Inaba, D. Isenhower, M. Ishihara, T. Isobe, M. Issah, A. Isupov, D. Ivanischev, B. V. Jacak, J. Jia, J. Jin, B. M. Johnson, K. S. Joo, D. Jouan, D. S. Jumper, F. Kajihara, S. Kametani, N. Kamihara, J. Kamin, J. H. Kang, J. Kapustinsky, K. Karatsu, D. Kawall, M. Kawashima, A. V. Kazantsev, T. Kempel, A. Khanzadeev, K. M. Kijima, B. I. Kim, D. H. Kim, D. J. Kim, E. Kim, E. J. Kim, S. H. Kim, Y. J. Kim, E. Kinney, K. Kiriluk, Á. Kiss, E. Kistenev, L. Kochenda, B. Komkov, M. Konno, J. Koster, D. Kotchetkov, A. Kozlov, A. Král, A. Kravitz, G. J. Kunde, K. Kurita, M. Kurosawa, Y. Kwon, G. S. Kyle, R. Lacey, Y. S. Lai, J. G. Lajoie, A. Lebedev, D. M. Lee, J. Lee, K. Lee, K. B. Lee, K. S. Lee, M. J. Leitch, M. A. L. Leite, E. Leitner, B. Lenzi, X. Li, P. Liebing, L. A. Linden Levy, T. Liška, A. Litvinenko, H. Liu, M. X. Liu, B. Love, R. Luechtenborg, D. Lynch, C. F. Maguire, Y. I. Makdisi, A. Malakhov, M. D. Malik, V. I. Manko, E. Mannel, Y. Mao, H. Masui, F. Matathias, M. McCumber, P. L. McGaughey, N. Means, B. Meredith, Y. Miake, A. C. Mignerey, P. Mikeš, K. Miki, A. Milov, M. Mishra, J. T. Mitchell, A. K. Mohanty, Y. Morino, A. Morreale, D. P. Morrison, T. V. Moukhanova, J. Murata, S. Nagamiya, J. L. Nagle, M. Naglis, M. I. Nagy, I. Nakagawa, Y. Nakamiya, T. Nakamura, K. Nakano, J. Newby, M. Nguyen, R. Nouicer, A. S. Nyanin, E. O'Brien, S. X. Oda, C. A. Ogilvie, M. Oka, K. Okada, Y. Onuki, A. Oskarsson, M. Ouchida, K. Ozawa, R. Pak, V. Pantuev, V. Papavassiliou, I. H. Park, J. Park, S. K. Park, W. J. Park, S. F. Pate, H. Pei, J. -C. Peng, H. Pereira, V. Peresedov, D. Yu. Peressounko, C. Pinkenburg, R. P. Pisani, M. Proissl, M. L. Purschke, A. K. Purwar, H. Qu, J. Rak, A. Rakotozafindrabe, I. Ravinovich, K. F. Read, K. Reygers, V. Riabov, Y. Riabov, E. Richardson, D. Roach, G. Roche, S. D. Rolnick, M. Rosati, C. A. Rosen, S. S. E. Rosendahl, P. Rosnet, P. Rukoyatkin, P. Ružička, B. Sahlmueller, N. Saito, T. Sakaguchi, K. Sakashita, V. Samsonov, S. Sano, T. Sato, S. Sawada, K. Sedgwick, J. Seele, R. Seidl, A. Yu. Semenov, R. Seto, D. Sharma, I. Shein, T. -A. Shibata, K. Shigaki, M. Shimomura, K. Shoji, P. Shukla, A. Sickles, C. L. Silva, D. Silvermyr, C. Silvestre, K. S. Sim, B. K. Singh, C. P. Singh, V. Singh, M. Slunečka, R. A. Soltz, W. E. Sondheim, S. P. Sorensen, I. V. Sourikova, N. A. Sparks, P. W. Stankus, E. Stenlund, S. P. Stoll, T. Sugitate, A. Sukhanov, J. Sziklai, E. M. Takagui, A. Taketani, R. Tanabe, Y. Tanaka, K. Tanida, M. J. Tannenbaum, S. Tarafdar, A. Taranenko, P. Tarján, H. Themann, T. L. Thomas, M. Togawa, A. Toia, L. Tomášek, H. Torii, R. S. Towell, I. Tserruya, Y. Tsuchimoto, C. Vale, H. Valle, H. W. van Hecke, E. Vazquez-Zambrano, A. Veicht, J. Velkovska, R. Vértesi, A. A. Vinogradov, M. Virius, V. Vrba, E. Vznuzdaev, X. R. Wang, D. Watanabe, K. Watanabe, Y. Watanabe, F. Wei, R. Wei, J. Wessels, S. N. White, D. Winter, J. P. Wood, C. L. Woody, R. M. Wright, M. Wysocki, W. Xie, Y. L. Yamaguchi, K. Yamaura, R. Yang, A. Yanovich, J. Ying, S. Yokkaichi, Z. You, G. R. Young, I. Younus, I. E. Yushmanov, W. A. Zajc, C. Zhang, S. Zhou, L. Zolin

1203.2678 (Jun Xu et al.)

Nuclear constraints on non-Newtonian gravity at femtometer scale    [PDF]

Jun Xu, Bao-An Li, Lie-Wen Chen, Hao Zheng

1203.2703 (Rachid Ouyed)

A universal, post Big-Bang Nucleo-synthesis, pre-Galactic, origin of the
Lithium (Spite) Plateau

Rachid Ouyed

1203.2772 (Ravi Kuchimanchi)

Maximal CP and Bounds on Neutron EDM from P and CP Breaking    [PDF]

Ravi Kuchimanchi

1203.2789 (G. Co' et al.)

Magnetic excitations in nuclei with neutron excess    [PDF]

G. Co', V. De Donno, M. Anguiano, A. M. Lallena

1203.2792 (Gentaro Watanabe et al.)

Floquet analysis of modulated two-mode Bose-Hubbard model    [PDF]

Gentaro Watanabe, Harri Mäkelä

1203.2837 (J. A. Sheikh et al.)

Mixing of quasiparticle excitations and gamma-vibrations in transitional

J. A. Sheikh, G. H. Bhat, Yan-Xin Liu, Fang-Qi Chen, Yang Sun

1203.2840 (A. A. Bylinkin et al.)

Comparative Analysis of Pion, Kaon and Proton Spectra Produced at PHENIX    [PDF]

A. A. Bylinkin, A. A. Rostovtsev

1203.2882 (Fernando G. Gardim et al.)

Anisotropic flow in event-by-event ideal hydrodynamic simulations of
sqrt(s_{NN})=200 GeV Au+Au collisions

Fernando G. Gardim, Frederique Grassi, Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

1203.2935 (O. Lalakulich et al.)

Many-Body Interactions of Neutrinos with Nuclei - Observables    [PDF]

O. Lalakulich, K. Gallmeister, U. Mosel

1203.2964 (Taesoo Song et al.)

Charmonium production from nonequilibrium charm and anticharm quarks in
quark-gluon plasma

Taesoo Song, Kyong Chol Han, Che Ming Ko

1203.3052 (S. S. Avancini et al.)

Light clusters and the pasta phase    [PDF]

S. S. Avancini, C. C. Barros Jr, L. Brito, S. Chiacchiera, D. P. Menezes, C. Providência

1203.3067 (Jan-e Alam)

In search of quark gluon plasma in nuclear collisions    [PDF]

Jan-e Alam

1203.3130 (E. Hiyama et al.)

Perfect linear correlations between 4He trimer and tetramer energies
calculated with various realistic 4He potentials

E. Hiyama, M. Kamimura

1203.3146 (Diogo Boito et al.)

An updated determination of α_s from tau decays    [PDF]

Diogo Boito, Maarten Golterman, Matthias Jamin, Andisheh Mahdavi, Kim Maltman, James Osborne, Santiago Peris

1203.3169 (Michael G. Endres et al.)

Lattice Monte Carlo calculations for unitary fermions in a finite box    [PDF]

Michael G. Endres, David B. Kaplan, Jong-Wan Lee, Amy N. Nicholson

1203.3175 (M. G. de Paoli et al.)

Particle yields in heavy ion collisions and the influence of strong
magnetic fields

M. G. de Paoli, D. P. Menezes

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1112.2114 (Masayasu Harada et al.)

Holographic Mean-Field Theory for Baryon Many-Body Systems    [PDF]

Masayasu Harada, Shin Nakamura, Shinpei Takemoto

1112.2340 (Md. Rihan Haque et al.)

Multiplicity, average transverse momentum and azimuthal anisotropy in
U+U collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV using AMPT model

Md. Rihan Haque, Zi-Wei Lin, Bedangadas Mohanty

1112.6150 (A. M. Shirokov et al.)

Deuteron-equivalent and phase-equivalent interactions within light

A. M. Shirokov, V. A. Kulikov, A. I. Mazur, J. P. Vary, P. Maris

1203.2191 (V. S. Filinov et al.)

Color path-integral Monte Carlo simulations of quark-gluon plasma    [PDF]

V. S. Filinov, Yu. B. Ivanov, M. Bonitz, V. E. Fortov, P. R. Levashov

1203.2206 (R. F. Sawyer)

Plasma effects on resonant fusion    [PDF]

R. F. Sawyer

1203.2218 (Madhubrata Bhattacharya et al.)

Helium nuclei around the neutron drip line    [PDF]

Madhubrata Bhattacharya, G. Gangopadhyay, Subinit Roy

1203.2252 (K. Siwek-Wilczynska et al.)

Predictions of the FBD model for the synthesis cross sections of Z =
114-120 elements based on macroscopic-microscopic fission barriers

K. Siwek-Wilczynska, T. Cap, M. Kowal, A. Sobiczewski, J. Wilczynski

1203.2262 (P. E. Bosted et al.)

Empirical Fit to electron-nucleus scattering    [PDF]

P. E. Bosted, V. Mamyan

1203.2373 (Volker D. Burkert)

The JLab 12GeV Upgrade and the Initial Science Program    [PDF]

Volker D. Burkert

1203.2398 (Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo)

Breaking of N=8 magicity in 13Be    [PDF]

Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo

1203.2452 (H. Niemi et al.)

Influence of a temperature-dependent shear viscosity on the azimuthal
asymmetries of transverse momentum spectra in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion

H. Niemi, G. S. Denicol, P. Huovinen, E. Molnár, D. H. Rischke

1203.2515 (K. Tsukiyama et al.)

In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group for Open-Shell Nuclei    [PDF]

K. Tsukiyama, S. K. Bogner, A. Schwenk

1203.2547 (J. Steinheimer et al.)

Hypernuclei, dibaryon and antinuclei production in high energy heavy ion
collisions: Thermal production vs. Coalescence

J. Steinheimer, K. Gudima, A. Botvina, I. Mishustin, M. Bleicher, H. Stöcker

1203.2565 (Joaquín E. Drut)

Improved lattice operators for non-relativistic fermions    [PDF]

Joaquín E. Drut

1203.2572 (Xingbo Zhao)

Charmonium in Hot Medium    [PDF]

Xingbo Zhao

Monday, March 12, 2012

1103.0861 (Michael Urban)

Pygmy resonance and torus mode within Vlasov dynamics    [PDF]

Michael Urban

1107.1215 (A. Bialas et al.)

Hidden asymmetry and long range rapidity correlations    [PDF]

A. Bialas, A. Bzdak, K. Zalewski

1110.4740 (I. Bautista et al.)

Evolution of particle density in high-energy pp collisions    [PDF]

I. Bautista, C. Pajares, J. Dias de Deus

1112.5306 (M. Alvioli et al.)

Initial state anisotropies and their uncertainties in ultrarelativistic
heavy-ion collisions from the Monte Carlo Glauber model

M. Alvioli, H. Holopainen, K. J. Eskola, M. Strikman

1112.5401 (Nils Strodthoff et al.)

Quark-meson-diquark model for two-color QCD    [PDF]

Nils Strodthoff, Bernd-Jochen Schaefer, Lorenz von Smekal

1201.0687 (J. Berges et al.)

Bose condensation far from equilibrium    [PDF]

J. Berges, D. Sexty

1203.1856 (Alina Czajka et al.)

N=4 Super Yang-Mills Plasma    [PDF]

Alina Czajka, Stanislaw Mrowczynski

1203.1954 (M. Agnello et al.)

First observation of the hyper superheavy hydrogen 6ΛH    [PDF]

M. Agnello, L. Benussi, M. Bertani, H. C. Bhang, G. Bonomi, E. Botta, M. Bregant, T. Bressani, S. Bufalino, L. Busso, D. Calvo, P. Camerini, B. Dalena, F. De Mori, G. D'Erasmo, F. L. Fabbri, A. Feliciello, A. Filippi, E. M. Fiore, A. Fontana, H. Fujioka, P. Genova, P. Gianotti, N. Grion, V. Lucherini, S. Marcello, N. Mirfakhrai, F. Moia, O. Morra, T. Nagae, H. Outa, A. Pantaleo, V. Paticchio, S. Piano, R. Rui, G. Simonetti, R. Wheadon, A. Zenoni, A. Gal

1203.2011 (Takatoshi Ichikawa et al.)

The contrasting fission potential-energy structure of actinides and
mercury isotopes

Takatoshi Ichikawa, Akira Iwamoto, Peter Möller, Arnold J. Sierk

1203.2042 (Juergen Berges et al.)

EMMI Rapid Reaction Task Force on "Thermalization in Non-abelian

Juergen Berges, Jean-Paul Blaizot, Francois Gelis

1203.2068 (Purnendu Chakraborty et al.)

D=2 gluon condensate and QCD propagators at finite temperature    [PDF]

Purnendu Chakraborty, Munshi G. Mustafa

1203.2132 (Stanisław G. Rohoziński)

Gaussian Overlap Approxomation for the quadrupole collective states    [PDF]

Stanisław G. Rohoziński

1203.2134 (J. Margueron et al.)

Suppression, persistence and reentrance of superfluidity in overflowing
nuclear systems

J. Margueron, E. Khan

1203.2155 (I. Poltoratska et al.)

Pygmy dipole resonance in 208Pb    [PDF]

I. Poltoratska, P. von Neumann-Cosel, A. Tamii, T. Adachi, C. A. Bertulani, J. Carter, M. Dozono, H. Fujita, K. Fujita, Y. Fujita, K. Hatanaka, M. Itoh, T. Kawabata, Y. Kalmykov, A. M. Krumbholz, E. Litvinova, H. Matsubara, K. Nakanishi, R. Neveling, H. Okamura, H. J. Ong, B. Özel-Tashenov, V. Yu. Ponomarev, A. Richter, B. Rubio, H. Sakaguchi, Y. Sakemi, Y. Sasamoto, Y. Shimbara, Y. Shimizu, F. D. Smit, T. Suzuki, Y. Tameshige, J. Wambach, M. Yosoi, J. Zenihiro

Friday, March 9, 2012

1111.1710 (A. Bazavov et al.)

The chiral and deconfinement aspects of the QCD transition    [PDF]

A. Bazavov, T. Bhattacharya, M. Cheng, C. DeTar, H. -T. Ding, Steven Gottlieb, R. Gupta, P. Hegde, U. M. Heller, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, L. Levkova, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, C. Schmidt, R. A. Soltz, W. Soeldner, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint, W. Unger, P. Vranas

1111.6049 (Simon Weissenborn et al.)

Hyperons and massive neutron stars: the role of hyperon potentials    [PDF]

Simon Weissenborn, Debarati Chatterjee, Juergen Schaffner-Bielich

1111.6511 (Lesley De Cruz et al.)

Bayesian inference of the resonance content of p(gamma,K^+)Lambda    [PDF]

Lesley De Cruz, Tom Vrancx, Pieter Vancraeyveld, Jan Ryckebusch

1203.1705 (Hiroaki Abuki et al.)

How does color neutrality affect collective modes in color

Hiroaki Abuki, Tomáš Brauner

1203.1724 (Lei Zhang et al.)

Effect of the momentum dependence of nuclear symmetry potential on the
transverse and elliptic flows

Lei Zhang, Yuan Gao, Yun Du, Guang-Hua Zuo, Gao-Chan Yong

1203.1779 (R. J. Furnstahl)

The Renormalization Group in Nuclear Physics    [PDF]

R. J. Furnstahl

1203.1810 (Piotr Bozek et al.)

Transverse-momentum fluctuations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
from event-by-event viscous hydrodynamics

Piotr Bozek, Wojciech Broniowski

1203.1813 (János Révai)

Signature of the $Λ(1405)$ resonance in neutron spectra from the
$K^-+d$ reaction

János Révai

1203.1824 (P. Niemann et al.)

Pauli blocking effects and Cooper triples in three-component Fermi gases    [PDF]

P. Niemann, H. -W. Hammer

1203.1873 (N. Minkov et al.)

Non-yrast nuclear spectra in a model of coherent quadrupole-octupole

N. Minkov, S. Drenska, M. Strecker, W. Scheid, H. Lenske

Thursday, March 8, 2012

1103.3452 (Michal P. Heller et al.)

The characteristics of thermalization of boost-invariant plasma from

Michal P. Heller, Romuald A. Janik, Przemyslaw Witaszczyk

1111.7242 (Thomas Schaefer)

Shear viscosity and damping of collective modes in a two-dimensional
Fermi gas

Thomas Schaefer

1112.2123 (J. E. Amaro et al.)

Meson-exchange currents and quasielastic antineutrino cross sections in
the SuperScaling Approximation

J. E. Amaro, M. B. Barbaro, J. A. Caballero, T. W. Donnelly

1112.4287 (L. P. Csernai et al.)

Kelvin-Helmholz instability in high energy heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

L. P. Csernai, D. D. Strottman, Cs. Anderlik

1203.1321 (R. J. Crewther et al.)

Origin of ΔI=1/2 Rule for Kaon Decays: QCD Infrared Fixed Point    [PDF]

R. J. Crewther, Lewis C. Tunstall

1203.1363 (Lulu Li et al.)

Odd systems in deformed relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov theory in

Lulu Li, Jie Meng, P. Ring, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1203.1472 (L. Munoz et al.)

Spectral-statistics properties of the experimental and theoretical light
meson spectra

L. Munoz, C. Fernandez-Ramirez, A. Relano, J. Retamosa

1203.1498 (Sergei P. Maydanyuk)

Model of the bremsstrahlung emission accompanying interactions between
protons and nuclei from low up to intermediate energies: role of magnetic

Sergei P. Maydanyuk

1203.1582 (Tadahiro Suhara et al.)

Cluster structures in $^{11}$B    [PDF]

Tadahiro Suhara, Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo

1203.1607 (John F. Cherry et al.)

Neutrino scattering and flavor transformation in supernovae    [PDF]

John F. Cherry, J. Carlson, Alexander Friedland, George M. Fuller, Alexey Vlasenko

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1111.1949 (Adam Bzdak et al.)

Event-by-event fluctuations of magnetic and electric fields in heavy ion

Adam Bzdak, Vladimir Skokov

1112.2514 (Johan J. Bjerrum-Bohr et al.)

Hydrodynamics of a quark droplet    [PDF]

Johan J. Bjerrum-Bohr, Igor N. Mishustin, Thomas Døssing

1203.1090 (Zhi-Feng Sun et al.)

Hadronic molecules with both open charm and bottom    [PDF]

Zhi-Feng Sun, Xiang Liu, Marina Nielsen, Shi-Lin Zhu

1203.1103 (Hiroyasu Ejiri)

Nuclear matrix element for two neutrino double beta decay from 136Xe    [PDF]

Hiroyasu Ejiri

1203.1116 (Feng-Kun Guo et al.)

Light quark mass dependence in heavy quarkonium physics    [PDF]

Feng-Kun Guo, Ulf-G. Meißner

1203.1123 (T. F. Caramés et al.)

Too many $X's$, $Y's$ and $Z's$?    [PDF]

T. F. Caramés, A. Valcarce, J. Vijande

1203.1157 (C. -P. Liu et al.)

Deuteron Magnetic Quadrupole Moment From Chiral Effective Field Theory    [PDF]

C. -P. Liu, J. de Vries, E. Mereghetti, R. G. E. Timmermans, U. van Kolck

1203.1204 (Andreas S. Kronfeld)

Twenty-first Century Lattice Gauge Theory: Results from the QCD

Andreas S. Kronfeld

1203.1241 (Kathryn Polejaeva et al.)

Three particles in a finite volume    [PDF]

Kathryn Polejaeva, Akaki Rusetsky

1203.1244 (J. -P Ebran et al.)

How atomic nuclei cluster    [PDF]

J. -P Ebran, E. Khan, T. Niksic, D. Vretenar

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1111.6538 (Fernando G. Gardim et al.)

Mapping the hydrodynamic response to the initial geometry in heavy-ion

Fernando G. Gardim, Frederique Grassi, Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

1201.0169 (Kai Hebeler)

Momentum space evolution of chiral three-nucleon forces    [PDF]

Kai Hebeler

1201.4852 (B. C. Tiburzi)

Hadronic Parity Violation at Next-to-Leading Order    [PDF]

B. C. Tiburzi

1203.0592 (Danilo Sande Santos et al.)

Muon capture rates within the projected QRPA    [PDF]

Danilo Sande Santos, Arturo R. Samana, Francisco Krmpotić, Alejandro J. Dimarco

1203.0598 (Tetsuo Hyodo et al.)

Meson-induced pentaquark productions    [PDF]

Tetsuo Hyodo, Atsushi Hosaka, Makoto Oka

1203.0687 (Horace W. Crater et al.)

Magnetic Resonance at Short Distances    [PDF]

Horace W. Crater, Cheuk-Yin Wong

1203.0755 (Michal P. Heller et al.)

A numerical relativity approach to the initial value problem in
asymptotically Anti-de Sitter spacetime for plasma thermalization - an ADM

Michal P. Heller, Romuald A. Janik, Przemyslaw Witaszczyk

1203.0775 (Kirill Tuchin et al.)

Properties of inclusive hadron production in Deep Inelastic Scattering
on heavy nuclei at low x

Kirill Tuchin, Dajing Wu

1203.0779 (N. Sandulescu et al.)

Alpha-like quartet condensation and isovector pairing correlations in
N=Z nuclei

N. Sandulescu, D. Negrea, J. Dukelsky, C. W. Johnson

1203.0921 (Jun Song et al.)

Effects of hadronization and resonance decay on charge balance function
in relativistic heavy ion collisions

Jun Song, Feng-lan Shao, Zuo-tang Liang

1203.0931 (Ekaterina Retinskaya et al.)

Directed flow at midrapidity in sqrt(s_NN)=2.76 TeV Pb+Pb collisions    [PDF]

Ekaterina Retinskaya, Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

1203.0969 (Paulo F. Bedaque et al.)

Neutrino Emission from Helium White Dwarfs with Condensed Cores    [PDF]

Paulo F. Bedaque, Evan Berkowitz, Aleksey Cherman

1203.0979 (R. Molina et al.)

$J/ψ$ reaction mechanisms and suppression in the nuclear medium    [PDF]

R. Molina, C. W. Xiao, E. Oset

1203.0989 (Tomas R. Rodriguez et al.)

Calculation of nuclear matrix elements in neutrinoless double electron

Tomas R. Rodriguez, Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo

1203.1011 (O. Lourenço et al.)

Point-Coupling Models from Mesonic Hypermassive Limit and Mean-Field

O. Lourenço, M. Dutra, R. L. P. G. Amaral, A. Delfino

1203.1012 (Edward Shuryak)

Monitoring parton equilibration in heavy ion collisions via dilepton

Edward Shuryak

1203.1022 (V. N. Velizhanin)

Three loop anomalous dimension of the non-singlet transversity operator
in QCD

V. N. Velizhanin

Monday, March 5, 2012

1010.2301 (Sanjeev Kumar et al.)

Rapidity distribution as a probe for elliptical flow at intermediate

Sanjeev Kumar, Varinderjit Kaur, Suneel Kumar

1106.4501 (Raman Sundrum)

From Fixed Points to the Fifth Dimension    [PDF]

Raman Sundrum

1107.2755 (Masakiyo Kitazawa et al.)

Revealing baryon number fluctuations from proton number fluctuations in
relativistic heavy ion collisions

Masakiyo Kitazawa, Masayuki Asakawa

1110.0700 (Wen-Biao Han et al.)

Electron and positron pair production in gravitational collapse    [PDF]

Wen-Biao Han, Remo Ruffini, She-Sheng Xue

1111.4455 (Scott Chapman)

Gauge Invariant States of QCD    [PDF]

Scott Chapman

1112.3462 (Rodrigo Negreiros et al.)

Cooling of young neutron stars in GRB associated to Supernova    [PDF]

Rodrigo Negreiros, Remo Ruffini, Carlo Luciano Bianco, Jorge A. Rueda

1203.0019 (W. R. Gibbs et al.)

Monte Carlo Eikonal Scattering    [PDF]

W. R. Gibbs, Jean-Pierre Dedonder

1203.0066 (V. Zanganeh et al.)

Dynamical nucleus-nucleus potential and incompressibility of nuclear

V. Zanganeh, N. Wang, O. N. Ghodsi

1203.0067 (Hermann Krebs et al.)

Chiral three-nucleon force at N^4LO I: Longest-range contributions    [PDF]

Hermann Krebs, Ashot Gasparyan, Evgeny Epelbaum

1203.0071 (P. R. S. Gomes et al.)

Complete Fusion Enhancement and Suppression of Weakly Bound Nuclei at
Near Barrier Energies

P. R. S. Gomes, L. F. Canto, J. Lubian, R. Linares, D. H. Luong, M. Dasgupta, D. J. Hinde, M. S. Hussein

1203.0119 (Nicolas Chamel)

Neutron conduction in the inner crust of a neutron star in the framework
of the band theory of solids

Nicolas Chamel

1203.0158 (H. Chen et al.)

Hybrid protoneutron stars with the Dyson-Schwinger quark model    [PDF]

H. Chen, M. Baldo, G. F. Burgio, H. -J. Schulze

1203.0164 (Y. G. Ma et al.)

Hard photon flow and photon-photon correlation in intermediate energy
heavy-ion collisions

Y. G. Ma, G. H. Liu, X. Z. Cai, D. Q. Fang, W. Guo, W. Q. Shen, W. D. Tian, H. W. Wang

1203.0254 (Andre Walker-Loud et al.)

The Electromagnetic Self-Energy Contribution to M_p - M_n and the
Isovector Nucleon Magnetic Polarizability

Andre Walker-Loud, Carl E. Carlson, Gerald A. Miller

1203.0268 (S. Quaglioni et al.)

From nucleons to nuclei to fusion reactions    [PDF]

S. Quaglioni, P. Navratil, R. Roth, W. Horiuchi

1203.0281 (Anton Wiranata et al.)

Shear Viscosities from the Chapman-Enskog and the Relaxation Time

Anton Wiranata, Madappa Prakash

1203.0329 (Rishi Sharma et al.)

High transverse momentum quarkonium production and dissociation in heavy
ion collisions

Rishi Sharma, Ivan Vitev

1203.0352 (Imam Fachruddin et al.)

Scattering of a spin-1/2 particle off a spin-0 target in a simple
three-dimensional basis

Imam Fachruddin, Agus Salam

1203.0358 (Fahmi Maulida et al.)

Scattering of Two Spinless Particles in 3D Formulation with Coulomb

Fahmi Maulida, Imam Fachruddin

1203.0449 (Kai Zhang et al.)

$K^{*0}$ and $Σ^*$ production in Au+Au collisions at
$\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 200 GeV and 62.4 GeV

Kai Zhang, Jun Song, Feng-lan Shao

1203.0465 (K. Tsushima et al.)

Effect of a $Λ$ impurity in doubly magic nuclei    [PDF]

K. Tsushima, A. W. Thomas

1203.0561 (Mariano Chernicoff et al.)

Jet quenching in a strongly coupled anisotropic plasma    [PDF]

Mariano Chernicoff, Daniel Fernandez, David Mateos, Diego Trancanelli