Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1111.6538 (Fernando G. Gardim et al.)

Mapping the hydrodynamic response to the initial geometry in heavy-ion

Fernando G. Gardim, Frederique Grassi, Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

1201.0169 (Kai Hebeler)

Momentum space evolution of chiral three-nucleon forces    [PDF]

Kai Hebeler

1201.4852 (B. C. Tiburzi)

Hadronic Parity Violation at Next-to-Leading Order    [PDF]

B. C. Tiburzi

1203.0592 (Danilo Sande Santos et al.)

Muon capture rates within the projected QRPA    [PDF]

Danilo Sande Santos, Arturo R. Samana, Francisco Krmpotić, Alejandro J. Dimarco

1203.0598 (Tetsuo Hyodo et al.)

Meson-induced pentaquark productions    [PDF]

Tetsuo Hyodo, Atsushi Hosaka, Makoto Oka

1203.0687 (Horace W. Crater et al.)

Magnetic Resonance at Short Distances    [PDF]

Horace W. Crater, Cheuk-Yin Wong

1203.0755 (Michal P. Heller et al.)

A numerical relativity approach to the initial value problem in
asymptotically Anti-de Sitter spacetime for plasma thermalization - an ADM

Michal P. Heller, Romuald A. Janik, Przemyslaw Witaszczyk

1203.0775 (Kirill Tuchin et al.)

Properties of inclusive hadron production in Deep Inelastic Scattering
on heavy nuclei at low x

Kirill Tuchin, Dajing Wu

1203.0779 (N. Sandulescu et al.)

Alpha-like quartet condensation and isovector pairing correlations in
N=Z nuclei

N. Sandulescu, D. Negrea, J. Dukelsky, C. W. Johnson

1203.0921 (Jun Song et al.)

Effects of hadronization and resonance decay on charge balance function
in relativistic heavy ion collisions

Jun Song, Feng-lan Shao, Zuo-tang Liang

1203.0931 (Ekaterina Retinskaya et al.)

Directed flow at midrapidity in sqrt(s_NN)=2.76 TeV Pb+Pb collisions    [PDF]

Ekaterina Retinskaya, Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

1203.0969 (Paulo F. Bedaque et al.)

Neutrino Emission from Helium White Dwarfs with Condensed Cores    [PDF]

Paulo F. Bedaque, Evan Berkowitz, Aleksey Cherman

1203.0979 (R. Molina et al.)

$J/ψ$ reaction mechanisms and suppression in the nuclear medium    [PDF]

R. Molina, C. W. Xiao, E. Oset

1203.0989 (Tomas R. Rodriguez et al.)

Calculation of nuclear matrix elements in neutrinoless double electron

Tomas R. Rodriguez, Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo

1203.1011 (O. Lourenço et al.)

Point-Coupling Models from Mesonic Hypermassive Limit and Mean-Field

O. Lourenço, M. Dutra, R. L. P. G. Amaral, A. Delfino

1203.1012 (Edward Shuryak)

Monitoring parton equilibration in heavy ion collisions via dilepton

Edward Shuryak

1203.1022 (V. N. Velizhanin)

Three loop anomalous dimension of the non-singlet transversity operator
in QCD

V. N. Velizhanin