Friday, February 1, 2013

0910.2229 (Tamar Friedmann)

No Radial Excitations in Low Energy QCD. I. Diquarks and Classification
of Mesons

Tamar Friedmann

1109.2982 (Zhiming Li et al.)

Statistical and dynamical fluctuations of Binder ratios in heavy ion

Zhiming Li, Fengbo Xiong, Yuanfang Wu

1301.7467 (K. Hebeler et al.)

Neutron matter based on consistently evolved chiral three-nucleon

K. Hebeler, R. J. Furnstahl

1301.7472 (D. Lonardoni et al.)

Role of the two- and three-body hyperon-nucleon interaction in

D. Lonardoni, S. Gandolfi, F. Pederiva

1301.7485 (S. Ohkubo)

Evidence of alpha particle condensation in $^{12}$C and $^{16}$O and
Nambu-Goldstone boson

S. Ohkubo

1301.7518 (Sh. Hamada et al.)

Observation of Airy minimum in elastic and inelastic scattering of
$^3$He from $^{12}$C at 50.5 and 60 MeV and alpha particle condensation in

Sh. Hamada, Y. Hirabayashi, N. Burtebayev, S. Ohkubo

1301.7539 (Wojciech Florkowski et al.)

Anisotropic hydrodynamics -- basic concepts    [PDF]

Wojciech Florkowski, Mauricio Martinez, Radoslaw Ryblewski, Michael Strickland

1301.7587 (J. McDonnell et al.)

Microscopic Description of Nuclear Fission: Fission Barrier Heights of
Even-Even Actinides

J. McDonnell, N. Schunck, W. Nazarewicz

1301.7645 (Chihiro Sasaki et al.)

Effective gluon potential and Yang-Mills thermodynamics    [PDF]

Chihiro Sasaki, Krzysztof Redlich