Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4582 (Hell Thomas et al.)

How neutron stars constrain the nuclear equation of state    [PDF]

Hell Thomas, Bernhard Roettgers, Wolfram Weise

1307.4792 (Zeki C. Kuruoglu)

Weighted-residual methods for the solution of two-particle
Lippmann-Schwinger equation without partial-wave decomposition

Zeki C. Kuruoglu

1307.4805 (Rudiney Hoffmann Casali et al.)

Density dependent magnetic field and the equation of state of hyperonic

Rudiney Hoffmann Casali, Débora Peres Menezes

1307.4806 (X. Roca-Maza et al.)

Electric Dipole Polarizability in ${}^{208}$Pb: insights from the
Droplet Model

X. Roca-Maza, M. Centelles, X. Viñas, M. Brenna, G. Colò, B. K. Agrawal, N. Paar, J. Piekarewicz, D. Vretenar

1307.4816 (Y. Hirabayashi et al.)

Unification of Airy structure in inelastic $α$ +$^{16}$O scattering
and $α$-cluster structure with core excitation in $^{20}$Ne

Y. Hirabayashi, S. Ohkubo

1307.4921 (T. Rauscher)

Solution of the alpha-potential mystery in the gamma-process and its
impact on the Nd/Sm ratio in meteorites

T. Rauscher

1307.5060 (Piotr Bozek et al.)

Mass hierarchy in identified particle distributions in proton-lead

Piotr Bozek, Wojciech Broniowski, Giorgio Torrieri