Monday, March 19, 2012

1109.2894 (Srinivas K. Arigapudi et al.)

Overlapping resonances in nuclei coupling to the atomic shells    [PDF]

Srinivas K. Arigapudi, Adriana Pálffy

1203.3551 (Brian D. Fields)

The Primordial Lithium Problem    [PDF]

Brian D. Fields

1203.3557 (Janus Weil et al.)

Dilepton production in proton-induced reactions at SIS energies with the
GiBUU transport model

Janus Weil, Hendrik van Hees, Ulrich Mosel

1203.3605 (Roy A. Lacey et al.)

Scaling patterns for azimuthal anisotropy in Pb+Pb collisions at Root_s
= 2.76 TeV: Further constraints on transport coefficients

Roy A. Lacey, N. N. Ajitanand, J. M. Alexander, J. Jia, A. Taranenko

1203.3635 (Evangelos Matsinos et al.)

Analysis of the DENZ04 low-energy $π^\pm p$ elastic-scattering data    [PDF]

Evangelos Matsinos, Guenther Rasche

1203.3648 (Amand Faessler)

The Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, Physics beyond the Standard Model
and the Neutrino Mass

Amand Faessler

1203.3671 (K. Fialkowski et al.)

On multiplicity correlations in the STAR data    [PDF]

K. Fialkowski, R. Wit

1203.3673 (L. Coraggio et al.)

g9/2 nuclei and neutron-proton interaction    [PDF]

L. Coraggio, A. Covello, A. Gargano, N. Itaco

1203.3687 (T. Marketin et al.)

Role of momentum transfer in the quenching of Gamow-Teller strength    [PDF]

T. Marketin, G. Martínez-Pinedo, N. Paar, D. Vretenar

1203.3765 (Gaute Hagen et al.)

Computational aspects of nuclear coupled-cluster theory    [PDF]

Gaute Hagen, Hai Ah Nam