Monday, March 5, 2012

1010.2301 (Sanjeev Kumar et al.)

Rapidity distribution as a probe for elliptical flow at intermediate

Sanjeev Kumar, Varinderjit Kaur, Suneel Kumar

1106.4501 (Raman Sundrum)

From Fixed Points to the Fifth Dimension    [PDF]

Raman Sundrum

1107.2755 (Masakiyo Kitazawa et al.)

Revealing baryon number fluctuations from proton number fluctuations in
relativistic heavy ion collisions

Masakiyo Kitazawa, Masayuki Asakawa

1110.0700 (Wen-Biao Han et al.)

Electron and positron pair production in gravitational collapse    [PDF]

Wen-Biao Han, Remo Ruffini, She-Sheng Xue

1111.4455 (Scott Chapman)

Gauge Invariant States of QCD    [PDF]

Scott Chapman

1112.3462 (Rodrigo Negreiros et al.)

Cooling of young neutron stars in GRB associated to Supernova    [PDF]

Rodrigo Negreiros, Remo Ruffini, Carlo Luciano Bianco, Jorge A. Rueda

1203.0019 (W. R. Gibbs et al.)

Monte Carlo Eikonal Scattering    [PDF]

W. R. Gibbs, Jean-Pierre Dedonder

1203.0066 (V. Zanganeh et al.)

Dynamical nucleus-nucleus potential and incompressibility of nuclear

V. Zanganeh, N. Wang, O. N. Ghodsi

1203.0067 (Hermann Krebs et al.)

Chiral three-nucleon force at N^4LO I: Longest-range contributions    [PDF]

Hermann Krebs, Ashot Gasparyan, Evgeny Epelbaum

1203.0071 (P. R. S. Gomes et al.)

Complete Fusion Enhancement and Suppression of Weakly Bound Nuclei at
Near Barrier Energies

P. R. S. Gomes, L. F. Canto, J. Lubian, R. Linares, D. H. Luong, M. Dasgupta, D. J. Hinde, M. S. Hussein

1203.0119 (Nicolas Chamel)

Neutron conduction in the inner crust of a neutron star in the framework
of the band theory of solids

Nicolas Chamel

1203.0158 (H. Chen et al.)

Hybrid protoneutron stars with the Dyson-Schwinger quark model    [PDF]

H. Chen, M. Baldo, G. F. Burgio, H. -J. Schulze

1203.0164 (Y. G. Ma et al.)

Hard photon flow and photon-photon correlation in intermediate energy
heavy-ion collisions

Y. G. Ma, G. H. Liu, X. Z. Cai, D. Q. Fang, W. Guo, W. Q. Shen, W. D. Tian, H. W. Wang

1203.0254 (Andre Walker-Loud et al.)

The Electromagnetic Self-Energy Contribution to M_p - M_n and the
Isovector Nucleon Magnetic Polarizability

Andre Walker-Loud, Carl E. Carlson, Gerald A. Miller

1203.0268 (S. Quaglioni et al.)

From nucleons to nuclei to fusion reactions    [PDF]

S. Quaglioni, P. Navratil, R. Roth, W. Horiuchi

1203.0281 (Anton Wiranata et al.)

Shear Viscosities from the Chapman-Enskog and the Relaxation Time

Anton Wiranata, Madappa Prakash

1203.0329 (Rishi Sharma et al.)

High transverse momentum quarkonium production and dissociation in heavy
ion collisions

Rishi Sharma, Ivan Vitev

1203.0352 (Imam Fachruddin et al.)

Scattering of a spin-1/2 particle off a spin-0 target in a simple
three-dimensional basis

Imam Fachruddin, Agus Salam

1203.0358 (Fahmi Maulida et al.)

Scattering of Two Spinless Particles in 3D Formulation with Coulomb

Fahmi Maulida, Imam Fachruddin

1203.0449 (Kai Zhang et al.)

$K^{*0}$ and $Σ^*$ production in Au+Au collisions at
$\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 200 GeV and 62.4 GeV

Kai Zhang, Jun Song, Feng-lan Shao

1203.0465 (K. Tsushima et al.)

Effect of a $Λ$ impurity in doubly magic nuclei    [PDF]

K. Tsushima, A. W. Thomas

1203.0561 (Mariano Chernicoff et al.)

Jet quenching in a strongly coupled anisotropic plasma    [PDF]

Mariano Chernicoff, Daniel Fernandez, David Mateos, Diego Trancanelli