Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1209.0024 (W. J. Briscoe et al.)

Evaluation of the gn-->pi-p differential cross sections in the
Delta-isobar region

W. J. Briscoe, A. E. Kudryavtsev, P. Pedroni, I. I. Strakovsky, V. E. Tarasov, R. L. Workman

1209.0030 (A. Calle Cordon et al.)

Baryon masses and axial charges in 1/Nc - ChPT    [PDF]

A. Calle Cordon, J. L. Goity

1209.0042 (Qingfeng Li et al.)

UrQMD calculations of two-pion HBT correlations in p+p and Pb+Pb
collisions at LHC energies

Qingfeng Li, Gunnar Graef, Marcus Bleicher

1209.0077 (M. Bluhm et al.)

Radiative energy loss of relativistic charged particles in absorptive

M. Bluhm, P. B. Gossiaux, J. Aichelin

1209.0080 (Kie Sang Jeong et al.)

Nuclear Symmetry Energy from QCD sum rules    [PDF]

Kie Sang Jeong, Su Houng Lee

1209.0150 (Takayuki Myo et al.)

Tensor-optimized shell model for the Li isotopes with a bare
nucleon-nucleon interaction

Takayuki Myo, Atsushi Umeya, Hiroshi Toki, Kiyomi Ikeda

1209.0156 (R3B collaboration)

Beyond the Neutron Drip-Line: The Unbound Oxygen Isotopes 25O and 26O    [PDF]

R3B collaboration

1209.0164 (A. V. Nesterenko)

Hadronic effects in low-energy QCD: inclusive tau lepton decay    [PDF]

A. V. Nesterenko

1209.0187 (Yasuhiro Yamaguchi et al.)

Exotic baryons from a heavy meson and a nucleon    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Shunsuke Ohkoda, Shigehiro Yasui, Atsushi Hosaka

1209.0198 (Magdalena Djordjevic)

Heavy flavor suppression in a dynamical QCD medium with finite magnetic

Magdalena Djordjevic

1209.0212 (G. Ropke et al.)

Cluster virial expansion for nuclear matter within a quasiparticle
statistical approach

G. Ropke, N. -U. Bastian, D. Blaschke, T. Klahn, S. Typel, H. H. Wolter

1209.0260 (Kiminad A. Mamo)

Violation of the Holographic Shear Viscosity Bound in Strongly Coupled
Isotropic Plasmas with Einstein Gravity Dual

Kiminad A. Mamo

1209.0269 (M. G. A. Buffing et al.)

Generalized Universality for TMD Distribution Functions    [PDF]

M. G. A. Buffing, P. J. Mulders

1209.0270 (F. Gulminelli et al.)

Phase diagram of neutron-rich nuclear matter and its impact on

F. Gulminelli, Ad. R. Raduta, J. Margueron, P. Papakonstantinou, M. Oertel

1209.0278 (M. Huang et al.)

Dynamics aspect of subbarrier fusion reaction in light heavy ion systems    [PDF]

M. Huang, F. Zhou, R. Wada, X. Liu, W. Lin, M. Zhao, J. Wang, Z. Chen, C. Ma, Y. Yang, Q. Wang, J. Ma, J. Han, P. Ma, S. Jin, Z. Bai, Q. Hu, L. Jin, J. Chen, Y. Su, Y. Li

1209.0281 (G. Chaudhuri et al.)

A model for projectile fragmentation    [PDF]

G. Chaudhuri, S. Mallik, S. Das Gupta

1209.0291 (Dominik Steineder et al.)

Thermalization at intermediate coupling    [PDF]

Dominik Steineder, Stefan A. Stricker, Aleksi Vuorinen

1209.0331 (J. P. Lansberg)

Upsilon production in pp and pA collisions: from RHIC to the LHC    [PDF]

J. P. Lansberg

1209.0335 (Subrata Pal et al.)

Medium information from anisotropic flow and jet quenching in
relativistic heavy ion collisions

Subrata Pal, Marcus Bleicher

1209.0529 (E. Smith et al.)

Refinement of the $n-α$ and $p-α$ fish-bone potential    [PDF]

E. Smith, R. Woodhouse, Z. Papp

1209.0538 (L. S. Geng et al.)

Masses and magnetic moments of ground-state baryons in covariant baryon
chiral perturbation theory

L. S. Geng, J. Martin Camalich, L. Alvarez-Ruso, M. J. Vicente-Vacas

1209.0577 (Takayasu Sekihara et al.)

Size measurement of dynamically generated resonances with finite boxes    [PDF]

Takayasu Sekihara, Tetsuo Hyodo

1209.0601 (Salvatore Plumari et al.)

Shear viscosity and chemical equilibration of the QGP    [PDF]

Salvatore Plumari, Armando Puglisi, Maria Colonna, Francesco Scardina, Vincenzo Greco

1209.0603 (Feodor F. Karpeshin)

Coulomb disintegration of the 208Pb ions at the big hadron collider

Feodor F. Karpeshin

1209.0615 (Cédric Simenel et al.)

Quantum microscopic approach to low-energy heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

Cédric Simenel, A. Wakhle, Benoît Avez

1209.0636 (E. Piasetzky et al.)

Disentangling the EMC Effect    [PDF]

E. Piasetzky, O. Hen, L. B. Weinstein

1209.0675 (Joseph I. Kapusta et al.)

Thermal Conductivity and Chiral Critical Point in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Joseph I. Kapusta, Juan M. Torres-Rincon

1209.0683 (I. A. Qattan et al.)

Flavor decomposition of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors    [PDF]

I. A. Qattan, J. Arrington

1209.0689 (Martín González-Alonso)

Beta decays in the LHC era: from ultracold neutrons to colliders    [PDF]

Martín González-Alonso

1209.0701 (V. P. Goncalves et al.)

Meson production in two-photon interactions at CERN - LHC    [PDF]

V. P. Goncalves, D. T. da Silva, W. K. Sauter

1209.0727 (Yuri V. Kovchegov et al.)

Single spin asymmetry in high energy QCD    [PDF]

Yuri V. Kovchegov, Matthew D. Sievert

1209.0755 (Gilberto Colangelo et al.)

A Dispersive Treatment of $K_{\ell4}$ Decays    [PDF]

Gilberto Colangelo, Emilie Passemar, Peter Stoffer