Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1107.5248 (Ikuko Hamamoto et al.)

Shape Deformations in Atomic Nuclei    [PDF]

Ikuko Hamamoto, Ben R. Mottelson

1205.4804 (Artur M. Ankowski)

Consistent analysis of neutral- and charged-current neutrino scattering
off carbon

Artur M. Ankowski

1205.4838 (M. Döring et al.)

Scalar mesons moving in a finite volume and the role of partial wave

M. Döring, U. -G. Meißner, E. Oset, A. Rusetsky

1205.4852 (Youngman Kim et al.)

Holographic QCD: Past, Present, and Future    [PDF]

Youngman Kim, Ik Jae Shin, Takuya Tsukioka

1205.4863 (L. Alvarez-Ruso et al.)

Charged kaon production by coherent scattering of neutrinos and
antineutrinos on nuclei

L. Alvarez-Ruso, J. Nieves, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Valverde, M. J. Vicente Vacas

1205.4887 (L. Ya. Glozman et al.)

Symmetries of hadrons after unbreaking the chiral symmetry    [PDF]

L. Ya. Glozman, C. B. Lang, M. Schröck

1205.4895 (Sreemoyee Sarkar et al.)

Effect of flow on the quasiparticle damping rate in hot QCD plasma    [PDF]

Sreemoyee Sarkar, Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder

1205.4897 (Ch. C. Moustakidis)

Nuclear Equation of State Effects on r-modes Instabilities in Neutron

Ch. C. Moustakidis

1205.4934 (D. J. Wang et al.)

QGP flow fluctuations and the characteristics of higher moments    [PDF]

D. J. Wang, L. P. Csernai, D. Strottman, Cs. Anderlik, Y. Cheng, D. M. Zhou, Y. L. Yan, X. Cai, B. H. Sa

1205.4945 (Jan Uphoff et al.)

Open heavy flavor in Pb+Pb collisions at sqrt(s)=2.76 TeV within a
transport model

Jan Uphoff, Oliver Fochler, Zhe Xu, Carsten Greiner

1205.4992 (Eiji Uegaki et al.)

Resonances in 28Si+28Si. II    [PDF]

Eiji Uegaki, Yasuhisa Abe

1205.5019 (Longgang Pang et al.)

Effects of initial flow velocity fluctuation in event-by-event (3+1)D

Longgang Pang, Qun Wang, Xin-Nian Wang