Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3228 (Najmul Haque et al.)

Quark Number Susceptibilities from Two-Loop Hard Thermal Loop
Perturbation Theory

Najmul Haque, Munshi G. Mustafa, Michael Strickland

1302.3241 (Evgeny Epelbaum)

Nuclear Physics with Chiral Effective Field Theory: State of the Art and
Open Challenges

Evgeny Epelbaum

1302.3262 (Julien Serreau et al.)

Nonperturbative resummation of de Sitter infrared logarithms in the
large-N limit

Julien Serreau, Renaud Parentani

1302.3276 (Si-xue Qin et al.)

Practical corollaries of transverse Ward-Green-Takahashi identities    [PDF]

Si-xue Qin, Lei Chang, Yu-xin Liu, Craig D. Roberts, Sebastian M. Schmidt

1302.3278 (F. Minato et al.)

Impact of tensor force on β-decay of magic and semi-magic nuclei    [PDF]

F. Minato, C. L. Bai

1302.3390 (Andrea Meucci et al.)

Elastic and quasi-elastic electron scattering off nuclei with neutron

Andrea Meucci, Matteo Vorabbi, Paolo Finelli, Carlotta Giusti, Franco Davide Pacati

1302.3408 (Gunnar Graef et al.)

A twisted emission geometry in non-central Pb+Pb collisions measurable
via azimuthally sensitive HBT

Gunnar Graef, Mike Lisa, Marcus Bleicher

1302.3419 (R. Rosenfelder)

Scattering Theory with Path Integrals    [PDF]

R. Rosenfelder

1302.3421 (B. Behera et al.)

Simple effective interaction: Infinite nuclear matter and finite nuclei    [PDF]

B. Behera, X. Vinas, M. Bhuyan, T. R. Routray, B. K. Sharma, S. K. Patra

1302.3528 (Antonio Pineda et al.)

Improved determination of Heavy Quarkonium magnetic dipole transitions

Antonio Pineda, J. Segovia

1302.3535 (Ulrich W Heinz et al.)

Fluctuating flow angles and anisotropic flow measurements    [PDF]

Ulrich W Heinz, Zhi Qiu, Chun Shen