Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1211.5634 (H. Nakada et al.)

Tensor-force effects on single-particle levels and proton bubble
structure around the $Z$ or N=20 magic number

H. Nakada, K. Sugiura, J. Margueron

1211.5659 (David L. Lincoln et al.)

First Direct Double-Beta Decay Q-value Measurement of 82Se in Support of
Understanding the Nature of the Neutrino

David L. Lincoln, Jason D. Holt, Georg Bollen, Maxime Brodeur, Scott Bustabad, Jonathan Engel, Samuel J. Novario, Matthew Redshaw, Ryan Ringle, Stefan Schwarz

1211.5680 (Sergei A. Voloshin)

Results on flow from the ALICE Collaboration    [PDF]

Sergei A. Voloshin

1211.5684 (J. R. Cudell et al.)

The nuclear physics of OHe    [PDF]

J. R. Cudell, M. Khlopov, Q. Wallemacq

1211.5719 (Theingi et al.)

Analysis of heavy hyperhydrogen 6^H_Lambda    [PDF]

Theingi, Khin Swe Myint, Y. Akaishi

1211.5824 (T. Mizutani et al.)

Faddeev-Chiral Unitary Approach to the $K^- d$ scattering length    [PDF]

T. Mizutani, C. Fayard, B. Saghai, K. Tsushima

1211.5853 (M. Burkardt et al.)

Pion momentum distributions in the nucleon in chiral effective theory    [PDF]

M. Burkardt, K. S. Hendricks, Chueng-Ryong Ji, W. Melnitchouk, A. W. Thomas

1211.5860 (P. Banerjee et al.)

Neutrino-Induced Production of 9Be in Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

P. Banerjee, Y. -Z. Qian, W. C. Haxton, A. Heger

1211.5871 (K. Hagino et al.)

Collective excitations of $Λ$ hypernuclei    [PDF]

K. Hagino, J. M. Yao, F. Minato, Z. P. Li, M. Thi Win

1211.5897 (Barbara Betz)

Jet Quenching in Heavy-Ion Collisions - The Transition Era from RHIC to

Barbara Betz

1211.6050 (M. Cannoni)

Reanalysis of nuclear spin matrix elements for dark matter
spin-dependent scattering

M. Cannoni

1211.6053 (J. Peralta Ramos et al.)

$η(T)/s (T)$ and collective flow in chiral hydrodynamics    [PDF]

J. Peralta Ramos, G. Krein

1211.6070 (Dong-Liang Fang et al.)

$β$-decay properties for neutron-rich Kr-Tc isotopes from deformed
pn-QRPA calculations with realistic forces

Dong-Liang Fang, B. Alex Brown, Toshio Suzuki

1211.6078 (J. G. Coelho et al.)

Magnetic dipole moment of SGRs and AXPs as white dwarf pulsars    [PDF]

J. G. Coelho, M. Malheiro

1211.5990 (N. Buyukcizmeci et al.)

A comparative study of statistical models for nuclear equation of state
of stellar matter

N. Buyukcizmeci, A. S. Botvina, I. N. Mishustin, R. Ogul, M. Hempel, J. Schaffner-Bielich, F. -K. Thielemann, S. Furusawa, K. Sumiyoshi, S. Yamada, H. Suzuki