Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1011.6113 (Kwei-Chou Yang)

$1^{++}$ Nonet Singlet-Octet Mixing Angle, Strange Quark Mass, and
Strange Quark Condensate

Kwei-Chou Yang

1112.1091 (Cheuk-Yin Wong)

Bose-Einstein Interference in the Passage of a Jet in a Dense Medium    [PDF]

Cheuk-Yin Wong

1204.3160 (A. V. Butkevich)

Quasi-elastic neutrino charged-current scattering off medium-heavy
nuclei: 40Ca and 40Ar

A. V. Butkevich

1204.3257 (V. A. Karmanov et al.)

Ab initio nonperturbative calculation of physical observables in
light-front dynamics. Application to the Yukawa model

V. A. Karmanov, J. -F. Mathiot, A. V. Smirnov

1204.3266 (Helmut Jahn)

Pion-Field Theoretical Description of the Delta^{++}(1236)-Resonance
without QCD

Helmut Jahn

1204.3272 (Stefano Lottini et al.)

Quarkyonic Percolation and deconfinement at finite density and number of

Stefano Lottini, Giorgio Torrieri

1204.3347 (Idrish Huet et al.)

Polarization Tensors for the fuzzy Grassmannians $Gr_{2;n}^F$ and
Grassmannian harmonics on $Gr_{2;n}$

Idrish Huet, Sean Murray

1204.3350 (Fang Zhang et al.)

Effects of Symmetry Energy in the Reaction 40Ca+124Sn at 140 MeV/nucleon    [PDF]

Fang Zhang, Bi-Tao Hu, Gao-Chan Yong, Wei Zuo

1204.3364 (Ning Li et al.)

Hadronic Molecular States Composed of Heavy Flavor Baryons    [PDF]

Ning Li, Shi-Lin Zhu

1204.3429 (Peter Schuck et al.)

Thomas-Fermi studies of pairing in inhomogeneous systems: nuclear and
cold atom systems at overflow

Peter Schuck, Xavier Viñas

1204.3492 (I. C. Cloët et al.)

Charge Symmetry Breaking in Spin Dependent Parton Distributions and the
Bjorken Sum Rule

I. C. Cloët, R. Horsley, J. T. Londergan, Y. Nakamura, D. Pleiter, P. E. L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, H. Stüben, A. W. Thomas, F. Winter, R. D. Young, J. M. Zanotti

1204.3580 (Piotr Bozek et al.)

Charge conservation and the shape of the ridge of two-particle
correlations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Piotr Bozek, Wojciech Broniowski

1204.3606 (S. R. Beane et al.)

Hyperon-Nucleon Interactions and the Composition of Dense Nuclear Matter
from Quantum Chromodynamics

S. R. Beane, E. Chang, S. D. Cohen, W. Detmold, H. -W. Lin, T. C. Luu, K. Orginos, A. Parreno, M. J. Savage, A. Walker-Loud

1204.3612 (G. Hagen et al.)

Evolution of shell structure in neutron-rich calcium isotopes    [PDF]

G. Hagen, M. Hjorth-Jensen, G. R. Jansen, R. Machleidt, T. Papenbrock