Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2116 (Ya. I. Azimov)

Angular Functions with Complex Angular Momenta    [PDF]

Ya. I. Azimov

1307.2234 (Gokce Basar et al.)

Chiral and Gravitational Anomalies on Fermi Surfaces    [PDF]

Gokce Basar, Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Ismail Zahed

1307.2238 (Xavier Garcia i Tormo)

Review on the determination of alpha_s from the QCD static energy    [PDF]

Xavier Garcia i Tormo

1307.2285 (Mingmei Xu et al.)

Inflection point as a characteristic of the QCD critical point    [PDF]

Mingmei Xu, Yuanfang Wu

1307.2290 (L. Paulucci et al.)

Superconducting phases of strange quark matter in the NJL model    [PDF]

L. Paulucci, J. E. Horvath, E. J. Ferrer, V. de la Incera

1307.2315 (Ning Wang et al.)

Shell and isospin effects in nuclear charge radii    [PDF]

Ning Wang, Tao Li

1307.2340 (Vladimir Pascalutsa)

Proton polarizabilities: status, relevance, prospects    [PDF]

Vladimir Pascalutsa

1307.2349 (D. Davesne et al.)

Skyrme effective pseudopotential up to next-to-next-to leading order    [PDF]

D. Davesne, A. Pastore, J. Navarro

1307.2353 (A. Fix et al.)

Study of the partial wave structure of $π^0η$ photoproduction on

A. Fix, V. L. Kashevarov, M. Ostrick

1307.2451 (Andre Felipe Garcia et al.)

Chiral Transition Within Effective Quark Models under Strong Magnetic

Andre Felipe Garcia, Marcus Benghi Pinto

1307.2477 (Tomoi Koide et al.)

Bivelocity picture in the nonrelativistic limit of relativistic

Tomoi Koide, Rudnei O. Ramos, Gustavo S. Vicente

1307.2534 (Márcio Ferreira et al.)

Nuclear matter EOS with light clusters within the mean-field

Márcio Ferreira, Constança Providência

1307.2539 (Wilke van der Schee et al.)

A fully dynamical simulation of central nuclear collisions    [PDF]

Wilke van der Schee, Paul Romatschke, Scott Pratt

1307.2568 (Edward Shuryak et al.)

The Sound Edge of the Quenching Jets    [PDF]

Edward Shuryak, Pilar Staig