Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1201.3677 (M. Karakoc et al.)

Coulomb distortion and medium corrections in nucleon-removal reactions    [PDF]

M. Karakoc, A. Banu, C. A. Bertulani, L. Trache

1209.2145 (Alexander E. Kudryavtsev et al.)

Does the Multiple-scattering Series in the Pion-deuteron Scattering
Actually Converge?

Alexander E. Kudryavtsev, Alexander I. Romanov, Vakhid A. Gani

1209.2158 (A. M. Mukhamedzhanov)

Coulomb renormalization and ratio of proton and neutron asymptotic
normalization coefficients for mirror nuclei

A. M. Mukhamedzhanov

1209.2193 (M. Karakoc et al.)

Medium effects in direct reactions    [PDF]

M. Karakoc, C. Bertulani

1209.2200 (V. A. Dzuba et al.)

Parity violation and electric dipole moments in atoms and molecules    [PDF]

V. A. Dzuba, V. V. Flambaum

1209.2223 (Swagata Mallik et al.)

Conditions for equivalence of Statistical Ensembles in Nuclear

Swagata Mallik, Gargi Chaudhuri

1209.2270 (M. Baldo et al.)

Correlations in Nuclear Matter    [PDF]

M. Baldo, H. R. Moshfegh

1209.2323 (Matthew Luzum et al.)

The event-plane method is obsolete    [PDF]

Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault

1209.2332 (Francesco Giacosa et al.)

Propagator poles and an emergent stable state below threshold: general
discussion and the E(38) state

Francesco Giacosa, Thomas Wolkanowski

1209.2380 (V. V. Goloviznin et al.)

Towards azimuthal anisotropy of direct photons    [PDF]

V. V. Goloviznin, A. M. Snigirev, G. M. Zinovjev

1209.2402 (Volker D. Burkert)

Evidence of new nucleon resonances from electromagnetic meson production    [PDF]

Volker D. Burkert