Monday, October 1, 2012

1209.6435 (K. Hagino et al.)

Subbarrier fusion reactions and many-particle quantum tunneling    [PDF]

K. Hagino, N. Takigawa

1209.6501 (S. Ciuchi et al.)

Low Energy Neutron Production by Inverse-beta decay in Metallic Hydride

S. Ciuchi, L. Maiani, A. D. Polosa, V. Riquer, G. Ruocco, M. Vignati

1209.6507 (F. Aceti et al.)

Isospin breaking and $f_0(980)$-$a_0(980)$ mixing in the $η(1405) \to
π^{0} f_0(980)$ reaction

F. Aceti, W. H. Liang, E. Oset, J. J. Wu, B. S. Zou

1209.6565 (D. Garcia Gudino et al.)

About the inclusion of an infinite number of resonances in anomalous

D. Garcia Gudino, G. Toledo Sanchez

1209.6567 (Jie Zhao et al.)

Nonaxial-octupole Y_{32} correlations in N = 150 isotones from
multidimensional constrained covariant density functional theories

Jie Zhao, Bing-Nan Lu, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1209.6573 (Pieter Maris)

Ab initio nuclear structure calculations of light nuclei    [PDF]

Pieter Maris

1209.6582 (Ch. Elster et al.)

Microscopic Optical Potentials for Helium-6 Scattering off Protons    [PDF]

Ch. Elster, A. Orazbayev, S. P. Weppner

1209.6586 (Jorge G. Morfin et al.)

Recent Developments in Neutrino/Antineutrino - Nucleus Interactions    [PDF]

Jorge G. Morfin, Juan Nieves, Jan T. Sobczyk

1209.6594 (John Bloczynski et al.)

Azimuthally fluctuating magnetic field and its impacts on observables in
heavy-ion collisions

John Bloczynski, Xu-Guang Huang, Xilin Zhang, Jinfeng Liao