Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1308.0617 (Shanshan Cao et al.)

Heavy quark dynamics and hadronization in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion
collisions: collisional vs. radiative energy loss

Shanshan Cao, Guang-You Qin, Steffen A. Bass

1308.0736 (V. Uzhinsky)

Toward UrQMD Model Description of pp and pC Interactions at High

V. Uzhinsky

1308.0752 (M. I. Gorenstein et al.)

Energy and Transverse Momentum Fluctuations in the Equilibrium Quantum

M. I. Gorenstein, M. Rybczynski

1308.0785 (E. Molnár et al.)

On the relative importance of second-order terms in relativistic
dissipative fluid dynamics

E. Molnár, H. Niemi, G. S. Denicol, D. H. Rischke

1308.0809 (M. Abu-Shady)

Improved Nucleon Properties in the Extended Quark Sigma Model    [PDF]

M. Abu-Shady

1308.0904 (K. Nomura et al.)

Microscopic analysis of the octupole phase transition in Th isotopes    [PDF]

K. Nomura, D. Vretenar, B. -N. Lu

1308.0922 (Luca Salasnich)

Fermionic condensation in ultracold atoms, nuclear matter and neutron

Luca Salasnich

1308.0939 (S. Ramanan et al.)

BEC-BCS Crossover in Neutron Matter with Renormalization Group based
Effective Interactions

S. Ramanan, M. Urban

1308.0947 (Dmitri Diakonov et al.)

A theory of baryon resonances at large N_c    [PDF]

Dmitri Diakonov, Victor Petrov, Alexey A. Vladimirov

1308.0966 (Zeki C. Kuruoglu)

Bateman method for two-body scattering without partial-wave

Zeki C. Kuruoglu

1308.1008 (X. Viñas et al.)

Density dependence of the symmetry energy from neutron skin thickness in
finite nuclei

X. Viñas, M. Centelles, X. Roca-Maza, M. Warda

1308.1025 (Dennis Bonatsos et al.)

Bohr Hamiltonian with deformation-dependent mass term for the Kratzer

Dennis Bonatsos, P. E. Georgoudis, N. Minkov, D. Petrellis, C. Quesne

1308.1047 (Andrei Neacsu et al.)

Study of Nuclear Effects in the Computation of the 0νββ
Decay Matrix Elements

Andrei Neacsu, Sabin Stoica