Friday, February 8, 2013

1201.2666 (Gouranga C. Nayak)

General Form of the Color Potential Produced by Color Charges of the

Gouranga C. Nayak

1302.1600 (Silas R. Beane)

Broken Chiral Symmetry on a Null Plane    [PDF]

Silas R. Beane

1302.1665 (Yukinao Akamatsu et al.)

A new scheme of causal viscous hydrodynamics for relativistic heavy-ion
collisions: Riemann solver for quark-gluon plasma

Yukinao Akamatsu, Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, Chiho Nonaka, Makoto Takamoto

1302.1691 (D. J. Wang et al.)

Viscous potential flow analysis of peripheral heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

D. J. Wang, Z. Néda, L. P. Csernai

1302.1698 (Neha Gupta et al.)

Antikaons and higher order couplings in relativistic-mean field study of
neutron stars

Neha Gupta, P. Arumugam

1302.1770 (Lu Zhao et al.)

The meson-exchange model for the $Λ\barΛ$ interaction    [PDF]

Lu Zhao, Ning Li, Shi-Lin Zhu, Bing-Song Zou