Friday, September 14, 2012

1209.2718 (F. J. Fattoyev et al.)

Pure Neutron Matter Constraints and Nuclear Symmetry Energy    [PDF]

F. J. Fattoyev, W. G. Newton, Jun Xu, Bao-An Li

1209.2746 (Dmitry Borisyuk et al.)

TPEcalc: a program for calculation of two-photon exchange amplitudes    [PDF]

Dmitry Borisyuk, Alexander Kobushkin

1209.2757 (Kun-lun Wang et al.)

Existence and stability of multiple solutions to the gap equation    [PDF]

Kun-lun Wang, Si-xue Qin, Yu-xin Liu, Lei Chang, Craig D. Roberts, Sebastian M. Schmidt

1209.2792 (Chirashree Lahiri et al.)

Low energy proton reactions of astrophysical interest in A$\sim90-100$

Chirashree Lahiri, G. Gangopadhyay

1209.2803 (Christine A. Aidala et al.)

The Spin Structure of the Nucleon    [PDF]

Christine A. Aidala, Steven D. Bass, Delia Hasch, Gerhard K. Mallot

1209.2853 (T. Lappi et al.)

Forward dihadron correlations in deuteron-gold collisions with the
Gaussian approximation of JIMWLK

T. Lappi, H. Mäntysaari

1209.2870 (J. M. Alarcon et al.)

On the strangeness content of the nucleon    [PDF]

J. M. Alarcon, L. S. Geng, J. Martin Camalich, J. A. Oller

1209.2921 (A. Leviatan et al.)

Interplay of order and chaos across a first-order quantum shape-phase
transition in nuclei

A. Leviatan, M. Macek

1209.2955 (E. Oset et al.)

Narrow bound states of the DNN system    [PDF]

E. Oset, M. Bayar, C. W. Xiao, T. Hyodo, A. Dote, M. Oka

1209.2998 (Jinfeng Liao)

Thermalization of the quark-gluon plasma and dynamical formation of
Bose-Einstein Condensate

Jinfeng Liao